Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am very relaxed after a great long weekend. Friday night I didn't do much just stayed at home with hubby as he was leaving on a fishing trip on Sunday morning. Saturday I went to a baby shower and got clucky over all the other babies there.....that night we went to the footy and I was so happy to see our boys actually win a game!!! It has been very depressing leaving home games early due to getting our asses whipped!

Sunday I went to a pub with friends for lunch and I had some very yummy salt and pepper squid. Then we headed to another mates place for drinks and to watch the Danny Green fight. A bit disappointing....i really had hoped they would have gone for another round or two. I had a few too many beers and wasn't feeling so sunny yesterday! Was very bad with my eating yesterday. Managed to get in some crisps, a small can of tuna and a protein drink. The thought of food made me feel ill!

Never again will I drink that much. Especially with getting my body ready for babies, they say to stay away from alcohol as much as possible. Also, I dont want to fall pregnant and not know and still be drinking. (God I sound like an alcoholic....I really dont drink much. Probably a glass or two each week if at all unless I see friends and we go out)


Training was light over the weekend. I walked on Saturday and did a few hours of housework, Sunday did some boxing in the morning and yesterday I didnt do anything at all. This morning I headed to the gym and did my cardio. 50 mins on the cross-trainer and then 15 mins on the tready.

Tomorrow will be walk in the morning and then boxing at night with my girlfriend and also plyo work. I haven't done any in ages and she really needs to boost her fitness level so it is gonna be hard :)


I really need to go and see a masseuse. My back and shoulders have been quite tight and saw the past week and when I stretch my chest (you know...hands clasped behind you) my shoulders crack....not good :(

Good news is that I am feeling heaps better now. I am getting through all my cardio without feeling the need to faint. My enthusiasm for working out did subside a little in the past few weeks due to feeling so tired/faint and just not like myself. I upped my iron tablets and vitamin B and it has seemed to do the trick, yay!

Hubby is away for another 4 days. I sound like such a love sick puppy but hubby and I have been together for 9 years and we spend so much time together that when he is gone I miss him like hell! He only goes away for a week each year and thank god it is only that. I really dont know how other couples do weeks away.........

Friday, April 17, 2009

It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been taking a break from my usual routine the past week and feel the better for it. I did no weights the past week and only light cardio (walking) on a few days. I have been extremely tired in the mornings and found it hard a couple of mornings to get up to head to the gym. The mornings I did get to the gym I was shattered by 10.30am!!! I have also been a bit faint when doing my cardio. Last week I did a boxing class…I really struggled through the class and then when I got back to the office I collapsed and blacked out. This never happens to me.

I have been much better the past couple of days. I am taking my vitamins and listening to my body and hoping that all will be better soon. I think sometimes we need to take a breather. Its not just good for me but it has been great for hubby as I have been at home a bit more and we have been taking the dog for walks together of an evening.

We are still working on where we plan to travel around Europe. We originally doing a bus tour but have realised that it will be more cost effective and less time to either fly or train to the countries we want to see. So the places on our list so far are London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Venice, Switzerland and Munich. Can’t wait. Although I would like more time to save some money :)

This weekend will be fairly quiet. Tonight will be a DVD and tomorrow night we have people over for dinner. Sunday more relaxing yeah!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good news and bad news.........

So, I will start with the good news. Hubby and I have finally booked our trip to Europe….we fly out on 14th August. Very exciting. We are doing Scotland first and then flying to Paris to start our journey on the bus-a-bout tours. They have 11 compulsory stops you have to make and there are also additional places you can visit if you want to. Thank god nearly all of the 11 stops are places we wanted to see anyway. We have 6 weeks so hopefully it wont be too rushed.

Now for the bad news. After much consideration (and push from my doctor) I have had to pull out of my comp in May

My stomach has been playing up and the medication I am on for the next few months to a year has been making me feel a little strange. I have had to stop taking the tablets my coach prescribed for me…..I have stopped taking my pill as that would not be effective anyways and my body is just trying to sort itself out. These tablets are to repair the damage to my stomach…some foods still upset me, I can’t be having any acidic type foods - the pineapple and kiwi fruit which my coach had in my diet were some of the things which upset me.

So my doctor has said to me that it could be 6 to 12 months before my stomach is better (fingers crossed it is 6) and I will have to go into hospital again in 4 or 5 months to have another endoscopy to see how it is going. Yuk, not looking forward to that 

I am really upset about it and there is nothing I can do. It means I will not be competing at all this year and will have to wait until after I have our baby mid next year (for those of you who don’t know I plan to be pregnant by Nov/Dec)!!!!

So as you can imagine I am devastated. Thank god I now have our trip to look forward to and organise. I just really wanted to get one more comp under my belt before the baby. At least I will be healthy for my upcoming pregnancy and that is something I am very excited about. As I type this I still have not gotten my period so I really hope I am not pregnant already and it is just from the comp prep! I still haven’t had a good chat to the doctor about this medication and what would happen if I fell pregnant, what harm it could cause?? On the package it says not to have when breastfeeding so surely it can’t be good if carrying a child. I see him again on Thursday.

Training and clean eating will continue and I will continue to blog….its just unfortunate it will not be excitable comp prep posts.