Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ok - so I have some news.........

I am 13 weeks pregnant and I didn't want to post NOTHING in my "fitness journal" LOL. So I have stayed away until it was "safe" to tell everyone the news. Now my journal is more of a pregnancy fitness journal than fitness for the next 6 months :)

I fell pregnant 3 weeks into our holiday and found out in Switzerland the day after I bungy jumped, whoops!!! I was convinced I was getting my ladies so thought nothing of it. Although DH had been telling me for a week or so that he thought I was preggas! The day after I was due we went and bought a test (20 euros – I can get them for about 5 euros back home!), I didn’t even have to wait the 3 minutes as two lines came up straight away.

We are very exited and had our 12 week scan the weekend before last to make sure bubs was ok and everything was going well. I had a cry when we heard the heartbeat – just amazing. All our dates are correct and bubs was moving around like crazy – we have one very active baby! Some people say that means I am having a girl. But who knows. We are not finding out the sex either. I have convinced DH to wait until the birth. My friends think I will not be able to hold out that long but I am determined.

The first 10 weeks was exhausting and I suffered badly, the past week or so my energy has been returning and I am eating a bit better (carbs have been my saviour – so hungry all the time). I have put on 4kgs so far and apparently this is ok. It is going to take some getting used to putting on this weight.

My workouts have mainly been walking (as I have been too exhausted to do anything else) and light weights. I have already lost so much strength in my arms that I need to keep up with my upper body workouts as much as possible. I went for a short run on the weekend and felt great. I still get knackered in the afternoons though. Work has been super busy so the nights have been early to bed and on weekends I have a nap in the arvo.

I haven’t felt any flutters yet from the baby moving around but have been told to expect them in the next week or so – can’t wait.

Here are some pics of bubs.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm home....

Well, I am back home on Oz soil! It does feel good. Whilst we had a great time away I am SO glad to be back in my own bed and back into a routine!

Workouts have been sporadic since I got back. Only one weights session and mainly easy cardio. My girls are very happy that I am home. I think they were lying when they said they were training whilst I was away. They nearly died 30 minutes into the session and they all messaged me the next day saying they couldn’t walk LOL One even said she found going to the toilet hard 

It has been good catching up with family and friends and retelling the stores of our adventures. We have some great photos and I will have to make sure that I get them sorted in the next month or so otherwise it may never happen!

Christmas is fast approaching and I have started doing my shopping. I have some friends who are nearly finished…I just don’t know how they do it. I figured if I start now that is plenty of time. Luckily my sister and I convinced our family to do a Kris Kringle this year. We have a decent sized family and I just fork out so much money and usually get the crappy presents from aunty’s and uncles (no offence) that you never use. This way (hopefully) since we are spending a bit more money on the one person the quality of the present may be better (wishful thinking I know).

Anyways, that’s about all for now, I will leave you with some pics from my holiday

Happy training

I got to see snow in Switzerland, yay!

Hubby and I just before we did our 90m high bungy jump - exciting but scary at the same time!

My hairdryer in Paris, so funny :)

Oh Paree

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello from Germany

Wow, what a blast the past few weeks have been. We are nearing the end of our holiday...only 5 more days and i will be home.

We started in the Uk and we hired a car and travelled for just over a week. Scotland was amazing. London was mayhem....I have no idea how people live in that place. Waaaayyyy too many people!

After the Uk we flew to Amsterdam. What a great place. So laid back, people were lovely and the city was beautiful. We were lucky enough to see a concert whilst we were there. Most of it was in English lol

Next we travelled to Paris. I actually wasnt too impressed to tell ya the truth. Always a girls dream to go to the City of Love but the people werent very friendly. The language barrier was really difficult. I think France was the only country where they didnt speak english as well or they just chose to make our lives difficult. It was great to see the tower :)

After Paris was Belgium. Love, love loved Belgium. We stayed in Bruge. It was just stunning. The beer was great and the waffles even better! We went to a pub that had over 450 beers. Apparently Bruge brews over 760 alone!!!!!

Then we went to Switzerland. I think it was just about my favourie place. It was so gorgeous. I got to see snow up in the mountain.s We travelled to the "top of europe". We also went bungy jumping in a canyon about 90 metres high which was fantastic. Definitely will never forget it.

Then we travelled to Italy. We stayed in the Cinque terre region in Monterosso. It was perfect. The weather was awesome and we got to go swimming. I managed to get stung by a jelly fish though and I still hve the mark on my arm. The most painful thing i have had happen to me in ages. Will load pics tomorrow...doesnt seem to want to work now. Low signal.

After monterosso was Pisa for a day. Not a very clean place but we got to do the silly photos of us and the leaning tower! Bought some souveniers. Then we travelled to Rome. That place is so full of history we had so much to do. We ended up extending our stay cause we liked it so much. I was glad to leave Italy though so I didnt have to eat any more pastas or pizzas. They dont have the best menus and it was hard to eat something healthy with protein. Most salads were just boring lettuce, tomato and corn or something.

After Rome we then went onto Austria. Only stayed there a night then arrived in Germany 2 days ago. We are waiting in our hotel room for my husband's brother and wife to arrive from the airport. It will be really good to see some friendly faces. We have been abroad for 5.5 weeks now and just about ready to head home. We miss our doggy Korben :( We have been told that he is missing us too. Apparently every time someone comes to the door he gets excited thinking it is us. So cute.

Training has been pretty non-existent. We have been doing heaps of sightseeing so we walk alot every day and most places we have stayed there is always hills and stairs to climb. Our week in Monterosso was the worst. We lived on the top of a big hill and we had to walk up 176 stairs to our room. We would do that about 3 times a day so we were getting enough cardio lol I did bring my resistence band over and have done that twice a week. Not enough but at least its something!!!

Anyways, I have babbled enough. Bit of a long post hahahahhaha
Happy Training.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Only 7.5 more days of work and I can hardly believe it.

I am very happy this morning (rare occasion on Monday morning). I had a fantastic weekend. Catching up with great friends, great workouts, great clean diet, no drinking etc.

Saturday I did a spin class, harder than the one I did on Tuesday but i was happy with that, then I did a hamstring workout after. Deadlifts, 45degree press, lying leg curl. Was feeling it on Sunday when I trained the girls.

We had great weather on Sunday. I had my monthly coffee catch-up with friends then we trained. The girls had a surprise for me....they all pitched in and bought me some new boxing gloves, focus mits a plates weight set and a new fit ball. I was super excited and so greatful. It was a thank you for them for the training they have been getting over the past couple of months. It brought tears to me eyes after reading the thank you card I received from them all. I have really helped them in their journeys to feeling better and looking great, this job is so rewarding I can't wait until I do it everyday of my life for more people.

So after all the loving we got to work. I had a circuit class organised alsi with hill runs, laps around the oval and walking lunges with 5kg weights above their heads. Man were they sweating and muscles burning (actually I was too LOL). It was fantastic. We then finished with a bit of yoga and then stretching.

I then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon until hubby came home. Ahhhh nice and relaxed for the weekend ahead.

Did I mention I only have 7.5 more days left of work!!!!!

