Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy to have hubby home...

My hubby has been away for the week and I missed him terribly. He went over to the Australian Masters to caddy for his friend who is a pro golfer. He said he had a great time but of course missed us terribly.

I kept myself busy all week, with gyming, cleaning and catching up with was just the nights after I put Tyler to bed that were lonely. I really don't know how other couples manage when one partner works away. Its nice every now and again for a few days to a week but if I had a partner that worked 3 or 4 weeks away at a time..............

I have been LOVE LOVE LOVING the gym the past couple of weeks. It feels so fantastic to be lifting heavy again and having a whole hour and a half to myself :) Tyler is at such a good age where he will go to anyone and doesn't miss me which makes life easier.


Mon - 2 hour walk
Tue - shoulders/bis/abs
Wed - 6 hours of cleaning and washing
Thur - off
Friday - chest/tri
Saturday - 1 hour walk and legs
Sunday - off


Still much the same as I have been doing the past few months.

Weight is down 2kg and I do measurements in 2 weeks!

Happy training

Friday, November 5, 2010


So much for updating more often lol. It has been about 2 weeks whoops!!!!

I have been concentrating on the gym (it is so great being able to pop Tyler into the creche and have 90 mins all to myself lol) and playing with my new phone, checking out all the latest apps to load. I loaded this great app which is a diet/exercise tracker. I have found that I am having to be really strict with my eating and exercising as I am just not seeing the results I want.

I am still carb cycling, but instead of low/med/high, I am eating low carbs for two days one day high carbs. No cheat meals as I find these haven't been helping me at all. Once I get the taste of something sweet I want more so I am better to stay away unless I really really need something.

Little Tyler is still being the most wonderful son, he is rolling around now and almost looks like he could start crawling in the next few weeks. I am not looking forward to that, my house is definitely not baby proof!!!

Here is a recent pic


Mon - Walk 60min
Tue - Chest/tri and abs
Wed - Run 25 mins
Thur - walk 30 mins
Fri - shoulders/bis/plyo lower body/ elleptical
Sat - walk 60mins
Sun - off
Brekky - oats and egg whites
snack - protein shake and a tsp peanut butter (rice cakes on higher carb day)
Lunch - chicken/fish and salad/vegies (rice on higher carb day)
snack - can tuna and brocolli
Dinner - chicken/fish/beef and salad/vegies
Happy Training

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I feel very naughty not to have kept my blog updated. Sorry :) Time just got away from me and a friend has reminded me to update it more regularly!!!
The past couple of months have flown by, we have been very busy. Tyler keeps me busy enough, he is at the age where he is needing more stimulation. Luckily he loves the pram and going to the shops lol

We went to the Gold coast a couple of weeks ago and had a fantastic time. My husband had a work conference so we had a couple of nights of work events. We had a really fun Arabian themed cocktail party. I visited one of the tarot readers they had there and was told that I will be pregnant again in 6 months WTF!!! I said no way she had to be wrong as my little one is only 4 months old…..she told me to be very careful if I didn’t want another one just yet as I am very fertile, yay for me lol So hubby and I now sleep in separate beds, hahahahha na just joking.

We had a ball too which was great fun, lots of dancing and ummm I did the splits on the dance floor. I know I know what was I thinking. At the end of the night we were all doing the drunk dancing circle where one person goes into the middle and does their thing. One guy did the caterpillar another did some push-ups (I could have easily beaten him) so I decided that going in and doing the splits with a bit of arm shaking on the floor was a good idea. Luckily I got the applause and did not pull a hammy :)

We stayed at Jupiters which was a really lovely hotel. They had the best gym I have ever been too at a hotel. It resembled a smallish gym back home. They even had a full time personal trainer on hand and fitness classes!!! Didn’t do a class but did a couple of days of weights, no need for cardio as we did heaps of walking around sightseeing during the day.

We have been back 2 weeks now and back to reality, having to cook and clean again, boo!!!
Anywho, it is good being home and getting back into a routine and being able to prepare my own meals, instead of looking at a menu and thinking what the hell am I going to order!

I am training clients again. We are doing a boot camp at the moment and they are loving it. This Sunday I have 8 or 9 coming so it will be a decent size class. I have ordered some more kick bags and boxing focus mitts to accommodate the growing numbers.


