Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its the weekend...and what to do??

It has been a great week, lots of great workouts and fantastic weather.

I visited some friends, did a bit of shopping and before I knew it, it was Friday!!

As of next weekend I am back to training my girls. They have really missed me the last couple of months (awwww) and are very excited for next weekend.

Now that I am bottle feeding Tyler at night I am able to store milk for when I have time away from him. He still feeds every 2-3 hours sometimes it stretches to 4 hours so i am looking forward to the day when his feeds are longer.


Monday - spin class (excellent)
Tuesday - walk 60 mins
Wednesday - shoulders/bis
Thursday - walk 60mins
Friday - walk/run 60 mins
Saturday - hamstrings, glutes, abs
Sunday - will be a walk (fingers crossed the weather is fine).


I have decided to carb cycle. When i was training for my competition I carb cycled and found it great for burning more calories.

I have 3 low days (70carbs), one high day (300) then 3 moderate days (150).

My weight is still the same as it was last week....fingers crossed it goes down after this week.

A good thing is my measurements for stomach, hips and thighs are down about 2cm yay!!

Happy Training

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last weeks workouts

So, I had hoped to have updated by Friday but as sometimes happens, days just get away from me. I'm sure you all have days like that too!

Last week was fantastic, my energy was high, my workouts were fat blasting lol and my little man was having a good week.

I am breastfeeding but have decided to give him a top up bottle of formula at night. Which means he has been sleeping for 5 or 6 hour blocks and I am able to express milk for when I am away from him.

I had my first couple of hours away from him last night... I went and did a spin class and LOVED IT!!! Oh how I have missed those classes and even just walking into a gym. It did feel a little strange driving to the gym and not having him with me but he had a nice night at home with daddy.

Another strange feeling was after I finished the class I went and did my shoulder workout. To tell you the truth I was a little nervous about going into the "boys room". It was packed full with the usual guys (no chicks of course) and I hesitated!!! I have NEVER been nervous but last night I toyed with the idea of just getting into my car and heading home. I think because it is that I am not liking what I see in the mirror at the moment. My hips are wider, my belly isn't tight, my butt is bigger...the truth is I am just not my normal self.

BUT, I choked down my silly feelings and walked in there with my head high and once I got started, I don't know why I was thinking like that in the first place. Its where I belong!!!!


Monday - walk 55 mins
Tuesday - run/walk 55 mins
Wednesday - walk 55 mins, circuit-bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats, lat side raises, push-ups, dead lifts.
Thursday - walk 2 hours (went with a girlfriend for walk then coffee and walk back home, I tracked the kms with my nike sensor - we were surprised to find out it was just over an hour each way :))
Friday - walk 55 mins
Sunday - walk 55 mins

Total kms travelled 32kms and about 2000 cals burnt, yee haa!!!


Each day I consume about the same thing with a higher calorie day on the weekend. I allow myself a glass of alcohol and some cheese mmmmm

Breakfast - 30g of oats with skim milk
snack - 15 nuts and apple
Lunch - salmon/ham/chicken sandwich
snack - yoghurt or banana and p/butter
Dinner - stirfry, chicken/lamb and vegies. On my higher calorie day a rice/pasta dish

If I feel like I need something after dinner I have a glass of low fat milk

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm baaackkk

My my my how quick the past couple of months have gone.

It wasn't until yesterday I realised it had been months since my last post. I have been slack in posting because I was thinking "who would be interested in reading about my workouts in the last couple of months of my pregnancy?" They were pretty much non existant. Walking, walking and more walking.

Now, after giving birth to my precious little man, I am getting back to my normal self. So, let me introduce my gorgeous little man Tyler Anthony born on 13 May, weighing 8lb 15 ounces. He was a very big and healthy boy :)

He is such a joy and I really can't believe that he is now 2 months old. The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. We have been so busy with visitors and we have just gotten back from our first holiday so I am hoping that we are now quietening down so I can get myself into a routine.

He has been an easy baby and eats and sleeps well so I am finding getting out of the house (when I am organised) to be quite easy. It does take a lot more time and preparation but we get there.


I have been mainly walking up until now as I had a c-section. I have been walking 5 times a week for 50 minutes and loving it. The weather was just beautiful and has now turned blah!!! Winter - I hate it. Walking is my main way of getting cardio in, I am working my way up to a run. I ran a little bit (by a bit I mean 200 metres) last week when we were on holiday and it felt very weird. I have a check up with the doc this afternoon and hoping that I get the all clear.

I have been using my resistant band for three weeks now doing my upper body and not really feeling too much of a burn so the weights are coming out. I just have to be careful with certain exercises and make sure the weight is not too hard so i dont strain.

I am really eager to do a spin class at the gym and my usual weights routine. I just have to figure out baby sitters as Tyler is too little to be put in the creche (plus I really dont want to leave him with people I dont know).

As much as I love my little man and my life really was so much easier when it was just me. Is it bad to feel a little upset that my life as I knew it is gone??Does that make me a bad mum for thinking that??


Unfortunately during my pregnancy I was not very strict with my eating as usual and the weight crept up and up. I put on 21kgs during the 9 months and have only lost 13 so far. I told myself I would never be one of those mums-to-be that would eat whatever just because I could. But towards the end, my boredom (and sweet tooth) got the better of me. I am so mad with myself that I now have to shift 8kgs of FAT!!!!!

Up until a few weeks ago I was still relaxed with what I was eating. I was not over indulging every day but most days having something a little sweet. I always had so much bad food in the house for the mountains of visitors we had for the first month Tyler was born. Now, ALL GONE lol My husband is not very impressed that all the cupcakes, brownies and scones are now a thing of the past. As he says "we have NOTHING to eat in the house".

I refuse to buy the crap that will tease me every time I open the fridge or cupboard. At the moment my will power is still not the greatest. I am slowly getting it back, just taking one day at a time.

I have a couple of Oxygen mags saved up from during my pregnancy for my motivation and to keep me on track. I just purchased the Nike+ sensor to track my workouts on my ipod, new tunes loaded. So, the fun begins. I will shift this weight in record time.

Follow me on my journey to my pre-pregnancy body.

Happy training