Woo hoooo

Happy Training xxx

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Our class last night was awesome. I did shoulders and bi's beforehand as we got there super early to make sure we could get a bike. Unfortunately the girls did not join me as there were too many boys in the weights room. I have yet to convince them that doing weights will not make you “massive” like the boys!

I absolutely loved the class. I haven’t done one in a few months and forgot how much I like them. My heart was pumping crazily the whole time and I was sweating like a pig (thank god the lights were off LOL). Unfortunately my girls did not have the same enthusiasm or energy. One of my friends didn’t make it through the second song without having to stop! I kept encouraging her to keep at it. I grabbed her hand half way through the class to feel my pulse and she just mouthed to me OMG!!!! After the class I told her that is what hers should feel like after we finish the “sprint” parts. I think she just needs to build up the muscle in her legs so she can keep going the whole time.

So, there is another one Friday morning which I am going to go to. Hopefully I will have the same amount of energy that early in the morning….might have to have a couple of Hydroxycut to get me going:0

Mands xxxx

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At last I have time to breathe and catch up. My boss is in court and I won't see him until this afternoon. This is what it will be like all week and I love it.

ANNNNNDDDDD……………only 17 days till my holiday, woo hoo!

Training and diet has been good. On the weekend was Saturday morning run and then running around doing housework before we had to go to the footy. Had people over for dinner and had my cheat meal. I cooked a raspberry tart and my oh my it was delicious. Everyone said it was a winner….I was a bit nervous as it was my first time making it. I also indulged in a bottle of champagne LOL

Sunday I had my training session with the girls. Had a wee bit of a headache but nothing a couple of panadol can’t fix. I think they were hoping that I had drunk more and wouldn’t make them work as hard. They were definitely wrong. We had a long and hard session (1hr 10mins). I did short spurts of cardio and then upper body weights. These girls are new to weights and get bored easily. So I thought since all of them want to lose a bit of weight as well as “tone up” I would do cardio then 1 set of upper body weights and repeat. There was lots of bright red faces LOL I was actually pretty tired after the session too.

Last night I went for a run after work. Only managed 25 mins….I had the worst shin splints. It is so dark when I get home that I don’t like to run in the park as there is no lighting so I run around the streets on the path. Not as nice but definitely safer. I also did some yoga and stretching after.

Tonight I am supposed to be training people but we have changed it to Thursday so tonight I am heading to the gym for a spin class. I haven’t done one in about 6 months so it will be interesting. I am estimating that I wont be able to walk properly until Friday hahahahhah

Mands xxxx

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its been another crazy week. I haven’t been able to do anything personal at work for the past couple of weeks until today. We have a trial starting on Monday and it has been crazily busy preparing for that. Most of the prep is done now we just have a few minor things to get out of the way and then once they are in Court I wont be so busy, yay!

I can’t wait to have email at home again, such a pain that we have to wait until we get back from our trip! Not long now either..I think we are down to 3 weeks exactly. Jeez the time is flying by. We have all accommodation booked for each country we are visiting and a couple of sightseeing things booked. I can’t wait to spend a few days in Paris…I have just been reading a book about the beautiful city and the great cuisine and champagne!!!

Workouts have been on, since it’s a week since my last post I wont put them all in as it will be waaaayyy too much info. But 4 mornings during the week has been cardio, with one morning weights. On the weekends I have been heading to the gym on a Saturday to do a hard cardio class and abs then cleaning my house. On Sunday I do my cardio and weights workout with the girls. I have been doing more of a full-body routine the past couple of weeks and really liking this for a change. It has been good to do this twice a week to make sure I am getting everything in. I don’t have too much time in the mornings to do both weights and cardio so have been sticking to the cardio mainly. Unfortunately I have noticed my strength isn’t the same as it used to be.

My weight loss efforts have not been as great as I had hoped. I did have a plan to lose 4 – 5 before I left. I have only managed 3kgs. Since I have been busy I haven’t been getting all my meals in…there just isn’t time and I know I should make time but with my boss barking orders at me every 10 minutes even a short break to the loo has been difficult!!! I really feel like my metabolism has slowed somewhat…hopefully I can get it back to where it was before I leave.

Not much else to report, I will hopefully be able to post again soon.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Monday !!!!

Actually I haven’t been so happy today. Struggled to get out of bed this morning and have been hating everything today. Very irritable due to lack of sleep (and my mummy isn’t well at the moment).

It was non-stop all weekend but thankfully it was filled with lots of lovely fun times with some of my favourite people. Two of my friends got engaged, woot woot more weddings yay yay yay!

Here is a pic of my girlfriend who just got engaged and me on Saturday night.

My goddaughter turned 5 and I went and celebrated with her and the family on Saturday. Saturday night was my friends 30th/engagement surprise. It was such a lovely night.

Here she is with the present we bought her.

Sunday trained my girls. Had 5 this weekend and they did really well. No-one felt sick and there was lots of fun and lots of sweat LOL

Then I had a baby shower. One of my good friends is due in about 5 weeks. She looks so gorgeous and is so deliriously happy about becoming a mummy it is so cute.

Then from the baby shower I met hubby at another friends place for a BBQ and catch-up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I have to say seeing them was great but what they fed us was not so great. We arrived around 3pm and I thought the crackers, cheese and dip I bought was just to nibble on before DINNER. I was wrong….that was part of our dinner. I realise with 4 kids that my friend can’t exactly put on a 3 course extravaganza but a salad and chicken would have done nicely and is not too hard or expensive (I was more than happy to bring along stuff to help out…I usually bring along a salad to have with our BBQ meats but was told just to bring the nibbles).

So…this is what we ate:

• sausage rolls
• party pies
• bought mini quiches
• cheese, dip and crackers (which I bought along);
• hot sausage cut up and put on the BBQ;
• lollies/chocolate.

NO GREENS AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I was not able to eat anything else besides these foods. I didn’t want to make them feel bad but I tried not to eat too much of it. Just enough that my stomach wasn’t grumbling because I was starving. I felt so sick all last night and feeling a bit crappy this morning. I actually felt like making myself sick last night my stomach was so upset. I still have problems with my stomach and wheat products are the worse. I don’t eat foods like that much anymore and when I do…I pay for it and its not pleasant.

So needless to say today I have been eating as clean as I can and eating lots of green tea to try and flush it all out. Hopefully tomorrow my belly will be better.

Workouts this week

Tonight – walk and stretching
tomorrow – cardio am / boxing pm
Wednesday – weights: back/bis
Thursday – run
Friday – walk
Saturday – weights: chest/tris
Sunday - plyos

Happy Training xxx

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have had a really good week this week. The weather hasn’t been too crazy and the diet and training is going strong.

The girls trained really hard on Sunday. I was very impressed and happy! We did some plyometrics, boxing and lots of ab work.

First I had them do a couple of warm up laps. Then they lined up and put a ball in between their legs at the knees and jumped with two feet to the skipping ropes (I think it took them about 15 jumps) then they did 30 skips and ran back to the start and repeated that 5 times. I think this week since I will have about 6 girls that I will put them in teams and also add some push-ups into the mix.