Last week
Monday - 50 min walk
Tuesday - shoulders/bis/tris abs supersets with lower body exercises to keep heart rate up
Wednesday - bike ride 45 mins (was not a good day to go, so bloody windy)
Thursday - 50 min walk
Friday - glutes/hams/chest
Saturday - off
Sunday - boot camp: sprints, boxing, push-ups, step-ups, split lunges
This week
Monday - yoga
Tuesday - 50min walk
Wednesday - chest/tris abs
Thursday - 30min run
Friday - shoulders/bis abs
Saturday - 50min walk
Sunday - boot camp: sprints, boxing, push-ups, step-ups, split lunges

I have been following my carb cycle: Monday, Thursday Sunday calories are 970 carbs 59g, Tuesday and Friday, calories 1286 carbs 79, Wednesday and Saturday calories 1681 carbs 137.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

cms keep going down...........

My hard work is really starting to show, finally!!! I hate it when results are slow.

I have been switching things up a bit and doing more weights than cardio last week. I added two circuits instead of a walk, I am also back doing sprints yay!

Unfortunately one thing I have noticed in the past two weeks is my milk supply is not as it once was. I thought by slowly upping my cardio and weights but still eating enough calories I would be ok....not so :( I am having to top up Tyler with formula bottles twice a day as my milk just isn't enough for him. I guess I am one of the unlucky few!

Anywho, I was probably going to stop breastfeeding him by Christmas time so I will keep feeding him as much as I can until then and slowly wean him off.

We had my grandad's funeral yesterday, it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think that since he was in hospital for so long beforehand we had a chance to get all the crying out then. We have a lovely day with the family saying our goodbyes.


Monday - walk 60 mins
Tuesday - cardio circuit, shoulders/bis/tris/abs/chest
Wednesday - off
Thursday - walk 45 mins, quads/glutes/hamstrings/chest/sprints
Friday - walk 60min
Saturday - off
Sunday - stretching


Diet has still been the same, I had a cheat meal this week as we went out to chinese with the family. I have had no sugar in 1.5 weeks and doing well. I don't crave it anymore.

I have to keep my eyes on the prize....I want my pre-pregnancy body back so bad. End date for my body transformation comp is 22 October so i still have 8 weeks to go!!1

Did measurements this morning and I have lost another cm off my abs and waist, legs are the same.

I have the City to Surf 12km run this weekend and I am excited, hopefully I can run most of it!!!!

Happy Training

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Next week HAS to be better.......

My husband's granddad passed away on Wednesday....we knew it was only a matter of time but its still not easy when it happens. Hubby's parents arrive back from europe on Wednesday so we have had to arrange to have the body on ice until they get back. So sad.....

The weather has been pretty crappy all week which has made it hard for me to be motivated and work out. I only missed two workouts this week as I couldn't escape from the house (the downside to being a stay at home mummy). I have no problems doing weights but cardio can be a challenge.....skipping is about all I can do. Thank god the sun is shining again today, I went for a walk with hubby and the doggy. Poor little dog has been getting neglected lately.

On a happier note my sister-in-law just had a baby on Thursday, little Imogen Marie. Very cute and I can't wait for cuddles. They live in the country a couple of hours away so we are waiting until they are home until we go and visit.


Monday - 60min walk
Tuesday - 45min walk/run glutes/hams/abs
Wednesday - off day
Thursday - off day
Friday - 30min walk/run
Saturday - 30min walk shoulder/bi/tri
Sunday - training the girls, boxing, running, weight circuit


No change, with food.

I had a few days of drinking. Not alot but at least 2 drinks on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. No more till next weekend now!!!!!

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~Edward Stanley

Happy Training

Monday, August 9, 2010


Discipline is a matter of controlling the mind and choosing the action that is going to benefit you in the long run. By choosing your actions you can choose your results. By choosing your actions you can choose the life you create for yourself. Remember, we all are in control and have the power. Discipline is something that should not be looked at as a burden but as an opportunity to test yourself, grow and experience the power you have of self control and personal self awareness.

It's a sad time......

We have had an awful couple of weeks. My husband's grandad was admitted to hospital with pnemonia and scepticema (spelling???). He is not recovering and they have taken him off all antibiotics and sending him home as there is nothing else they can do and they need the bed :( He is so weak and really not well so we dont expect him to last till the weekend.

My husband's grandmother on his mum's side was also admitted to hospital during the week with a chest infection. She is doing much better and will hopefully be out in the next day or so.

Good news is the weather has been beautiful which is great for my workouts.

