Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday (i think LOL)

My weekend was really great. I had Friday off which was a nice start. Went to the gym, took my doggy out for a bit, got a head start on housework and shopping :)

Hubby picked up our new car on Friday afternoon!! I thought we wouldn't have it until this week sometime. The whole process was so quick.....we had the car in our possession within 3 days of signing!!!! It is so spacious and a joy to drive :)

Saturday we woke up early to head to York for my hubby's skydive. It took us about an hour and a half to drive out to the little country town. We had to stop a couple of times due to road works....we were a little late but I don't think they minded too much. Hubby said it was an awesome experience. I am thinking of doing it myself. Maybe for my birthday LOL

Hubby is on the left


Great workouts over the weekend. Friday was back and tri's. Had a lot of energy and also did 1.5 hours of cardio.

upright rows
seated rows
lat pull-down wide
lat pull-down close
skull crushers
tri pushdown
seated machine pushdown

Saturday was cardio in the morning 70 min walk

Sunday Run 35mins, walk 60mins, housework 2hours


Ok on the diet front. Friday was good. Saturday not too bad. We went to a pub in York after skydiving and I had a pint of Mango beer, OMG and garlic prawns, OMG and some chips. So, so good. Then we went to the old lolly shop and I found Peanut butter M&M's....these are the best. I ate the whole packet and then had some other sugar lollies and another beer. That was my cheat for the week and I thorougly enjoyed it!

All was good until last night....I had some more lollies and chocolate. Not too sure why I did it and felt really sick and guilty after. I did 1.5hours of exercising this morning, I am working out at lunch and then tonight when I get home to make sure I have burnt it all off.

Today is a new day, I am not going to let it get me down :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeling Great

I have been feeling better the past couple of days which is a blessing. Still a bit tired getting up in the morning even though I am in bed reasonably early. Always feel great once I am at the gym. Fingers crossed I am not pregnant!!!

I was in a car accident this morning, 3 car pile-up on the freeway. We were in the front and managed to steer clear of the 4th car in front which was lucky. Hubby and I were a bit shaken but thankfully ok and so was the car. We were worried about the damage to our car as we have just signed to purchase a new car - which we will pick up in about a week - and will be trading in that car!!! Thank god the tow bar stopped anything happening to the back of us.


Just cardio yesterday which consisted of x-trainer for 30 mins and then a run for 20mins and walk 10min and some stretching. Lunch time walk whilst I was at work and then PM I trained my sister and her friend. We did a boxing/cardio workout. Lots of boxing with bursts of running, skipping and burpees (she hates those :)) and sit-ups and push-ups.

I am so proud of my sister. She was really pushing herself last night and actually told me to push her harder cause she can handle it – WOOOOOOHHHHHH HOLD ON A MINUTE……it literally made me stop in my tracks. She laughed and said her fitness is so much better and she knows she has to push herself like they do on the Biggest Loser. She said they are a lot bigger than her and they are also a lot fitter!!!!! You gotta love what that show does for a lot of people out there.

My sisters friend was almost spewing up. She is very unfit and a bit bigger than my sister. She is a member of a ladies gym Curves. I am not a big fan of these places as you do the same thing every time you go there, for only an half hour, you don’t really get to push yourself and the resistance of their machines never change! Very good for beginners don’t get me wrong but you need to change things up! So needless to say she nearly didn’t last the 45 mins last night. Hopefully she enjoyed herself and she will come again.

Tonight, training another girlfriend of mine. I have organised a total body workout for her with resitance bands and the medicine ball. I am going to her house and she does have weights and a bench etc so I might see if we can stay there and use DB's instead and next week when she is at my place we can do the park workout with bands and the ball.

Man I wish I had my own gym!!!


My diet has been good. I did have some mulberry jam on my pancakes this morning as I felt I just needed a little something. Naughty I know as I am not supposed to have sugar but it was only a tablespoon, promise :)

I have also been having a coffee (skinny cap) each day which I get from a fantastic place on the way to work. I am still losing inches/weight but I think I may need to cut them out soon :)


I am feeling very positive about my training and diet and progress so far. I very much love my new trainer and the diet he has me on. No wander I was such a mess last time and found it hard to stick to the diet and lose the weight that I wanted (no carbs for all that time was no good). I really feel I am going to look fantabulous on that stage in 7.5 weeks woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So tired....

Not too sure what is wrong but I have been feeling a little off since Sunday. We had a great workout on Sunday and I felt really pumped but by the time I got home (about 3pm) I was shattered. I hadn't had my vitamins or usual coffee that morning so I thought maybe that had something to do with it but...yesterday and today has been the same.