So this week they will do:

- 10 roo jumps
- 20 skips
- 10 push-ups
- kick ball back to next person

They then took turns boxing with me whilst the other was doing ab work. In between sets I had them doing burpees and push-ups. They did sit-ups with medicine ball, passing to each other.

They were pretty tired and sore by the end of it but they were really happy with what they achieved and are very excited about this Sunday!

They are all losing weight too and I love seeing the changes in them…makes me feel proud to be helping them achieve their goals :)


I have had a sore back for the last couple of days…stupid boxes at work :( So last night I didn’t do any cardio just did some floor work….back exercises with ab work. Feels heaps better today. I have been failing to do them over the last couple of months and I am now paying for it! When my back is good I just forget about them until it starts hurting again….silly me.

Diet has been fantabulous. I have made some chicken soup in my slow cooker and it is oh so tasty. Perfect for this stormy weather. My salads just weren’t doing it for me anymore. Hubby has been cooking dinner heaps too and I am very impressed with what he has been making. Last night he made us a very yummy stirfry…I wished he had made more so I had leftovers for lunch today LOL

I hoped on the scales and am down another kg this morning, woo hoo! Only 4 more to go and I will be happy. I need room to move for my trip. The count down is on…only 5 weeks to go (or 35 days, oh lord).

I am hoping to do my tax this weekend so I can have that money before we fly out. This trip is the most expensive I think we will ever do and I need every penny!

I promise to blog more….then they won’t be like a short story each time LOL

Happy Training

Friday, July 3, 2009

What a week. Nearly over THANK GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So busy that I haven't had time to scratch myself....not that I have been itchy LOL


Tuesday - walk am
Wednesday - Shoulders/bis
Thursday - run am
Friday - nothing yet. Hoping to go for a run or walk tonight when I get home.

Tomorrow I will be going for a big walk in the morning then cleaning the house and doing washing etc

Sunday my usual training session in the morning with my girls. Fingers crossed they have more energy than last week. I told them to all have a coffee if they feel lethargic as they are gonna need their energy to make up for the crap session last week.


I have been pretty good this week. Only had chocolate twice hahahhahah

I don't have any dinner dates over the weekend so it won't be a problem eating 100% clean yay!!!!


I went to the movies on Tuesday with my sister and we saw The Proposal...great chick flick. I don't go and see them all that often and had a great time. Last night hubby and i went and saw Transformers. I really liked it...we had watched the first one during the week to refresh our minds. Man Megan Fox is so hot....I would consider turning gay for her LOL Just kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Training xxx

Monday, June 29, 2009

I wish I could have a 4 day weekend every week. Why do they always go so quick and I find I either need one more day for rest or to finish things off!!!!!

Friday night hubby and I went to my parents place to see all the family. My brother and little nephew were up for a couple of days. My little nephew is the cutest, so chubby and is saying quite a few more words now. He hasn't quite got my name yet...too many syllables I think LOL

The rest of my weekend was great. Saturday doing the usual housework. Got my pantry cleaned out, yay! Have had that on my to-do-list for weeks and so glad I finally got around to it.

Trained the girls on Sunday morning. What a debacle that was. All 3 of them were unmotivated. One had her period and the other two just couldn’t be bothered doing anything. It took me a while to get them all going and we had a good 35 mins of working out and then one of them was close to throwing up and piked it and the others were complaining they had no energy left. So we moved onto doing floor work, hips, butts and thighs style LOL. They were happy to be on the floor but weren’t so happy with some of the exercises. I have heard from them today and they are pretty sore. I told them next week they all better be more motivated as I am going to give them a harder workout :)

Sunday afternoon we had a 50th at a really lovely restaurant overlooking a valley. Great food, wine and friends…nothing better :)

Hopefully this week is going to be a great week. Today has been pretty busy but not so busy I am tearing out my hair!! Fingers crossed it carries through the week.

Happy Training xxx

Thursday, June 25, 2009


What a week....work has been manic and I haven't had a single night at home in 6 days!!!

Tonight I will be snuggling with hubby and watching a DVD and can't wait.

Unfortunately diet has been off this week....actually since the weekend. TOM and I have been super emotional and craving chocolate like there is no tomorrow. I feel a bit bad that I have given in to each craving but I suppose sometimes you just gotta do it!

Back on track now and thankfully my weight doesn't seem to have suffered with the extra non-nutritious calories LOL

Training has been on and off. I have only done shoulders/tris this week and done cardio once!! Not like me at all but this TOM has really knocked me around a bit. I will hit the gym tomorrow morning for some much needed cardio.

Nothing else to report unfortunately and I realise this is a really crappy post LOL


Mands xxx

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Progress......love it!

I am down another 2kg woo hoo!!! Only 4 more to go before my holidays in 9 weeks. Plenty of time.

I might even go to 5 or 6kgs so I can relax even more on holiday :)


Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday

Weekend was great. Saturday was pretty busy. Got up, went for a run…only 30 mins. Then headed to my nan’s for a visit. Felt absolutely shattered after being there for an hour. Had a strong cup of coffee and felt a bit more human.

Then headed to my mates place to help her pack and move some stuff to their new house. Saturday night way too tired to do anything so hubby and I cooked a nice dinner, had a glass of wine and chilled in front of a DVD. I love this weather for snuggling :)

Sunday, trained my two girlfriends in the morning. They did really well. One of them did feel sick about 20 mins in but she was really good about and had a couple of minutes rest and then got straight back into it. I went easy on her as she hasn’t done ANY exercise in about a year (I really have no idea how people can let things get so out of hand!!!). I have heard from them both this morning saying they are pretty sore and getting out of bed was a struggle. I assured them that after a few weeks they will be heaps fitter and not as sore after each session (and they will be able to do more than 5 women’s push-ups). They are really motivated to stick with this and I love that they enjoyed it and are keen to keep going.

I love it…..I know I was born to do this as a career and not stuck behind a desk working for others and not getting any satisfaction out of each day.

Happy Training xxx

Friday, June 12, 2009


I love Friday's....the start of the fun times :)

Work today has been pretty quiet and I can't wait to go home and see my hubby. We have been fighting the flu this week and the past two days all I have wanted to do is sleep. Today I am feeling better so I think I have won, yay! It could also be the cold'n'flu tablets I have taken LOL

And for that reason my training has been off since my session on Wednesday unfortunately. After I was at work for a couple of hours I felt like I was going to die. So tired and achy. Not so bad today so I will go for a run in the morning and see how I go.

Sunday I am training some friends....just bought some new equipment today. One of the girls is a cardio queen so I am going to introduce the resistance band and some body weighted exercises. They are a bit scared of what I will make them do and I love that!!!!

One of the girls I have been trying to convince for weeks about training with me as she doesn't do ANYTHING and she is on Jenny Craig's at the moment and is doing well. I think she said 5.9 kgs so far, so proud of her. I have been sending her information about weight loss and that if she did exercise as well she would notice greater improvements. FINALLY...she said yes!

This weekend I am not up to too much (and very happy about it). Will be helping a friend with her new house..they are painting etc and still packing up their old house so that will be most of tomorrow.

Sunday, training the girls in the morning and then footy in the arvo around 2pm I think, then relax...............ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Happy Training

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workout this morning was GREAT!!!!! I had so much energy and really pushed myself to my limits.