I have entered the 12 week Sportzblitz transformation competition which will finish on 22 October. I figured if i am getting my body back in shape I may as well see if I can win something lol


Monday - 50m walk/run
Tuesday - walk and shoulder/bi/tri
Wednesday - off day
Thursday - 60m walk and chest/abs
Friday - 2hr walk
Saturday - off
Sunday - glutes, hamstrings


I am still doing my low/med/high carb split. Only a 1kg loss on the scales but cm are still going down - great milestone....I fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans woo hoo. They are still a bit tight, (I have never had muffin top) but at least I can do them up and wear them.

Happy Training

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its the weekend...and what to do??

It has been a great week, lots of great workouts and fantastic weather.

I visited some friends, did a bit of shopping and before I knew it, it was Friday!!

As of next weekend I am back to training my girls. They have really missed me the last couple of months (awwww) and are very excited for next weekend.

Now that I am bottle feeding Tyler at night I am able to store milk for when I have time away from him. He still feeds every 2-3 hours sometimes it stretches to 4 hours so i am looking forward to the day when his feeds are longer.


Monday - spin class (excellent)
Tuesday - walk 60 mins
Wednesday - shoulders/bis
Thursday - walk 60mins
Friday - walk/run 60 mins
Saturday - hamstrings, glutes, abs
Sunday - will be a walk (fingers crossed the weather is fine).


I have decided to carb cycle. When i was training for my competition I carb cycled and found it great for burning more calories.

I have 3 low days (70carbs), one high day (300) then 3 moderate days (150).

My weight is still the same as it was last week....fingers crossed it goes down after this week.

A good thing is my measurements for stomach, hips and thighs are down about 2cm yay!!

Happy Training

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last weeks workouts

So, I had hoped to have updated by Friday but as sometimes happens, days just get away from me. I'm sure you all have days like that too!

Last week was fantastic, my energy was high, my workouts were fat blasting lol and my little man was having a good week.

I am breastfeeding but have decided to give him a top up bottle of formula at night. Which means he has been sleeping for 5 or 6 hour blocks and I am able to express milk for when I am away from him.

I had my first couple of hours away from him last night... I went and did a spin class and LOVED IT!!! Oh how I have missed those classes and even just walking into a gym. It did feel a little strange driving to the gym and not having him with me but he had a nice night at home with daddy.

Another strange feeling was after I finished the class I went and did my shoulder workout. To tell you the truth I was a little nervous about going into the "boys room". It was packed full with the usual guys (no chicks of course) and I hesitated!!! I have NEVER been nervous but last night I toyed with the idea of just getting into my car and heading home. I think because it is that I am not liking what I see in the mirror at the moment. My hips are wider, my belly isn't tight, my butt is bigger...the truth is I am just not my normal self.

BUT, I choked down my silly feelings and walked in there with my head high and once I got started, I don't know why I was thinking like that in the first place. Its where I belong!!!!


Monday - walk 55 mins
Tuesday - run/walk 55 mins
Wednesday - walk 55 mins, circuit-bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats, lat side raises, push-ups, dead lifts.
Thursday - walk 2 hours (went with a girlfriend for walk then coffee and walk back home, I tracked the kms with my nike sensor - we were surprised to find out it was just over an hour each way :))
Friday - walk 55 mins
Sunday - walk 55 mins

Total kms travelled 32kms and about 2000 cals burnt, yee haa!!!


Each day I consume about the same thing with a higher calorie day on the weekend. I allow myself a glass of alcohol and some cheese mmmmm

Breakfast - 30g of oats with skim milk
snack - 15 nuts and apple
Lunch - salmon/ham/chicken sandwich
snack - yoghurt or banana and p/butter
Dinner - stirfry, chicken/lamb and vegies. On my higher calorie day a rice/pasta dish

If I feel like I need something after dinner I have a glass of low fat milk

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm baaackkk

My my my how quick the past couple of months have gone.

It wasn't until yesterday I realised it had been months since my last post. I have been slack in posting because I was thinking "who would be interested in reading about my workouts in the last couple of months of my pregnancy?" They were pretty much non existant. Walking, walking and more walking.

Now, after giving birth to my precious little man, I am getting back to my normal self. So, let me introduce my gorgeous little man Tyler Anthony born on 13 May, weighing 8lb 15 ounces. He was a very big and healthy boy :)

He is such a joy and I really can't believe that he is now 2 months old. The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. We have been so busy with visitors and we have just gotten back from our first holiday so I am hoping that we are now quietening down so I can get myself into a routine.

