Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend was great. Nice and relaxing. The weather on Saturday was pretty bad but Sunday was nice and clear.

I was very annoyed on Sunday morning that my friend "forgot" about our booked training session. She had booked to come over around 10am….when she didn’t turn up at 10.15 I called her. I find it very rude!!! I got a bit peeved at her as she keeps making these weekend sessions because she cancels the session during the week but the weekends just never eventuate. She is not committed enough. So I spoke to her and told her that I am not going to book in any more weekend sessions. These sessions are for her benefit not mine. I do a workout each day regardless of whether I train her, so I get annoyed being stuffed around!!! If she was paying me I’m sure she would make sure she showed up.

So....now that my rant is over I can get down to business LOL

As you saw from my post last night, aunt flow arrived. I have never been happy to receive my “ladies”. Now I know that everything is working okay and hopefully I will be regular enough to learn my cycle!


Training has been really energetic. I have been really happy with how I am going and my motivation is where it should be :)

Sunday – plyo/abs
Monday – run
Tuesday – AM, walk and PM, cardio and legs
Wednesday – PM, boxing or shoulders/bis
Thursday – run
Friday - ???

My diet has been good. I am aiming to lose 5kgs (10lbs) by the beginning of August. Very doable. I want to be prepared to put on a couple of kilos when I am travelling overseas as I know we will be eating out a lot (and drinking, Munich here we come!!!) and I may not be able to always find chicken and salad!!! I also think we will be doing a lot of walking so I don’t have to worry about cardio but my weights sessions will be hard hit I think. I am going to take my resistance band and also try and find a gym at various other places when I can. It will be great to see what other gyms are like.

Monday, May 25, 2009

aunt flow.............

finally arrived, after 4 months of waiting for that time it has hit like a tonne of bricks. Why oh why was i wishing it to come hahahahhahhaa

Friday, May 22, 2009

Its finally the end of the week and what a crappy day it is here in the usually sunny state of WA!

We have had pretty bad storms the past couple of days. Hubby and I didn't get much sleep last night with the 150km strong winds and pelting rain. The dogs weren't very happy with the thunder and lightening either.

When my alarm went off for the gym at 5.20am I was in two minds about going but decided I would be better for it. I drove the 15 minutes to the gym and on approaching i noticed the street block (and a few surrounding blocks) was blacked out! Damn it. I then drove to a rec centre nearby wanting to get a workout in since it was 6am and I was ready to go. But no, they had a black out too. I couldn’t believe it. So back home it was to do some skipping, squats, lunges and crunches etc. I really wanted to get a good cardio session in but sometimes you can't help it.


Thursday (yesterday) was supposed to be shoulders and bis but for some reason I really wanted to do my back and tris yesterday so that’s what I did. It was a great session too….I felt very strong and now feel very sore LOL

- one arm rows
- seated row
- pull ups
- pull down
- tri exten superset with dips
- rope pushdown

I have got my gym stuff at work today so I am hoping to get in a cardio session at lunch. Fingers crossed I can get a machine as I know the place will be packed due to the weather otherwise I will do shoulder/bis if the weights area is more free.

Saturday I will be going for a swim with my girlfriend. I haven’t been swimming in ages and have never been the strongest swimmer so it will be interesting.

Sunday I am training a girlfriend and I really really hope that 1. she doesn’t cancel like she is known to and 2. the weather is great. I am really loving the sprint sessions and long sets of walking lunges (she hates me for them).


Over the past week or so I have been eating clean and training each day which has made me think…….I haven't felt this good in a few weeks and now I know why. I have come to the realisation that in order for me to feel human and be the best that I can….I need to work out and fuel my body properly. When I don’t get a workout in I can feel more lethargic and can get quite irritable and short with people. I suppose I have been training for so long that I am like a junkie in the sense that if I don’t get my fix, I don’t feel my usual high each day.

I really don’t know why I sometimes go along these roller coaster rides every now and again. Thinking that if I relax with my diet and training I can still be my usual self and the weight will stay off and all will be rosie! No way, not for me! I need that release of energy each day, I need those endorphins running, I need to feel strong and healthy and that’s why I dedicate myself to my fitness lifestyle.

