Monday, June 29, 2009

I wish I could have a 4 day weekend every week. Why do they always go so quick and I find I either need one more day for rest or to finish things off!!!!!

Friday night hubby and I went to my parents place to see all the family. My brother and little nephew were up for a couple of days. My little nephew is the cutest, so chubby and is saying quite a few more words now. He hasn't quite got my name yet...too many syllables I think LOL

The rest of my weekend was great. Saturday doing the usual housework. Got my pantry cleaned out, yay! Have had that on my to-do-list for weeks and so glad I finally got around to it.

Trained the girls on Sunday morning. What a debacle that was. All 3 of them were unmotivated. One had her period and the other two just couldn’t be bothered doing anything. It took me a while to get them all going and we had a good 35 mins of working out and then one of them was close to throwing up and piked it and the others were complaining they had no energy left. So we moved onto doing floor work, hips, butts and thighs style LOL. They were happy to be on the floor but weren’t so happy with some of the exercises. I have heard from them today and they are pretty sore. I told them next week they all better be more motivated as I am going to give them a harder workout :)

Sunday afternoon we had a 50th at a really lovely restaurant overlooking a valley. Great food, wine and friends…nothing better :)

Hopefully this week is going to be a great week. Today has been pretty busy but not so busy I am tearing out my hair!! Fingers crossed it carries through the week.

Happy Training xxx

Thursday, June 25, 2009


What a has been manic and I haven't had a single night at home in 6 days!!!

Tonight I will be snuggling with hubby and watching a DVD and can't wait.

Unfortunately diet has been off this week....actually since the weekend. TOM and I have been super emotional and craving chocolate like there is no tomorrow. I feel a bit bad that I have given in to each craving but I suppose sometimes you just gotta do it!

Back on track now and thankfully my weight doesn't seem to have suffered with the extra non-nutritious calories LOL

Training has been on and off. I have only done shoulders/tris this week and done cardio once!! Not like me at all but this TOM has really knocked me around a bit. I will hit the gym tomorrow morning for some much needed cardio.

Nothing else to report unfortunately and I realise this is a really crappy post LOL


Mands xxx

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 it!

I am down another 2kg woo hoo!!! Only 4 more to go before my holidays in 9 weeks. Plenty of time.

I might even go to 5 or 6kgs so I can relax even more on holiday :)


Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday

Weekend was great. Saturday was pretty busy. Got up, went for a run…only 30 mins. Then headed to my nan’s for a visit. Felt absolutely shattered after being there for an hour. Had a strong cup of coffee and felt a bit more human.

Then headed to my mates place to help her pack and move some stuff to their new house. Saturday night way too tired to do anything so hubby and I cooked a nice dinner, had a glass of wine and chilled in front of a DVD. I love this weather for snuggling :)

Sunday, trained my two girlfriends in the morning. They did really well. One of them did feel sick about 20 mins in but she was really good about and had a couple of minutes rest and then got straight back into it. I went easy on her as she hasn’t done ANY exercise in about a year (I really have no idea how people can let things get so out of hand!!!). I have heard from them both this morning saying they are pretty sore and getting out of bed was a struggle. I assured them that after a few weeks they will be heaps fitter and not as sore after each session (and they will be able to do more than 5 women’s push-ups). They are really motivated to stick with this and I love that they enjoyed it and are keen to keep going.

I love it…..I know I was born to do this as a career and not stuck behind a desk working for others and not getting any satisfaction out of each day.

Happy Training xxx

Friday, June 12, 2009


I love Friday's....the start of the fun times :)

Work today has been pretty quiet and I can't wait to go home and see my hubby. We have been fighting the flu this week and the past two days all I have wanted to do is sleep. Today I am feeling better so I think I have won, yay! It could also be the cold'n'flu tablets I have taken LOL

And for that reason my training has been off since my session on Wednesday unfortunately. After I was at work for a couple of hours I felt like I was going to die. So tired and achy. Not so bad today so I will go for a run in the morning and see how I go.

Sunday I am training some friends....just bought some new equipment today. One of the girls is a cardio queen so I am going to introduce the resistance band and some body weighted exercises. They are a bit scared of what I will make them do and I love that!!!!

One of the girls I have been trying to convince for weeks about training with me as she doesn't do ANYTHING and she is on Jenny Craig's at the moment and is doing well. I think she said 5.9 kgs so far, so proud of her. I have been sending her information about weight loss and that if she did exercise as well she would notice greater improvements. FINALLY...she said yes!

This weekend I am not up to too much (and very happy about it). Will be helping a friend with her new house..they are painting etc and still packing up their old house so that will be most of tomorrow.

Sunday, training the girls in the morning and then footy in the arvo around 2pm I think, then relax...............ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Happy Training

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workout this morning was GREAT!!!!! I had so much energy and really pushed myself to my limits.

I did a run on the treddie as it was bucketing down outside. Run for 25 mins at 10km per/hour and then I did 1 min sprints at 14km per/hour with 25-30 sec breather. I sweated like there was no tomorrow…I think the gym didn’t have the air-con on at all :(

Last night I trained two girls. We had a good workout and they were happy to do whatever I told them. They have really increased their cardio fitness since we started a few weeks back and I am really happy with their progress.