He has been an easy baby and eats and sleeps well so I am finding getting out of the house (when I am organised) to be quite easy. It does take a lot more time and preparation but we get there.


I have been mainly walking up until now as I had a c-section. I have been walking 5 times a week for 50 minutes and loving it. The weather was just beautiful and has now turned blah!!! Winter - I hate it. Walking is my main way of getting cardio in, I am working my way up to a run. I ran a little bit (by a bit I mean 200 metres) last week when we were on holiday and it felt very weird. I have a check up with the doc this afternoon and hoping that I get the all clear.

I have been using my resistant band for three weeks now doing my upper body and not really feeling too much of a burn so the weights are coming out. I just have to be careful with certain exercises and make sure the weight is not too hard so i dont strain.

I am really eager to do a spin class at the gym and my usual weights routine. I just have to figure out baby sitters as Tyler is too little to be put in the creche (plus I really dont want to leave him with people I dont know).

As much as I love my little man and my life really was so much easier when it was just me. Is it bad to feel a little upset that my life as I knew it is gone??Does that make me a bad mum for thinking that??


Unfortunately during my pregnancy I was not very strict with my eating as usual and the weight crept up and up. I put on 21kgs during the 9 months and have only lost 13 so far. I told myself I would never be one of those mums-to-be that would eat whatever just because I could. But towards the end, my boredom (and sweet tooth) got the better of me. I am so mad with myself that I now have to shift 8kgs of FAT!!!!!

Up until a few weeks ago I was still relaxed with what I was eating. I was not over indulging every day but most days having something a little sweet. I always had so much bad food in the house for the mountains of visitors we had for the first month Tyler was born. Now, ALL GONE lol My husband is not very impressed that all the cupcakes, brownies and scones are now a thing of the past. As he says "we have NOTHING to eat in the house".

I refuse to buy the crap that will tease me every time I open the fridge or cupboard. At the moment my will power is still not the greatest. I am slowly getting it back, just taking one day at a time.

I have a couple of Oxygen mags saved up from during my pregnancy for my motivation and to keep me on track. I just purchased the Nike+ sensor to track my workouts on my ipod, new tunes loaded. So, the fun begins. I will shift this weight in record time.

Follow me on my journey to my pre-pregnancy body.

Happy training

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This week has been a great week. I have been feeling fantastic (love the second trimester) and been getting enough sleep and exercise.


Sunday for me was a walk and then sitting at the cricket all day. We had fun but I had had enough by 8pm that night!

Monday - walk with 100 lunges, upper body resistant band work, shoulders and bis.

Tuesday - training with my girls, lap of oval (this did not go well, I think i will have to give up running until after bubs is born :)), kettlebell swings, boxing.

Wednesday - walk with 100 lunges.

Tomorrow - same as Tuesday


I am doing well. Getting bigger by the minute, bubs is moving around heaps. It has starting sticking its feet under my ribs, must be comfy for it but definitely not comfy for me. If I poke it, it moves lol

I had a meeting this morning with work and will be finishing up on the 16th of April. Since it will only be 4.5 weeks before my due date I have to get a note from my ob. He wants me to finish up on 2 April so I dont know how that will go. Unless there are complications I dont see why I need to finish 7/8 weeks before my due date.

Loving being pregnant but can't wait to hit the gym HARD. Oh how I miss it :(

Not long now............

Happy training

Friday, January 29, 2010

This week has been a CRAZY week. So busy and not that much energy. I suppose you have those weeks every now and again.

Unfortunatley my workouts suffered due to my late nights and early mornings. I tried to get to the gym during my lunch break but I was just that busy that I didn't have many lunch breaks this week. I told myself that all my running around was enough as I was pretty exhausted at the end of each day.

So this week, all I got in was 2, 45min walks which included 100 walking lunges.

Today i am feeling pretty great and hoping it lasts so that tonight (I have the house to myself yay) I am wanting to do some upper body weights and lower body work then finish with a bit of yoga as I really need to stretch out as I haven't done a good stretch in weeks! Naughty!!!

This weekend is another busy weekend, tonight NOTHING yay, tomorrow usual cleaning/washing/shopping etc then tomorrow night we are going out to dinner then Sunday we are heading to the cricket. Thank god it is not going to be too hot. I should be able to handle 32 degrees, not like the aweful 37 it is today.