I want to give a big shout out to Kim who is competing in the NPC Jr. USA Figure Comp this weekend and any other competitors ready to hit the stage. I wish you all the best :)

Happy Training xxx

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It has been a while since my last post – sorry. Work has been manic and I have not had internet at home for two weeks :(

My weekend was quite uneventul but restful. Friday night I went to a football game, our team lost :( Saturday I went and watched hubby play football (he lost) but I got to see some friends I hadnt seen in a bit and also my goddaughter. That night we went out with my sister and her hubby for a movie and drinks after. We saw Wolverine…Hugh is HOT HOT HOT!!! His whole physique was to die for…I think hubby was a bit jealous of my drooling LOL

Sunday I did the usual cleaning, washing, ironing etc and then cooked hubby a great meal. There is this local fruit and veg place which also has a butcher with the freshest ingredients. I go every Sunday arvo and do a bit of shopping rather than the big supermarkets.

Hubby has been busy at work too and our dinner meals during the week have been really bland as we both just didn’t have the time nor the energy to make something interesting and yummy. One night I couldn’t even be bothered eating I was so tired, so hubby had bakes beans on toast and I had a tin of tuna!


Training has been great. Although I missed a couple of weights sessions this week as I didn’t make it to the gym. Which means mainly cardio all week with some plyo work and abs. Tomorrow will be my first weights session for the week, whoops!!! I have been a naughty girl and will be more diligent from here on in!


Thursday last week - run, sprints, walking lunges
Friday - walk
Saturday - run and plyo
Sunday off – house cleaning
Monday – off
Tuesday – run
Wednesday – run, sprints, walking lunges
Thursday – shoulders/bis

I haven’t really been following a diet the past week and a bit and I have really enjoyed it. Still eating clean (besides my visit to the famous Belgium chocolate shop yesterday with a friend for her birthday), I just sort of eat when I am hungry. Mainly yummy chickpea salads each day which consist of rocket/spinach leaves, chickpeas, capsicum, avacado, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and a bit of dill and pepper. Very tasty. Also every second morning I have been having a carrot, celery, apple and ginger juice. I haven’t made juices in ages and got it out on the weekend and made one, I forgot how much I enjoyed them.

Happy training xxxx

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It has been 4 months since I have had my period. I am thinking the first 3 months was due to my competition prep (it happened last time too) and the last month due to me coming off the pill.

I came off the pill on 6 April and nothing since. I have been told that it can take your body a few months to regulate itself and this could be the reason.

I just find it frustrating not knowing.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday (I think hahaha)

My weekend was great. Friday night was quite uneventful, I was stuffed from my day of painting. Hubby went to footy training and I stayed home and watched some TV. I love having the TV all to myself.

Saturday morning I was up early to do the usual cleaning, washing and preparing dinner for that night. We had two couples over and I wanted it to be perfect (as always). For entre I decided on seared scallops on a bed of rocket, roasted tomatoes and prosciutto with a cannellini bean puree. It was the best!!! Everyone was very impressed and polished off their plates. Then the main was baked dhufish with potatoes and green beans. Very simple but so tasty.

Everyone left around midnight which was great as I was starting to get really tired. I managed to clean up the kitchen and put out the rubbish etc so I could start again early the next morning as I had my family coming over for a lunch for Mothers Day. We had a very easy BBQ as the weather was really nice outside. Happy Mothers Day to all the mums :)

Training and diet

Friday we had a volunteer day for work at an Outcare disability place. We were given the job of painting all of the units. So we were crazily painting from 11am to about 5pm (breaking for lunch). I was so exhausted by the end of the day that Friday night I couldn’t even be bothered cooking dinner. My arms and back were sore from boxing during the week so painting for hours was probably not the best thing to do hahhaha. God knows how many calories I burnt but man it was a great workout.

Saturday I didn’t do much as I was frantically cleaning the house for our visitors.

Sunday after everyone left our place I took my dog for a run. The poor thing was knackered and I was dragging him for the last 15 minutes. I then went out the back and did some plyo work.

