Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This week has been a great week. I have been feeling fantastic (love the second trimester) and been getting enough sleep and exercise.


Sunday for me was a walk and then sitting at the cricket all day. We had fun but I had had enough by 8pm that night!

Monday - walk with 100 lunges, upper body resistant band work, shoulders and bis.

Tuesday - training with my girls, lap of oval (this did not go well, I think i will have to give up running until after bubs is born :)), kettlebell swings, boxing.

Wednesday - walk with 100 lunges.

Tomorrow - same as Tuesday


I am doing well. Getting bigger by the minute, bubs is moving around heaps. It has starting sticking its feet under my ribs, must be comfy for it but definitely not comfy for me. If I poke it, it moves lol

I had a meeting this morning with work and will be finishing up on the 16th of April. Since it will only be 4.5 weeks before my due date I have to get a note from my ob. He wants me to finish up on 2 April so I dont know how that will go. Unless there are complications I dont see why I need to finish 7/8 weeks before my due date.

Loving being pregnant but can't wait to hit the gym HARD. Oh how I miss it :(

Not long now............

Happy training