Our workout consisted of: walking lunges, push-ups, 30m runs, burpees (they hate these), mountain climbers, medicine ball toss, boxing for about 20 mins then a lap of the oval and ab work then cool down.

I had intended on doing a boxing class at lunch today but going to see how I go. After my run this morning I am feeling pretty average…just had a coffee and feeling somewhat better. Hopefully I am not catching what hubby has…..I HATE being sick and can’t really afford to have any time off work. Although staying home with hubby, curled up on the couch would be wonderful!!!!!

Send me your healthy vibes LOL

Happy Training xxxxx

Monday, June 8, 2009

My oh my how quick the weekends go.......

I had a great one...Friday and Saturday tidied up the house and sorted out our study and got the house "sparkling" clean :) Sunday morning I met some girlfriends for coffee which was so lovely- we have decided to do this the first sunday of each month.

After coffee I headed to the gym. Shoulders/tris and cardio.

shul presses
lateral raises
front raises
ez bar bi curl
crossover curl
tri ext
tri pushdown

30 min run on the treddie

Sunday arvo we headed to our local pub for drinks for hubby's birthday. Ended up being a bit of a biggie and everyone came back to our place for drinks. It was fun although I am pretty shattered this morning. I dont tend to do much on Sunday nights and wasn't in bed until 11ish after everyone left and I did a little tidy up.


I have been eating really clean (goal of 5kgs loss by August is looking promising). I have been eating mainly the same things each day - creature of habit - so oats and eggwhites morning, banana/apple and protein shake for morning tea, salad with tuna/chicken lunch, protein shake arvo then protein and veggies for dinner. Every third day or so I add in some rice/pasta to boost carb intake then back down again. My body responds better this way as I tend to get too bloated and feel awful on carbs.


I am now training another friend of mine (and possibly a second if she doesn't chicken out) every Sunday morning. She said she is very unfit and needs me to whip her into shape. She also plans to lose 5kgs but in 4 months which is a sinch!!! Yay another project and more experience :)

Happy Training xxxxx

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I got my stitches out last night, FINALLY! I still have some pain (it has been 8 days)….but I am on another course of antibiotics which should help.

Last night was my first “proper” workout since I went to the dentist over a week ago. I trained 3 other girls....we usually train on a Tuesday night but moved it to Wednesday this week. It went well, I still had some thumping pain in my jaw but it only got worse every time I stopped after a sprint or boxing so I just kept on going and going.

The girls that I train are really excited with every workout and getting really fit. It was great that they all had the same amount of energy and enthusiasm as me. Finally they have realised that as much as they hate the thought of training (pain) or can't be bothered (tired), they feel 10 times better once they are finished :)

I am really proud of my sister too, she is doing well although the scales do not show her effort at this stage. She is really pushing herself and when I tell her to do something…she does it (usually after calling me a “bitch” first LOL).

We trained at one girls house as the weather was crappy and I can only do outdoor park activities or one on one in my house. Her partner is a personal trainer (I am convinced he is on the roids!!!), and he helped us with the boxing aspect of the workout. We had two of us boxing and the other two doing weights.

He showed me a couple of different things which was great and which I can use when I train myself and others. He said I should definitely get my certification as he can see that I have a lot of knowledge already and it is something that I love and would be really good at!!! Nice little ego boost LOL (fingers crossed I can save the money for the course and be certified by January/February next year… Can’t wait )

I only just found out her husband was a personal trainer and that surprises me as she is not fit and toned at all! It just goes to show that with all the help in the world it is still up to you, and you alone, to stay focused, determined and make the change to get what you want.

The workout

full body circuit

upright rows
shoulder presses
lateral raises
smith machine squat
cardio boxing for 20 mins
push-ups and ab work
finished with 15 min run including sprints

So training for the rest of the week is:

Friday – cardio, elliptical
Saturday – should/tri
Sunday – cardio and painting my bathroom, yay

Happy Training xxxx

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have had a wisdom tooth out and a filling and have been in pain all weekend. It was in the chair and took the dentist just over 20 minutes to pull it out, this was AFTER getting the filling done. So i was in the chair, in total, for 1.5 hours and my poor mouth was splitting.

So unfortunatley no workouts as I just couldn't manage to get any blood pumping around my body too much as the constant thumping in my face was enough! I have been on the maximum amount of pain killers since Thursday. I really didn't think I would be in this much pain as I have had others out before. But dentist said it is normal as it was so hard to get out and he bruised the jaw. I am seeing him tomorrow arvo to get the stitches out and hopefully will be able to eat normally within a day or so. Up until now, I haven't been very good with eating as it was just too hard (and painful) to eat anything. So lots of protein drinks, soup, soft cheese and yoghurt etc!

I am training some girls tomorrow night....I usually join in - and hopefully I still can - as I really want to get a workout in. But we will see how we go :)

I did get SOME exercise on the weekend. Hubby and I are getting new carpets in today so we had to remove all furniture out of 3 bedrooms and a loungeroom, rip up carpets and paint all the rooms. It took us quite a few hours so I am sure I burnt off some calories hahahahha Hubby let me have little breaks as the pain got unbearable a few times....couldn't put my head down low without the thumping getting worse.

Tonight when I get home from work we have the fun job of putting everything back!!!

I just can't wait until it is done and I hope the carpet we picked doesn't look too dark!!!

Happy Training xxx