Yesterday I had an upset stomach too and missed my arvo meal as I just couldn't bring myself to eat anything.

Did a shoulders/bi workout at lunch, I didn't have a lot of energy but I feel better now, hopefully this feeling lasts :)

Fingers crossed I am not coming down with anything.

Happy Training

Monday, March 23, 2009

Posing videos

Happy Monday :)

I had a really nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday night was uneventful, as I was looking after my friends kids as she was unable to find a babysitter after their nanny cancelled on them! Got home just after midnight and slept really badly which was a pain. Kept tossing and turning all night and was hot then cold…..

Saturday morning I was feeling crappy after the late night and not much sleep so just did went for a walk in the morning to try and wake myself up. Got stuck into the housework and washing whilst hubby was out watching his brother play in the cricket grand final. Took another walk in the PM before my sister and her hubby were due to arrive for the night. They were coming over for quiet drinks and a dvd. The movie we picked was pretty bad and we talked through most of it.

Sunday I got up and went for a run before all the girls arrived for our group training session. I had the best run….35 mins and it was a really strong run right to the end. The girls arrived a short time after and we headed to the park. One of them had pulled out so it was only the 4 of us. I organised a circuit style workout with 5 stations, running, boxing, resistance band, abs and squats/lunges. I have no idea how many times they got around but we were working out for 45 mins and the girls were puffing and sweaty, it was great :) My eldest sister was one of the girls and she hasn’t worked out in over a year. She just joined a gym last week and is really getting into it which I love. She is so unfit though and was still sore from her pump class on the Thursday.

I don’t know if I have written this before but my other sister who is younger is a fair bit overweight. She is always asking me to help her with diet and I was training her for a while but she is very hard to keep motivated and if she doesn’t see results in a week or two she gives up. I have given her so much information and tried to keep her on plan but it can be hard. FINALLY I think she has got it. One of her friends husbands is a trainer and he has been getting her motivated to do more exercise and really pushing her. I think it was exactly what she needed. I think because it was me training her she took the easy road all the time and thought that what I was telling her was just my opinion. If she started feeling a little sick she would give up and there was nothing I could do to get her to keep going. To have someone else (unrelated) telling her the same things, she is getting it, yay!

At our training session yesterday I noticed such a change in her. She pushed through right to the end….she was even encouraging my older sister to do more.

Then my little sis and I went to visit my mum and dad and we all went down to the beach for a walk, the weather was awesome and it was good to be exercising whilst catching up.

I did do some posing yesterday afternoon. I did also video it but I couldn’t yesterday work out why when I loaded the video I could hear it but couldn’t see it. I brought it to work today to have another fiddle and I need to download something from the net to update it. I will have to do that when I get home as work will not allow me, bummer!!!


So as above….

Saturday – walk AM and walk PM
Sunday – Run AM, training session, beach walk PM.
Monday – nothing as yet as I had to be at work for 7.30am, just not enough time. Going for a walk at lunch and then a run tonight after work. Chest/tri workout if I have time


Diet on Friday night wasn’t the best. I had my chicken salad and then had some chocolate and a glass of wine that night. My cheat is on a Saturday so I was a bit annoyed with myself that I couldn’t wait. So Saturday night I really didn’t have a massive pig out. We had a BBQ so I had a lamb chop with salad and potato and then we had some Toblerone mousse which I had made. it was so yummy but I only ate about a third of it. So very sickly. I also ate about a handful of thai chilli and kaffir lime cashew nuts which are my all time favourite.


You’re gonna laugh at this but last night hubby made a great comment about my ass. He rarely makes comments like that or if he does comment its just an overall “you look beautiful today” kind of comment. So I was really chuffed last night when he said he could really notice a difference….it is much more firm and round yay!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how much a little comment can make such a difference :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday woo hoo

Well, we just got a bombshell dropped at pay reviews this financial year because of the GFC. Damn it. Makes we want to start a family sooner so i can get out of this place. Soooooooo over it :)

Anywho, week has been great, training and diet pretty darn good if I must say so.


Wednesday - cardio AM walk, PM hamstrings and 70mins on bike
Thursday - cardio AM run, PM boxing and sprints
Friday - nothing ehm, slept through my alarm, whoops. PM Walk 60min

Saturday morning will be shoulders/bis and x-trainer
Sunday morning I am training a couple of girls and will join in as much as I can.


Diet has been good. Loved my high carb day this week. For some reason I really needed it and yesterday was great cause I didn't seem as hungry after the carb up. A little hungry at the moment but that's cause I am overdue for my next meal. I am a little behind time today as I slept in!!!!!