I did a run on the treddie as it was bucketing down outside. Run for 25 mins at 10km per/hour and then I did 1 min sprints at 14km per/hour with 25-30 sec breather. I sweated like there was no tomorrow…I think the gym didn’t have the air-con on at all :(

Last night I trained two girls. We had a good workout and they were happy to do whatever I told them. They have really increased their cardio fitness since we started a few weeks back and I am really happy with their progress.

Our workout consisted of: walking lunges, push-ups, 30m runs, burpees (they hate these), mountain climbers, medicine ball toss, boxing for about 20 mins then a lap of the oval and ab work then cool down.

I had intended on doing a boxing class at lunch today but going to see how I go. After my run this morning I am feeling pretty average…just had a coffee and feeling somewhat better. Hopefully I am not catching what hubby has…..I HATE being sick and can’t really afford to have any time off work. Although staying home with hubby, curled up on the couch would be wonderful!!!!!

Send me your healthy vibes LOL

Happy Training xxxxx

Monday, June 8, 2009

My oh my how quick the weekends go.......

I had a great one...Friday and Saturday tidied up the house and sorted out our study and got the house "sparkling" clean :) Sunday morning I met some girlfriends for coffee which was so lovely- we have decided to do this the first sunday of each month.

After coffee I headed to the gym. Shoulders/tris and cardio.

shul presses
lateral raises
front raises
ez bar bi curl
crossover curl
tri ext
tri pushdown

30 min run on the treddie

Sunday arvo we headed to our local pub for drinks for hubby's birthday. Ended up being a bit of a biggie and everyone came back to our place for drinks. It was fun although I am pretty shattered this morning. I dont tend to do much on Sunday nights and wasn't in bed until 11ish after everyone left and I did a little tidy up.


I have been eating really clean (goal of 5kgs loss by August is looking promising). I have been eating mainly the same things each day - creature of habit - so oats and eggwhites morning, banana/apple and protein shake for morning tea, salad with tuna/chicken lunch, protein shake arvo then protein and veggies for dinner. Every third day or so I add in some rice/pasta to boost carb intake then back down again. My body responds better this way as I tend to get too bloated and feel awful on carbs.


I am now training another friend of mine (and possibly a second if she doesn't chicken out) every Sunday morning. She said she is very unfit and needs me to whip her into shape. She also plans to lose 5kgs but in 4 months which is a sinch!!! Yay another project and more experience :)

Happy Training xxxxx

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I got my stitches out last night, FINALLY! I still have some pain (it has been 8 days)….but I am on another course of antibiotics which should help.

Last night was my first “proper” workout since I went to the dentist over a week ago. I trained 3 other girls....we usually train on a Tuesday night but moved it to Wednesday this week. It went well, I still had some thumping pain in my jaw but it only got worse every time I stopped after a sprint or boxing so I just kept on going and going.

The girls that I train are really excited with every workout and getting really fit. It was great that they all had the same amount of energy and enthusiasm as me. Finally they have realised that as much as they hate the thought of training (pain) or can't be bothered (tired), they feel 10 times better once they are finished :)

I am really proud of my sister too, she is doing well although the scales do not show her effort at this stage. She is really pushing herself and when I tell her to do something…she does it (usually after calling me a “bitch” first LOL).

We trained at one girls house as the weather was crappy and I can only do outdoor park activities or one on one in my house. Her partner is a personal trainer (I am convinced he is on the roids!!!), and he helped us with the boxing aspect of the workout. We had two of us boxing and the other two doing weights.

He showed me a couple of different things which was great and which I can use when I train myself and others. He said I should definitely get my certification as he can see that I have a lot of knowledge already and it is something that I love and would be really good at!!! Nice little ego boost LOL (fingers crossed I can save the money for the course and be certified by January/February next year… Can’t wait )

I only just found out her husband was a personal trainer and that surprises me as she is not fit and toned at all! It just goes to show that with all the help in the world it is still up to you, and you alone, to stay focused, determined and make the change to get what you want.

The workout

full body circuit

upright rows
shoulder presses
lateral raises
smith machine squat
cardio boxing for 20 mins
push-ups and ab work
finished with 15 min run including sprints

So training for the rest of the week is:

Friday – cardio, elliptical
Saturday – should/tri
Sunday – cardio and painting my bathroom, yay

Happy Training xxxx

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have had a wisdom tooth out and a filling and have been in pain all weekend. It was in the chair and took the dentist just over 20 minutes to pull it out, this was AFTER getting the filling done. So i was in the chair, in total, for 1.5 hours and my poor mouth was splitting.

So unfortunatley no workouts as I just couldn't manage to get any blood pumping around my body too much as the constant thumping in my face was enough! I have been on the maximum amount of pain killers since Thursday. I really didn't think I would be in this much pain as I have had others out before. But dentist said it is normal as it was so hard to get out and he bruised the jaw. I am seeing him tomorrow arvo to get the stitches out and hopefully will be able to eat normally within a day or so. Up until now, I haven't been very good with eating as it was just too hard (and painful) to eat anything. So lots of protein drinks, soup, soft cheese and yoghurt etc!

I am training some girls tomorrow night....I usually join in - and hopefully I still can - as I really want to get a workout in. But we will see how we go :)

I did get SOME exercise on the weekend. Hubby and I are getting new carpets in today so we had to remove all furniture out of 3 bedrooms and a loungeroom, rip up carpets and paint all the rooms. It took us quite a few hours so I am sure I burnt off some calories hahahahha Hubby let me have little breaks as the pain got unbearable a few times....couldn't put my head down low without the thumping getting worse.

Tonight when I get home from work we have the fun job of putting everything back!!!

I just can't wait until it is done and I hope the carpet we picked doesn't look too dark!!!

Happy Training xxx

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend was great. Nice and relaxing. The weather on Saturday was pretty bad but Sunday was nice and clear.

I was very annoyed on Sunday morning that my friend "forgot" about our booked training session. She had booked to come over around 10am….when she didn’t turn up at 10.15 I called her. I find it very rude!!! I got a bit peeved at her as she keeps making these weekend sessions because she cancels the session during the week but the weekends just never eventuate. She is not committed enough. So I spoke to her and told her that I am not going to book in any more weekend sessions. These sessions are for her benefit not mine. I do a workout each day regardless of whether I train her, so I get annoyed being stuffed around!!! If she was paying me I’m sure she would make sure she showed up.

So....now that my rant is over I can get down to business LOL

As you saw from my post last night, aunt flow arrived. I have never been happy to receive my “ladies”. Now I know that everything is working okay and hopefully I will be regular enough to learn my cycle!


Training has been really energetic. I have been really happy with how I am going and my motivation is where it should be :)

Sunday – plyo/abs
Monday – run
Tuesday – AM, walk and PM, cardio and legs
Wednesday – PM, boxing or shoulders/bis
Thursday – run
Friday - ???

My diet has been good. I am aiming to lose 5kgs (10lbs) by the beginning of August. Very doable. I want to be prepared to put on a couple of kilos when I am travelling overseas as I know we will be eating out a lot (and drinking, Munich here we come!!!) and I may not be able to always find chicken and salad!!! I also think we will be doing a lot of walking so I don’t have to worry about cardio but my weights sessions will be hard hit I think. I am going to take my resistance band and also try and find a gym at various other places when I can. It will be great to see what other gyms are like.