Baby is going well, moving around so much and I can see my belly morph into weird shapes when it is turning. Very amazing but a bit annoying at 3 in the morning when you change positions and it starts kicking you and you dont know whether to move because you are squashing it or it is just woken up and doing its exercises :)

Only 114 days to go and can't believe it. I am taking my 24 week photos on the weekend and can post them next week. I am now entering my 6 month of pregnancy, very exciting.

Happy training xx

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday - woo hoo!!!

This week (although has been a better one than in the past) has felt extra long for some reason. Work has been busy, not stupidly busy but busy enough.

I am looking forward to having a relaxing weekend, especially Sunday when the temp is supposed to hit 42 degrees, yukkko!!!

My partner and I went out last night with some friends who are over from Adelaide, had a really nice dinner and talked into the night. Ended up getting kicked out of the pub just after 12. Very unlike me to last that long and not to be tired at all. Slept like a baby though and came into work late :)


Monday - walk with walking lunges
Tuesday - 30min cross trainer, shoulders, 15 min bike
- light training with my girls, cardio and lower body plyos
Wednesday - walk
Thursday and Friday off, had a sore back (sciatica) after my walk on Wednesday so have been taking it easy the past couple of days.
Saturday - will go for a walk
Sunday - morning swim


I have been doing fantastically the past few weeks. The second trimester really is the most enjoyable. I finally have the "glow" people keep talking about and I am loving the feeling of the baby kicking around. I truly believe I have a little footballer or martial arts expert in there lol

Happy training

Friday, January 8, 2010


What a workout I had last night. I trained my girls...only had 4 due to cancellations but it was nice to have a small class for a change.

We did a upper body circuit with bursts of cardio after each rotation.

I had 4 stations set up, doing 1 min on each:

- bicep curls
- shoulder presses
- weighted punches
- overhead arm extensions

Then once we had all done one full rotation we did 1st, a lap of the oval, 2nd burpees, 3rd roo jumps then last rotation was high knees.

That took our time to about 25 mins then we did walking lunges with weights and upright rows, another lap and then we did 20 mins of boxing with ab work and then stretched up.

I made them (and me :)) work really hard last night as we didn't have a session on Tuesday. I know a couple of them are going to be sore tonight/tomorrow but they love it!!!!

Besides that workout last night all I have done is 2 50 min walks. Not really enough at all but I just didn't have the energy to get up this morning. I will make sure I fit in cardio tomorrow and a bike ride on Sunday.

I think my lack of energy had something to do with having to come back to work and getting back into a routine of getting up early and having no naps during the day LOL

Have a great weekend
Happy Training

Monday, January 4, 2010

How time flies


What a crazy couple of months it has been. Work is just manic and I can't wait to finish up in 3 months (sounds strange). Not that I will be doing anything less stressful with looking after a new bub but at least I will be in the comfort of my own home :)

I haven't been able to get on the net at home due to my laptop having a virus. I am hoping to get it back in a week or so. Usually it wouldnt be a problem and I can use the net at work but with having time off over christmas I have been doing what I can on my phone. Not so easy with the little screen and keypad :)

I am now 20 weeks pregnant (half way, woo hoo) and things are going great. I am over my extreme tiredness and training is going well. I walk 4 times a week and train my girlfriends 2 times and we do weights mixed with plyo work and I love it. Some moves are proving more difficult as times goes on...i.e burpees. No wander people with bellies HATE them. I feel like I keep kneeing the baby in the head so have stopped them now.

I have put on 7kgs so far (most of which was in the first tri - i think due to lack of energy and increased metabolism, crazy I know). My doc says i am fine and I will aim to only put on 6 or 7kg for the rest of the pregnancy then I will be in the average range of weight gain. I am not really used to putting on and watching my clothes get tighter and tighter and know there is nothing I can do about it. But I am getting better at "accepting" my changing body and knowing that I am giving my baby the best I can.

BUT in saying all that, I can't wait to get back into kickass training. My strength is incredibly weaker since I have been pregnant and I can't lift anywhere near as much as I used to and have to keep it low until the babies birth in case of injury. I have been saving all my fitness mags for when the baby is born so I have some great motivation to excite me.

The time is going quickly though and bubs will be here before I know it! Can't wait. Such an exciting time.

Here are some up to date pics of our little one.