Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy to have hubby home...

My hubby has been away for the week and I missed him terribly. He went over to the Australian Masters to caddy for his friend who is a pro golfer. He said he had a great time but of course missed us terribly.

I kept myself busy all week, with gyming, cleaning and catching up with was just the nights after I put Tyler to bed that were lonely. I really don't know how other couples manage when one partner works away. Its nice every now and again for a few days to a week but if I had a partner that worked 3 or 4 weeks away at a time..............

I have been LOVE LOVE LOVING the gym the past couple of weeks. It feels so fantastic to be lifting heavy again and having a whole hour and a half to myself :) Tyler is at such a good age where he will go to anyone and doesn't miss me which makes life easier.


Mon - 2 hour walk
Tue - shoulders/bis/abs
Wed - 6 hours of cleaning and washing
Thur - off
Friday - chest/tri
Saturday - 1 hour walk and legs
Sunday - off


Still much the same as I have been doing the past few months.

Weight is down 2kg and I do measurements in 2 weeks!

Happy training

Friday, November 5, 2010


So much for updating more often lol. It has been about 2 weeks whoops!!!!

I have been concentrating on the gym (it is so great being able to pop Tyler into the creche and have 90 mins all to myself lol) and playing with my new phone, checking out all the latest apps to load. I loaded this great app which is a diet/exercise tracker. I have found that I am having to be really strict with my eating and exercising as I am just not seeing the results I want.

I am still carb cycling, but instead of low/med/high, I am eating low carbs for two days one day high carbs. No cheat meals as I find these haven't been helping me at all. Once I get the taste of something sweet I want more so I am better to stay away unless I really really need something.

Little Tyler is still being the most wonderful son, he is rolling around now and almost looks like he could start crawling in the next few weeks. I am not looking forward to that, my house is definitely not baby proof!!!

Here is a recent pic


Mon - Walk 60min
Tue - Chest/tri and abs
Wed - Run 25 mins
Thur - walk 30 mins
Fri - shoulders/bis/plyo lower body/ elleptical
Sat - walk 60mins
Sun - off
Brekky - oats and egg whites
snack - protein shake and a tsp peanut butter (rice cakes on higher carb day)
Lunch - chicken/fish and salad/vegies (rice on higher carb day)
snack - can tuna and brocolli
Dinner - chicken/fish/beef and salad/vegies
Happy Training