Monday, May 25, 2009

aunt flow.............

finally arrived, after 4 months of waiting for that time it has hit like a tonne of bricks. Why oh why was i wishing it to come hahahahhahhaa

Friday, May 22, 2009

Its finally the end of the week and what a crappy day it is here in the usually sunny state of WA!

We have had pretty bad storms the past couple of days. Hubby and I didn't get much sleep last night with the 150km strong winds and pelting rain. The dogs weren't very happy with the thunder and lightening either.

When my alarm went off for the gym at 5.20am I was in two minds about going but decided I would be better for it. I drove the 15 minutes to the gym and on approaching i noticed the street block (and a few surrounding blocks) was blacked out! Damn it. I then drove to a rec centre nearby wanting to get a workout in since it was 6am and I was ready to go. But no, they had a black out too. I couldn’t believe it. So back home it was to do some skipping, squats, lunges and crunches etc. I really wanted to get a good cardio session in but sometimes you can't help it.


Thursday (yesterday) was supposed to be shoulders and bis but for some reason I really wanted to do my back and tris yesterday so that’s what I did. It was a great session too….I felt very strong and now feel very sore LOL

- one arm rows
- seated row
- pull ups
- pull down
- tri exten superset with dips
- rope pushdown

I have got my gym stuff at work today so I am hoping to get in a cardio session at lunch. Fingers crossed I can get a machine as I know the place will be packed due to the weather otherwise I will do shoulder/bis if the weights area is more free.

Saturday I will be going for a swim with my girlfriend. I haven’t been swimming in ages and have never been the strongest swimmer so it will be interesting.

Sunday I am training a girlfriend and I really really hope that 1. she doesn’t cancel like she is known to and 2. the weather is great. I am really loving the sprint sessions and long sets of walking lunges (she hates me for them).


Over the past week or so I have been eating clean and training each day which has made me think…….I haven't felt this good in a few weeks and now I know why. I have come to the realisation that in order for me to feel human and be the best that I can….I need to work out and fuel my body properly. When I don’t get a workout in I can feel more lethargic and can get quite irritable and short with people. I suppose I have been training for so long that I am like a junkie in the sense that if I don’t get my fix, I don’t feel my usual high each day.

I really don’t know why I sometimes go along these roller coaster rides every now and again. Thinking that if I relax with my diet and training I can still be my usual self and the weight will stay off and all will be rosie! No way, not for me! I need that release of energy each day, I need those endorphins running, I need to feel strong and healthy and that’s why I dedicate myself to my fitness lifestyle.

I want to give a big shout out to Kim who is competing in the NPC Jr. USA Figure Comp this weekend and any other competitors ready to hit the stage. I wish you all the best :)

Happy Training xxx

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It has been a while since my last post – sorry. Work has been manic and I have not had internet at home for two weeks :(

My weekend was quite uneventul but restful. Friday night I went to a football game, our team lost :( Saturday I went and watched hubby play football (he lost) but I got to see some friends I hadnt seen in a bit and also my goddaughter. That night we went out with my sister and her hubby for a movie and drinks after. We saw Wolverine…Hugh is HOT HOT HOT!!! His whole physique was to die for…I think hubby was a bit jealous of my drooling LOL

Sunday I did the usual cleaning, washing, ironing etc and then cooked hubby a great meal. There is this local fruit and veg place which also has a butcher with the freshest ingredients. I go every Sunday arvo and do a bit of shopping rather than the big supermarkets.

Hubby has been busy at work too and our dinner meals during the week have been really bland as we both just didn’t have the time nor the energy to make something interesting and yummy. One night I couldn’t even be bothered eating I was so tired, so hubby had bakes beans on toast and I had a tin of tuna!


Training has been great. Although I missed a couple of weights sessions this week as I didn’t make it to the gym. Which means mainly cardio all week with some plyo work and abs. Tomorrow will be my first weights session for the week, whoops!!! I have been a naughty girl and will be more diligent from here on in!


Thursday last week - run, sprints, walking lunges
Friday - walk
Saturday - run and plyo
Sunday off – house cleaning
Monday – off
Tuesday – run
Wednesday – run, sprints, walking lunges
Thursday – shoulders/bis

I haven’t really been following a diet the past week and a bit and I have really enjoyed it. Still eating clean (besides my visit to the famous Belgium chocolate shop yesterday with a friend for her birthday), I just sort of eat when I am hungry. Mainly yummy chickpea salads each day which consist of rocket/spinach leaves, chickpeas, capsicum, avacado, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and a bit of dill and pepper. Very tasty. Also every second morning I have been having a carrot, celery, apple and ginger juice. I haven’t made juices in ages and got it out on the weekend and made one, I forgot how much I enjoyed them.

Happy training xxxx

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It has been 4 months since I have had my period. I am thinking the first 3 months was due to my competition prep (it happened last time too) and the last month due to me coming off the pill.

I came off the pill on 6 April and nothing since. I have been told that it can take your body a few months to regulate itself and this could be the reason.

I just find it frustrating not knowing.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday (I think hahaha)

My weekend was great. Friday night was quite uneventful, I was stuffed from my day of painting. Hubby went to footy training and I stayed home and watched some TV. I love having the TV all to myself.

Saturday morning I was up early to do the usual cleaning, washing and preparing dinner for that night. We had two couples over and I wanted it to be perfect (as always). For entre I decided on seared scallops on a bed of rocket, roasted tomatoes and prosciutto with a cannellini bean puree. It was the best!!! Everyone was very impressed and polished off their plates. Then the main was baked dhufish with potatoes and green beans. Very simple but so tasty.

Everyone left around midnight which was great as I was starting to get really tired. I managed to clean up the kitchen and put out the rubbish etc so I could start again early the next morning as I had my family coming over for a lunch for Mothers Day. We had a very easy BBQ as the weather was really nice outside. Happy Mothers Day to all the mums :)

Training and diet

Friday we had a volunteer day for work at an Outcare disability place. We were given the job of painting all of the units. So we were crazily painting from 11am to about 5pm (breaking for lunch). I was so exhausted by the end of the day that Friday night I couldn’t even be bothered cooking dinner. My arms and back were sore from boxing during the week so painting for hours was probably not the best thing to do hahhaha. God knows how many calories I burnt but man it was a great workout.

Saturday I didn’t do much as I was frantically cleaning the house for our visitors.

Sunday after everyone left our place I took my dog for a run. The poor thing was knackered and I was dragging him for the last 15 minutes. I then went out the back and did some plyo work.

