Friday, January 29, 2010

This week has been a CRAZY week. So busy and not that much energy. I suppose you have those weeks every now and again.

Unfortunatley my workouts suffered due to my late nights and early mornings. I tried to get to the gym during my lunch break but I was just that busy that I didn't have many lunch breaks this week. I told myself that all my running around was enough as I was pretty exhausted at the end of each day.

So this week, all I got in was 2, 45min walks which included 100 walking lunges.

Today i am feeling pretty great and hoping it lasts so that tonight (I have the house to myself yay) I am wanting to do some upper body weights and lower body work then finish with a bit of yoga as I really need to stretch out as I haven't done a good stretch in weeks! Naughty!!!

This weekend is another busy weekend, tonight NOTHING yay, tomorrow usual cleaning/washing/shopping etc then tomorrow night we are going out to dinner then Sunday we are heading to the cricket. Thank god it is not going to be too hot. I should be able to handle 32 degrees, not like the aweful 37 it is today.

Baby is going well, moving around so much and I can see my belly morph into weird shapes when it is turning. Very amazing but a bit annoying at 3 in the morning when you change positions and it starts kicking you and you dont know whether to move because you are squashing it or it is just woken up and doing its exercises :)

Only 114 days to go and can't believe it. I am taking my 24 week photos on the weekend and can post them next week. I am now entering my 6 month of pregnancy, very exciting.

Happy training xx

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday - woo hoo!!!

This week (although has been a better one than in the past) has felt extra long for some reason. Work has been busy, not stupidly busy but busy enough.

I am looking forward to having a relaxing weekend, especially Sunday when the temp is supposed to hit 42 degrees, yukkko!!!

My partner and I went out last night with some friends who are over from Adelaide, had a really nice dinner and talked into the night. Ended up getting kicked out of the pub just after 12. Very unlike me to last that long and not to be tired at all. Slept like a baby though and came into work late :)


Monday - walk with walking lunges
Tuesday - 30min cross trainer, shoulders, 15 min bike
- light training with my girls, cardio and lower body plyos
Wednesday - walk
Thursday and Friday off, had a sore back (sciatica) after my walk on Wednesday so have been taking it easy the past couple of days.
Saturday - will go for a walk
Sunday - morning swim


I have been doing fantastically the past few weeks. The second trimester really is the most enjoyable. I finally have the "glow" people keep talking about and I am loving the feeling of the baby kicking around. I truly believe I have a little footballer or martial arts expert in there lol

Happy training

Friday, January 8, 2010


What a workout I had last night. I trained my girls...only had 4 due to cancellations but it was nice to have a small class for a change.

We did a upper body circuit with bursts of cardio after each rotation.

I had 4 stations set up, doing 1 min on each:

- bicep curls
- shoulder presses
- weighted punches
- overhead arm extensions

Then once we had all done one full rotation we did 1st, a lap of the oval, 2nd burpees, 3rd roo jumps then last rotation was high knees.

That took our time to about 25 mins then we did walking lunges with weights and upright rows, another lap and then we did 20 mins of boxing with ab work and then stretched up.

I made them (and me :)) work really hard last night as we didn't have a session on Tuesday. I know a couple of them are going to be sore tonight/tomorrow but they love it!!!!

Besides that workout last night all I have done is 2 50 min walks. Not really enough at all but I just didn't have the energy to get up this morning. I will make sure I fit in cardio tomorrow and a bike ride on Sunday.

I think my lack of energy had something to do with having to come back to work and getting back into a routine of getting up early and having no naps during the day LOL

Have a great weekend
Happy Training

Monday, January 4, 2010

How time flies


What a crazy couple of months it has been. Work is just manic and I can't wait to finish up in 3 months (sounds strange). Not that I will be doing anything less stressful with looking after a new bub but at least I will be in the comfort of my own home :)

I haven't been able to get on the net at home due to my laptop having a virus. I am hoping to get it back in a week or so. Usually it wouldnt be a problem and I can use the net at work but with having time off over christmas I have been doing what I can on my phone. Not so easy with the little screen and keypad :)

I am now 20 weeks pregnant (half way, woo hoo) and things are going great. I am over my extreme tiredness and training is going well. I walk 4 times a week and train my girlfriends 2 times and we do weights mixed with plyo work and I love it. Some moves are proving more difficult as times goes on...i.e burpees. No wander people with bellies HATE them. I feel like I keep kneeing the baby in the head so have stopped them now.

I have put on 7kgs so far (most of which was in the first tri - i think due to lack of energy and increased metabolism, crazy I know). My doc says i am fine and I will aim to only put on 6 or 7kg for the rest of the pregnancy then I will be in the average range of weight gain. I am not really used to putting on and watching my clothes get tighter and tighter and know there is nothing I can do about it. But I am getting better at "accepting" my changing body and knowing that I am giving my baby the best I can.

BUT in saying all that, I can't wait to get back into kickass training. My strength is incredibly weaker since I have been pregnant and I can't lift anywhere near as much as I used to and have to keep it low until the babies birth in case of injury. I have been saving all my fitness mags for when the baby is born so I have some great motivation to excite me.

The time is going quickly though and bubs will be here before I know it! Can't wait. Such an exciting time.

Here are some up to date pics of our little one.