I have been using the “card” method whereby I pick 4 or 5 plyo exercises and then pull out 3 cards from the deck. K, Q, J and Aces are worth 10 and of course all the other cards are face value. So you add the 3 cards up and that is the amount of reps you do for that exercise. It is really good cause it makes you mix it up. Although I was not ecstatic when on my last set of jump lunges I had to do 30!!!!! I was beat but felt so good after. I finished off with two supersets of walking lunges and pushups then did abs. My legs are a bit sore today :)

Here are some pics from the weekend :0

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a workout

I just did a boxing class during my lunch break and OMG I was killing it. It felt so good. I got that sick feeling towards the end so I knew I was working hard (plus finding it hard to breath). Also was a bit light headed when I got back to work. At least I didn't pass out like last time :)

I am a bit annoyed that my girlfriend I was training tonight has cancelled AGAIN!!! She said she is feeling tired and achy and might be getting sick again. I really am worried about her, I dont think she eats enough and has been losing weight. She is a tiny build but she is bordering on looking unhealthy which is why I try to get her to do weights and eat a healthy diet, take her vitamins etc. I suppose there is only so much you can do!

Well, my dog will be happy that I can take him out tonight for a walk instead :)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Since my last post not too much has been happening. I am glad to have my man back….I know it was only a week but it felt like forever!!!!!!!

I feel like I am back to my normal self now. I have been a bit off for over a month now….most probably to do with the medication I am on for my stomach problems but I have more energy and am a lot happier. My enthusiasm for my workouts and clean eating is back to normal and I love it.

The weekend consisted of visiting my mum who is not well at the moment, watching football on Saturday (yay we won another game hahahha) waiting for hubby to come home and then fun in the bedroom when hubby did finally arrive at 3pm that afternoon.

Saturday night was uneventful as hubby was going out to a bucks night (grrr). Sunday was a cardio workout – a run and plyo work and then relaxing. Came down with a really bad headache around 4ish and it just wouldn’t go. Ended up napping about 5 and then having dinner about 7 and then back to bed about 8.30. It was so painful :(

Yesterday I did cardio again. Just a 60 min walk. My puppy was not happy with me. We usually only do about 45mins at a fast pace and we was absolutely knackered. Every time I stopped and made him sit to cross the road, he didn’t want to get up again. He just looked at me with those puppy eyes :)

This morning I did 20 mins on the cross trainer and then shoulders and bis. Felt really great to do this workout as it has been over a week since I have worked them. I have been laying off weights for about two weeks to give my body a break. I doubt I would have had the energy or the strength to do the workout justice!

- db shoulder presses
- lateral raises
- front raises
- machine shoulder press
- ez bar bi curl
- concentration curl
- cable curl
- abs - superset of reverse crunch (lowering legs to floor) and planks

Tomorrow I will do chest/tris in the morning and then cardio at night. My friend is coming over for a cardio session - if she decides to come….she has been really slack and tends to cancel quite often. I am trying hard to keep her motivated. She is getting better but still doesn’t have that motivation she needs and wants. All in good time hey!

I am off to have my second meal for the day – tuna yummo – I am bloody hungry :)

Happy training xxx

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Friday

What a morning. It is "Secretary's Day" today and I have been spoilt rotten: bottle of champas, MOR soap box and a mug filled with Lindt choccies (been sharing them around so i dont eat them all).

I got up and went for a run and it felt absolutely glorious. The weather is getting so much cooler in the morning but I dont mind layering.

My workout with my friend on Wednesday night was not that great. She had low energy due to her monthlys and she ended up wanting to go home after our 20 min run. I managed to encourage her to do some lunges, push-ups and dips and then we headed home. In total it was about 35 minutes. Not too bad but I really wanted to push her and just wasn't given the chance. We are meeting up again tomorrow morning (so she says) for another workout and I told her to make sure she has a good nights rest and maybe a coffee in the morning so she has plenty of energy.


Diet has been good the past couple of days. Low fat and carbs. I have been cycling carbs, low/low/med/high. This has been great for me. I find that my body works so much better and I feel so much better on med to low carbs. I do tend to feel bloated and hold a lot of water with carbs.

Training yesterday was a run and then ab work I also walked at lunch. The weather is so great over here at the moment.

Training tomorrow will be as i said above, with my girlfriend Bec. If she doesn't end up coming I will head to the gym for shoulders/bis and cardio. If she does come I will do shoulders/bis on Sunday and cardio.


Tonight we are having drinks at work for "Office Professionals Day". I will only have a couple and then head home. I have not drunk since last weekend and wasn't intending on drinking tonight but the lawyers I work for want to go out for a drink to celebrate.

Tomorrow I will be cleaning the house (boring) and also doing our cars so they are nice and clean for when hubby comes home. I think he arrives around midday which will be great. I really have missed him and can't to get a nice big kiss and cuddle (amongst other things LOL).

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
Mands xx