I have been using the “card” method whereby I pick 4 or 5 plyo exercises and then pull out 3 cards from the deck. K, Q, J and Aces are worth 10 and of course all the other cards are face value. So you add the 3 cards up and that is the amount of reps you do for that exercise. It is really good cause it makes you mix it up. Although I was not ecstatic when on my last set of jump lunges I had to do 30!!!!! I was beat but felt so good after. I finished off with two supersets of walking lunges and pushups then did abs. My legs are a bit sore today :)

Here are some pics from the weekend :0

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a workout

I just did a boxing class during my lunch break and OMG I was killing it. It felt so good. I got that sick feeling towards the end so I knew I was working hard (plus finding it hard to breath). Also was a bit light headed when I got back to work. At least I didn't pass out like last time :)

I am a bit annoyed that my girlfriend I was training tonight has cancelled AGAIN!!! She said she is feeling tired and achy and might be getting sick again. I really am worried about her, I dont think she eats enough and has been losing weight. She is a tiny build but she is bordering on looking unhealthy which is why I try to get her to do weights and eat a healthy diet, take her vitamins etc. I suppose there is only so much you can do!

Well, my dog will be happy that I can take him out tonight for a walk instead :)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Since my last post not too much has been happening. I am glad to have my man back….I know it was only a week but it felt like forever!!!!!!!

I feel like I am back to my normal self now. I have been a bit off for over a month now….most probably to do with the medication I am on for my stomach problems but I have more energy and am a lot happier. My enthusiasm for my workouts and clean eating is back to normal and I love it.

The weekend consisted of visiting my mum who is not well at the moment, watching football on Saturday (yay we won another game hahahha) waiting for hubby to come home and then fun in the bedroom when hubby did finally arrive at 3pm that afternoon.

Saturday night was uneventful as hubby was going out to a bucks night (grrr). Sunday was a cardio workout – a run and plyo work and then relaxing. Came down with a really bad headache around 4ish and it just wouldn’t go. Ended up napping about 5 and then having dinner about 7 and then back to bed about 8.30. It was so painful :(

Yesterday I did cardio again. Just a 60 min walk. My puppy was not happy with me. We usually only do about 45mins at a fast pace and we was absolutely knackered. Every time I stopped and made him sit to cross the road, he didn’t want to get up again. He just looked at me with those puppy eyes :)

This morning I did 20 mins on the cross trainer and then shoulders and bis. Felt really great to do this workout as it has been over a week since I have worked them. I have been laying off weights for about two weeks to give my body a break. I doubt I would have had the energy or the strength to do the workout justice!

- db shoulder presses
- lateral raises
- front raises
- machine shoulder press
- ez bar bi curl
- concentration curl
- cable curl
- abs - superset of reverse crunch (lowering legs to floor) and planks

Tomorrow I will do chest/tris in the morning and then cardio at night. My friend is coming over for a cardio session - if she decides to come….she has been really slack and tends to cancel quite often. I am trying hard to keep her motivated. She is getting better but still doesn’t have that motivation she needs and wants. All in good time hey!

I am off to have my second meal for the day – tuna yummo – I am bloody hungry :)

Happy training xxx

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Friday

What a morning. It is "Secretary's Day" today and I have been spoilt rotten: bottle of champas, MOR soap box and a mug filled with Lindt choccies (been sharing them around so i dont eat them all).

I got up and went for a run and it felt absolutely glorious. The weather is getting so much cooler in the morning but I dont mind layering.

My workout with my friend on Wednesday night was not that great. She had low energy due to her monthlys and she ended up wanting to go home after our 20 min run. I managed to encourage her to do some lunges, push-ups and dips and then we headed home. In total it was about 35 minutes. Not too bad but I really wanted to push her and just wasn't given the chance. We are meeting up again tomorrow morning (so she says) for another workout and I told her to make sure she has a good nights rest and maybe a coffee in the morning so she has plenty of energy.


Diet has been good the past couple of days. Low fat and carbs. I have been cycling carbs, low/low/med/high. This has been great for me. I find that my body works so much better and I feel so much better on med to low carbs. I do tend to feel bloated and hold a lot of water with carbs.

Training yesterday was a run and then ab work I also walked at lunch. The weather is so great over here at the moment.

Training tomorrow will be as i said above, with my girlfriend Bec. If she doesn't end up coming I will head to the gym for shoulders/bis and cardio. If she does come I will do shoulders/bis on Sunday and cardio.


Tonight we are having drinks at work for "Office Professionals Day". I will only have a couple and then head home. I have not drunk since last weekend and wasn't intending on drinking tonight but the lawyers I work for want to go out for a drink to celebrate.

Tomorrow I will be cleaning the house (boring) and also doing our cars so they are nice and clean for when hubby comes home. I think he arrives around midday which will be great. I really have missed him and can't to get a nice big kiss and cuddle (amongst other things LOL).

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
Mands xx

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am very relaxed after a great long weekend. Friday night I didn't do much just stayed at home with hubby as he was leaving on a fishing trip on Sunday morning. Saturday I went to a baby shower and got clucky over all the other babies there.....that night we went to the footy and I was so happy to see our boys actually win a game!!! It has been very depressing leaving home games early due to getting our asses whipped!

Sunday I went to a pub with friends for lunch and I had some very yummy salt and pepper squid. Then we headed to another mates place for drinks and to watch the Danny Green fight. A bit disappointing....i really had hoped they would have gone for another round or two. I had a few too many beers and wasn't feeling so sunny yesterday! Was very bad with my eating yesterday. Managed to get in some crisps, a small can of tuna and a protein drink. The thought of food made me feel ill!

Never again will I drink that much. Especially with getting my body ready for babies, they say to stay away from alcohol as much as possible. Also, I dont want to fall pregnant and not know and still be drinking. (God I sound like an alcoholic....I really dont drink much. Probably a glass or two each week if at all unless I see friends and we go out)


Training was light over the weekend. I walked on Saturday and did a few hours of housework, Sunday did some boxing in the morning and yesterday I didnt do anything at all. This morning I headed to the gym and did my cardio. 50 mins on the cross-trainer and then 15 mins on the tready.

Tomorrow will be walk in the morning and then boxing at night with my girlfriend and also plyo work. I haven't done any in ages and she really needs to boost her fitness level so it is gonna be hard :)


I really need to go and see a masseuse. My back and shoulders have been quite tight and saw the past week and when I stretch my chest (you know...hands clasped behind you) my shoulders crack....not good :(

Good news is that I am feeling heaps better now. I am getting through all my cardio without feeling the need to faint. My enthusiasm for working out did subside a little in the past few weeks due to feeling so tired/faint and just not like myself. I upped my iron tablets and vitamin B and it has seemed to do the trick, yay!

Hubby is away for another 4 days. I sound like such a love sick puppy but hubby and I have been together for 9 years and we spend so much time together that when he is gone I miss him like hell! He only goes away for a week each year and thank god it is only that. I really dont know how other couples do weeks away.........

Friday, April 17, 2009

It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been taking a break from my usual routine the past week and feel the better for it. I did no weights the past week and only light cardio (walking) on a few days. I have been extremely tired in the mornings and found it hard a couple of mornings to get up to head to the gym. The mornings I did get to the gym I was shattered by 10.30am!!! I have also been a bit faint when doing my cardio. Last week I did a boxing class…I really struggled through the class and then when I got back to the office I collapsed and blacked out. This never happens to me.

I have been much better the past couple of days. I am taking my vitamins and listening to my body and hoping that all will be better soon. I think sometimes we need to take a breather. Its not just good for me but it has been great for hubby as I have been at home a bit more and we have been taking the dog for walks together of an evening.

