Friday, May 20, 2011

The madness of Easter and my sons first birthday are over, yay!! As fun as it has been I am looking forward to some quieter weeks at home. I feel like I am always saying this and things just dont seem to slow down!

We had our little man's 1st birthday party on Saturday last week. It was a very windy cold party but I suppose that's the risk you take with having the party outdoors on the water front close to winter lol

He got very spoilt and was a very good boy considering he hadn't had his nap in the morning. He has so many ride-on-cars, toy trucks lego etc that we have no idea where to put everything!!!

Here is a couple of photos from the day. It took us just over 2.5 hours to complete the cake and alost a day of baking the cakes! We were so happy when we finished and so glad that we have another year until we have to do it again hahaha


I have really been lifting heavy and doing heaps of cardio the past 3 weeks. I have noticed great changes in my body but I know that if my diet was cleaner I would be noticing massive changes.

I have ordered myself some versa gripps to help with lifting as I have noticed that my wrists (especially) my right one gets a little sore when I do biceps so with the 8gripps I will still be able to increase weight without hurting myself.

I did this KILLER back/shoulder workout on Thursday (thanks to Ms Mo)

* rope straight arm press down
* 1 arm db row
* rear fly with tubing
* 2 arm cable lat pull down
* 1/2 pull overs on floor
* front plate raise
* push back side lat raise
* gorillas
* sit up/bb press


Unfortunately with all the easter eggs and Tyler's party I have been picking at sweets for the past week. Sugar is my enemy, I know that and for the past week I have not been able to resist. Most of it is out of the house now so I will have no more temptations.

Luckily with the amount of training I have been doing and that besides the slip ups in sugar I have still managed to keep my weight the same. I am still wanting to lose weight so staying the same is not great but at least there was no weight gain!

Back to it now 100%. I just bought some new protein powder as I ran out. I'm sure I have said it before but Proto Whey is the best protein powder I have ever tasted and their Power crunch bars are to die for. I have stocked up on a few for those times when I crave something sugary!

Happy Training x