Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello from Germany

Wow, what a blast the past few weeks have been. We are nearing the end of our holiday...only 5 more days and i will be home.

We started in the Uk and we hired a car and travelled for just over a week. Scotland was amazing. London was mayhem....I have no idea how people live in that place. Waaaayyyy too many people!

After the Uk we flew to Amsterdam. What a great place. So laid back, people were lovely and the city was beautiful. We were lucky enough to see a concert whilst we were there. Most of it was in English lol

Next we travelled to Paris. I actually wasnt too impressed to tell ya the truth. Always a girls dream to go to the City of Love but the people werent very friendly. The language barrier was really difficult. I think France was the only country where they didnt speak english as well or they just chose to make our lives difficult. It was great to see the tower :)

After Paris was Belgium. Love, love loved Belgium. We stayed in Bruge. It was just stunning. The beer was great and the waffles even better! We went to a pub that had over 450 beers. Apparently Bruge brews over 760 alone!!!!!

Then we went to Switzerland. I think it was just about my favourie place. It was so gorgeous. I got to see snow up in the mountain.s We travelled to the "top of europe". We also went bungy jumping in a canyon about 90 metres high which was fantastic. Definitely will never forget it.

Then we travelled to Italy. We stayed in the Cinque terre region in Monterosso. It was perfect. The weather was awesome and we got to go swimming. I managed to get stung by a jelly fish though and I still hve the mark on my arm. The most painful thing i have had happen to me in ages. Will load pics tomorrow...doesnt seem to want to work now. Low signal.

After monterosso was Pisa for a day. Not a very clean place but we got to do the silly photos of us and the leaning tower! Bought some souveniers. Then we travelled to Rome. That place is so full of history we had so much to do. We ended up extending our stay cause we liked it so much. I was glad to leave Italy though so I didnt have to eat any more pastas or pizzas. They dont have the best menus and it was hard to eat something healthy with protein. Most salads were just boring lettuce, tomato and corn or something.

After Rome we then went onto Austria. Only stayed there a night then arrived in Germany 2 days ago. We are waiting in our hotel room for my husband's brother and wife to arrive from the airport. It will be really good to see some friendly faces. We have been abroad for 5.5 weeks now and just about ready to head home. We miss our doggy Korben :( We have been told that he is missing us too. Apparently every time someone comes to the door he gets excited thinking it is us. So cute.

Training has been pretty non-existent. We have been doing heaps of sightseeing so we walk alot every day and most places we have stayed there is always hills and stairs to climb. Our week in Monterosso was the worst. We lived on the top of a big hill and we had to walk up 176 stairs to our room. We would do that about 3 times a day so we were getting enough cardio lol I did bring my resistence band over and have done that twice a week. Not enough but at least its something!!!

Anyways, I have babbled enough. Bit of a long post hahahahhaha
Happy Training.