We are still working on where we plan to travel around Europe. We originally doing a bus tour but have realised that it will be more cost effective and less time to either fly or train to the countries we want to see. So the places on our list so far are London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Venice, Switzerland and Munich. Can’t wait. Although I would like more time to save some money :)

This weekend will be fairly quiet. Tonight will be a DVD and tomorrow night we have people over for dinner. Sunday more relaxing yeah!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good news and bad news.........

So, I will start with the good news. Hubby and I have finally booked our trip to Europe….we fly out on 14th August. Very exciting. We are doing Scotland first and then flying to Paris to start our journey on the bus-a-bout tours. They have 11 compulsory stops you have to make and there are also additional places you can visit if you want to. Thank god nearly all of the 11 stops are places we wanted to see anyway. We have 6 weeks so hopefully it wont be too rushed.

Now for the bad news. After much consideration (and push from my doctor) I have had to pull out of my comp in May

My stomach has been playing up and the medication I am on for the next few months to a year has been making me feel a little strange. I have had to stop taking the tablets my coach prescribed for me…..I have stopped taking my pill as that would not be effective anyways and my body is just trying to sort itself out. These tablets are to repair the damage to my stomach…some foods still upset me, I can’t be having any acidic type foods - the pineapple and kiwi fruit which my coach had in my diet were some of the things which upset me.

So my doctor has said to me that it could be 6 to 12 months before my stomach is better (fingers crossed it is 6) and I will have to go into hospital again in 4 or 5 months to have another endoscopy to see how it is going. Yuk, not looking forward to that 

I am really upset about it and there is nothing I can do. It means I will not be competing at all this year and will have to wait until after I have our baby mid next year (for those of you who don’t know I plan to be pregnant by Nov/Dec)!!!!

So as you can imagine I am devastated. Thank god I now have our trip to look forward to and organise. I just really wanted to get one more comp under my belt before the baby. At least I will be healthy for my upcoming pregnancy and that is something I am very excited about. As I type this I still have not gotten my period so I really hope I am not pregnant already and it is just from the comp prep! I still haven’t had a good chat to the doctor about this medication and what would happen if I fell pregnant, what harm it could cause?? On the package it says not to have when breastfeeding so surely it can’t be good if carrying a child. I see him again on Thursday.

Training and clean eating will continue and I will continue to blog….its just unfortunate it will not be excitable comp prep posts.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday (i think LOL)

My weekend was really great. I had Friday off which was a nice start. Went to the gym, took my doggy out for a bit, got a head start on housework and shopping :)

Hubby picked up our new car on Friday afternoon!! I thought we wouldn't have it until this week sometime. The whole process was so quick.....we had the car in our possession within 3 days of signing!!!! It is so spacious and a joy to drive :)

Saturday we woke up early to head to York for my hubby's skydive. It took us about an hour and a half to drive out to the little country town. We had to stop a couple of times due to road works....we were a little late but I don't think they minded too much. Hubby said it was an awesome experience. I am thinking of doing it myself. Maybe for my birthday LOL

Hubby is on the left


Great workouts over the weekend. Friday was back and tri's. Had a lot of energy and also did 1.5 hours of cardio.

upright rows
seated rows
lat pull-down wide
lat pull-down close
skull crushers
tri pushdown
seated machine pushdown

Saturday was cardio in the morning 70 min walk

Sunday Run 35mins, walk 60mins, housework 2hours


Ok on the diet front. Friday was good. Saturday not too bad. We went to a pub in York after skydiving and I had a pint of Mango beer, OMG and garlic prawns, OMG and some chips. So, so good. Then we went to the old lolly shop and I found Peanut butter M&M's....these are the best. I ate the whole packet and then had some other sugar lollies and another beer. That was my cheat for the week and I thorougly enjoyed it!

All was good until last night....I had some more lollies and chocolate. Not too sure why I did it and felt really sick and guilty after. I did 1.5hours of exercising this morning, I am working out at lunch and then tonight when I get home to make sure I have burnt it all off.

Today is a new day, I am not going to let it get me down :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeling Great

I have been feeling better the past couple of days which is a blessing. Still a bit tired getting up in the morning even though I am in bed reasonably early. Always feel great once I am at the gym. Fingers crossed I am not pregnant!!!

I was in a car accident this morning, 3 car pile-up on the freeway. We were in the front and managed to steer clear of the 4th car in front which was lucky. Hubby and I were a bit shaken but thankfully ok and so was the car. We were worried about the damage to our car as we have just signed to purchase a new car - which we will pick up in about a week - and will be trading in that car!!! Thank god the tow bar stopped anything happening to the back of us.


Just cardio yesterday which consisted of x-trainer for 30 mins and then a run for 20mins and walk 10min and some stretching. Lunch time walk whilst I was at work and then PM I trained my sister and her friend. We did a boxing/cardio workout. Lots of boxing with bursts of running, skipping and burpees (she hates those :)) and sit-ups and push-ups.

I am so proud of my sister. She was really pushing herself last night and actually told me to push her harder cause she can handle it – WOOOOOOHHHHHH HOLD ON A MINUTE……it literally made me stop in my tracks. She laughed and said her fitness is so much better and she knows she has to push herself like they do on the Biggest Loser. She said they are a lot bigger than her and they are also a lot fitter!!!!! You gotta love what that show does for a lot of people out there.

My sisters friend was almost spewing up. She is very unfit and a bit bigger than my sister. She is a member of a ladies gym Curves. I am not a big fan of these places as you do the same thing every time you go there, for only an half hour, you don’t really get to push yourself and the resistance of their machines never change! Very good for beginners don’t get me wrong but you need to change things up! So needless to say she nearly didn’t last the 45 mins last night. Hopefully she enjoyed herself and she will come again.

Tonight, training another girlfriend of mine. I have organised a total body workout for her with resitance bands and the medicine ball. I am going to her house and she does have weights and a bench etc so I might see if we can stay there and use DB's instead and next week when she is at my place we can do the park workout with bands and the ball.

Man I wish I had my own gym!!!


My diet has been good. I did have some mulberry jam on my pancakes this morning as I felt I just needed a little something. Naughty I know as I am not supposed to have sugar but it was only a tablespoon, promise :)

I have also been having a coffee (skinny cap) each day which I get from a fantastic place on the way to work. I am still losing inches/weight but I think I may need to cut them out soon :)


I am feeling very positive about my training and diet and progress so far. I very much love my new trainer and the diet he has me on. No wander I was such a mess last time and found it hard to stick to the diet and lose the weight that I wanted (no carbs for all that time was no good). I really feel I am going to look fantabulous on that stage in 7.5 weeks woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So tired....

Not too sure what is wrong but I have been feeling a little off since Sunday. We had a great workout on Sunday and I felt really pumped but by the time I got home (about 3pm) I was shattered. I hadn't had my vitamins or usual coffee that morning so I thought maybe that had something to do with it but...yesterday and today has been the same.

Yesterday I had an upset stomach too and missed my arvo meal as I just couldn't bring myself to eat anything.