I haven't had any cravings lately but today I really feel like a blueberry muffin. I will have to see if that craving continues and I can have it for my cheat tomorrow. I already have a small piece of fudge for tomorrow night. Hubby bought some when we were away last weekend and I have had to hide it so I can have it tomorrow night. Yummo, can't wait.

This weekend

Not too much on this weekend which is just the way I want it. As we were away last weekend I want to catch up on washing and housework as we have people over on Saturday night.

Sunday, as I mentioned above, I will be training my sister and her friend. I really hope they are keen to put in some effort and not give up after 20 mins. I try to push my sister but I think cause it is me she seems to give excuses and just walk off which makes it hard for me to make sure she gets a great workouk if you know what I mean. She did complain that last time she felt like she was going to throw up and then that was it. Fingers crossed she (and her friend) will push hard!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My lord am I hungry today. I have only two meals left for the day, chicken and vegies and then egg whites (and I am hungry, AGAIN!!!). I can’t believe it but I am thankful that I can have egg whites tonight after dinner. At least it is a good sign that my metabolism is burning, burning, burning. Bring on high carb day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work is bleh again, so bored. I think my boss will be in tomorrow arvo for an hour or so and then he wont be in until Monday!!!!!!

My hubby is off to the post office to pick up my protein powder. They tried delivering it yesterday but as I wasn’t home they have taken it back to my local PO! A bit of a pain with working full time and not being able to get there. Thank god my hubby is so great and left work early to pick it up.

Monday – 60 min walk am, 50 min walk at lunch;
Tuesday – 40 min run am (including hill interval sprints)
Back/abs at lunch-
* seated row;
* lat pull-down - wide;
* lat pull-down – close;
* straight arm pull-down – close;
* rear flye;
* db rows;
60 min walk pm after dinner.

Tomorrow will be cardio am, either walking or machine (x-trainer, bike), lunch - boxing class.


Monday, March 16, 2009

I had such a lovely weekend. Margaret River was just awesome...we had the most beautitful weather. It was very relaxing, visiting wineries, going to the beach, eating at lovely restaurants. I did not eat "to plan" but I still ate clean and either ordered chicken or grilled fish and salads.

One day for lunch i had a beautiful salt & pepper squid salad with a beer, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm So I didnt have my planned 2 hour cheat like I usually do on a Saturday and was just a little bit more relaxed with my diet when we went out as it was quite hard to order exactly what I should be eating if you know what I mean. Much better to do it now then closer to the comp.

Here is a pic of my friend and I at lunch at Flutes restaurant. It was so gorgeous and a really lovely meal.

My friend had promised to do a boxing cardio workout with me one morning but she slept in and when she awoke she couldn't be bothered. I was a little annoyed. I have new gloves that I want to try out. Hopefully I can catch up with her during the week for a session.

I did a beach workout. Some soft sand walking/running some swimming etc. Man my calves hurt yesterday. Still a little tender today :)

Thank god today is almost over, work has been torture!!!!!!!!

Hopefully my protein powder has arrived.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday woop woop parrrty

Feeling so great this morning, mainly cause I only have 4 hours of work and then I am off down south for the weekend with some friends.

I got all my clothes and food prepared last night so I am all ready to go when I get home. I really hope my protein powder I ordered arrives today cause I only have enough for this arvo and them I am out  I don’t usually let it get this low….time just got away from me.


Training is going great, great, great.

Wednesday – chest/tri/abs

• push-ups;
• presses;
• flyes
• incline presses;
• rope extension;
• rope push-down;
• dips
• bicyles;
• crunches with 10kg plate

AM Cardio – walk 60 mins PM cardio – run 25 mins

Thursday – cardio day

AM sprint session

• run 800m
• rolling 50m x 3
• sprint 50m x 9
• run 400m
• walking lunges x 100
• run 400m
• walk 5 min home

walk 45 mins

Friday – cardio

AM Run 45 mins


Boxing cardio 50 mins


I had an endoscopy (camera down the throat) to check out my small intestine and stomach as I have had problems with certain foods. I had blood tests done years ago and was told that I was wheat intolerant. I have been avoided as much wheat as possible but noticed over the past 4 months that other foods had been setting me off.

The gastrosocpy came back clear although they took a biopsy from my stomach as my stomach was severly damaged. I have been told I have chronic gastristis and it has been developing over a few years and is quite serious. I have been put on medication for 6 to 12 months and will have to go back to hospital in 6 months to see how my stomach has repaired. Fingers crossed I don’t have to be on the meds for too long. My hubby and I were wanting to be pregnant by the end of the year/beginning of next year so I am worried about being on the medication. I have an appointment with my doc in two months to see how I am going and I will ask about falling pregnant.

The good thing is that I am not wheat/gluten intolerant and the foods that upset my stomach previously should be ok to eat within 2 months of being on the medication!

I did a carp deplete this week for 4 days. Very happy to see that I was actually holding quite a bit of water weight and went down to 61.3kgs and felt quite tight which was what I was hoping for. Back to my normal carb cycling now. On a medium day today and already ready for my second meal….hungry, hungry, hungry 

Have a great weekend xxxx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motivational pics - Monica Brant

video update

My first video blog, sorry about the quality. I promise next one will be better.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Well, it’s the end of the week, and what a weeks its been!!!!!!

Busy again and I have been fighting off a cold for the past couple of days, which has unfortunately effected my training. Hubby has been sick since Monday and I have steered clear of him as much as possible. I took some Echinacea tablets as soon as I felt a little off and I have managed to stay cold free, yay!

I haven’t done anything overly exciting this week. Pretty much just working and training. I trained my friend again on Wednesday. We did a boxing cardio workout (I was so sore from boxing at the gym on Tuesday). She is getting so much fitter and really motivated which is great for me….makes my life easier. She has been going for a run in between visiting me which is good…not much extra cardio but at least she is doing something.

I bought myself new pink (LOL) boxing gloves as my old ones were splitting and I hate using the ones at the gym. No support and oh so sweaty and stinky inside :(

This weekend we are out for dinner tonight with hubby’s family for a cousins birthday. I am glad they have picked a decent place so I will be able to get a grilled fish and salad. Tomorrow morning I am playing tennis with a friend then heading to the gym for a shoulder workout and then yucky food shopping. I am in desperate need of getting some broccoli and egg whites! Saturday night out to a friends house for a bbq and a couple of drinks, night off yay! Sunday just gym and not much else planned and hopefully it will stay that way. I have some magazine reading to catch up on.


Food has been ok. I have not had much of an appetite this week due to fighting the dreaded cold. My high carb day was torture….I really was struggling to eat all the meals. I missed the last meal as I fell asleep on the couch purely exhausted.

Today I am feeling my hunger come back and I am grateful for that. I have won!!!!!!!!!


As I said above, training has not been great. I did a boxing class on Tuesday, did cardio on Wednesday which was just a walk at lunch and then training with my friend after work, Thursday 60min walk in the morning and then a 25 min run at lunch, this morning was walk and then after work I will go for a run before I have to head out for dinner. So mainly SS cardio this week and not a lot of it.

I will definitely be making up for it over the weekend now I have my energy back.

I will also post some progress pics that I took the other week.

Happy Training xxx

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love long weekends

What a great weekend I had. Very productive. I managed to clean the house inside and out. And when I say clean...I mean CLEAN. Oven, microwave, fridge, washing machine and dryer, windows, tracks, bbq, table and chairs etc. Nothing was left untouched LOL!!!

We have a big 50kg Rottweiler and he loves to lean on our cream walls so we have had a black smear about knee high which has been building up over the past few months along most of our walls so...I was on my hands and knees washing and washing and washing.

It took me 5 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday to do it all and man it feels (and looks) fantastic. I think hubby thought I was mental or on some sort of drug.

So Monday I was quite content having my parents and nan over for afternoon tea and then lying on the couch reading a book until all the good shows started on TV.

So no working out as such on the weekend, although all the house I put in working on the house was a very good workout in itself. My heart was pumping quite a bit as I was cleaning the windows and scrubbing.


Diet has been great. My cheat on Saturday consisted of two pieces of pizza and 3 glasses of champas. I was at a friends house and she doesn't cook. She has the best life....doesn't cook or clean as hubby is a little anal and prefers to do it all himself. If only......................


Training today has been a 60min walk in the morning and I did a boxing class at my work gym at lunch. i haven't done the class since before Christmas and forgot how much I love it and what a great workout it is. I felt a bit sick after I got back so I know I pushed myself quite hard. I have definitely improved my poor girlfriend was struggling towards the end holding up the mits for me. The trainer took me for the last couple of rounds and was very impressed, yay for me :)

other stuff

Tomorrow will be a run in the morning and then weights, back/tri. Then that night I will be training a girlfriend. I have drawn up a boxing/cardio workout and thankfully she is excited about it.

I also had an email from a girlfriend in Melbourne asking me to help her with diet and training for a competition she wants to do in October. Heaps and heaps of time for her and she is very excited about having a plan and focusing on building a bit of muscle and then the dieting down.

I really will have to start charging for all this work I am doing, but as I am not qualified I dont feel I can. I really want to be qualified by the end of the year.....too much to do :)