Did a shoulders/bi workout at lunch, I didn't have a lot of energy but I feel better now, hopefully this feeling lasts :)

Fingers crossed I am not coming down with anything.

Happy Training

Monday, March 23, 2009

Posing videos

Happy Monday :)

I had a really nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday night was uneventful, as I was looking after my friends kids as she was unable to find a babysitter after their nanny cancelled on them! Got home just after midnight and slept really badly which was a pain. Kept tossing and turning all night and was hot then cold…..

Saturday morning I was feeling crappy after the late night and not much sleep so just did went for a walk in the morning to try and wake myself up. Got stuck into the housework and washing whilst hubby was out watching his brother play in the cricket grand final. Took another walk in the PM before my sister and her hubby were due to arrive for the night. They were coming over for quiet drinks and a dvd. The movie we picked was pretty bad and we talked through most of it.

Sunday I got up and went for a run before all the girls arrived for our group training session. I had the best run….35 mins and it was a really strong run right to the end. The girls arrived a short time after and we headed to the park. One of them had pulled out so it was only the 4 of us. I organised a circuit style workout with 5 stations, running, boxing, resistance band, abs and squats/lunges. I have no idea how many times they got around but we were working out for 45 mins and the girls were puffing and sweaty, it was great :) My eldest sister was one of the girls and she hasn’t worked out in over a year. She just joined a gym last week and is really getting into it which I love. She is so unfit though and was still sore from her pump class on the Thursday.

I don’t know if I have written this before but my other sister who is younger is a fair bit overweight. She is always asking me to help her with diet and I was training her for a while but she is very hard to keep motivated and if she doesn’t see results in a week or two she gives up. I have given her so much information and tried to keep her on plan but it can be hard. FINALLY I think she has got it. One of her friends husbands is a trainer and he has been getting her motivated to do more exercise and really pushing her. I think it was exactly what she needed. I think because it was me training her she took the easy road all the time and thought that what I was telling her was just my opinion. If she started feeling a little sick she would give up and there was nothing I could do to get her to keep going. To have someone else (unrelated) telling her the same things, she is getting it, yay!

At our training session yesterday I noticed such a change in her. She pushed through right to the end….she was even encouraging my older sister to do more.

Then my little sis and I went to visit my mum and dad and we all went down to the beach for a walk, the weather was awesome and it was good to be exercising whilst catching up.

I did do some posing yesterday afternoon. I did also video it but I couldn’t yesterday work out why when I loaded the video I could hear it but couldn’t see it. I brought it to work today to have another fiddle and I need to download something from the net to update it. I will have to do that when I get home as work will not allow me, bummer!!!


So as above….

Saturday – walk AM and walk PM
Sunday – Run AM, training session, beach walk PM.
Monday – nothing as yet as I had to be at work for 7.30am, just not enough time. Going for a walk at lunch and then a run tonight after work. Chest/tri workout if I have time


Diet on Friday night wasn’t the best. I had my chicken salad and then had some chocolate and a glass of wine that night. My cheat is on a Saturday so I was a bit annoyed with myself that I couldn’t wait. So Saturday night I really didn’t have a massive pig out. We had a BBQ so I had a lamb chop with salad and potato and then we had some Toblerone mousse which I had made. it was so yummy but I only ate about a third of it. So very sickly. I also ate about a handful of thai chilli and kaffir lime cashew nuts which are my all time favourite.


You’re gonna laugh at this but last night hubby made a great comment about my ass. He rarely makes comments like that or if he does comment its just an overall “you look beautiful today” kind of comment. So I was really chuffed last night when he said he could really notice a difference….it is much more firm and round yay!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how much a little comment can make such a difference :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday woo hoo

Well, we just got a bombshell dropped at work....no pay reviews this financial year because of the GFC. Damn it. Makes we want to start a family sooner so i can get out of this place. Soooooooo over it :)

Anywho, week has been great, training and diet pretty darn good if I must say so.


Wednesday - cardio AM walk, PM hamstrings and 70mins on bike
Thursday - cardio AM run, PM boxing and sprints
Friday - nothing ehm, slept through my alarm, whoops. PM Walk 60min

Saturday morning will be shoulders/bis and x-trainer
Sunday morning I am training a couple of girls and will join in as much as I can.


Diet has been good. Loved my high carb day this week. For some reason I really needed it and yesterday was great cause I didn't seem as hungry after the carb up. A little hungry at the moment but that's cause I am overdue for my next meal. I am a little behind time today as I slept in!!!!!

I haven't had any cravings lately but today I really feel like a blueberry muffin. I will have to see if that craving continues and I can have it for my cheat tomorrow. I already have a small piece of fudge for tomorrow night. Hubby bought some when we were away last weekend and I have had to hide it so I can have it tomorrow night. Yummo, can't wait.

This weekend

Not too much on this weekend which is just the way I want it. As we were away last weekend I want to catch up on washing and housework as we have people over on Saturday night.

Sunday, as I mentioned above, I will be training my sister and her friend. I really hope they are keen to put in some effort and not give up after 20 mins. I try to push my sister but I think cause it is me she seems to give excuses and just walk off which makes it hard for me to make sure she gets a great workouk if you know what I mean. She did complain that last time she felt like she was going to throw up and then that was it. Fingers crossed she (and her friend) will push hard!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My lord am I hungry today. I have only two meals left for the day, chicken and vegies and then egg whites (and I am hungry, AGAIN!!!). I can’t believe it but I am thankful that I can have egg whites tonight after dinner. At least it is a good sign that my metabolism is burning, burning, burning. Bring on high carb day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work is bleh again, so bored. I think my boss will be in tomorrow arvo for an hour or so and then he wont be in until Monday!!!!!!

My hubby is off to the post office to pick up my protein powder. They tried delivering it yesterday but as I wasn’t home they have taken it back to my local PO! A bit of a pain with working full time and not being able to get there. Thank god my hubby is so great and left work early to pick it up.

Monday – 60 min walk am, 50 min walk at lunch;
Tuesday – 40 min run am (including hill interval sprints)
Back/abs at lunch-
* seated row;
* lat pull-down - wide;
* lat pull-down – close;
* straight arm pull-down – close;
* rear flye;
* db rows;
60 min walk pm after dinner.

Tomorrow will be cardio am, either walking or machine (x-trainer, bike), lunch - boxing class.


Monday, March 16, 2009

I had such a lovely weekend. Margaret River was just awesome...we had the most beautitful weather. It was very relaxing, visiting wineries, going to the beach, eating at lovely restaurants. I did not eat "to plan" but I still ate clean and either ordered chicken or grilled fish and salads.

One day for lunch i had a beautiful salt & pepper squid salad with a beer, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm So I didnt have my planned 2 hour cheat like I usually do on a Saturday and was just a little bit more relaxed with my diet when we went out as it was quite hard to order exactly what I should be eating if you know what I mean. Much better to do it now then closer to the comp.

Here is a pic of my friend and I at lunch at Flutes restaurant. It was so gorgeous and a really lovely meal.

My friend had promised to do a boxing cardio workout with me one morning but she slept in and when she awoke she couldn't be bothered. I was a little annoyed. I have new gloves that I want to try out. Hopefully I can catch up with her during the week for a session.

I did a beach workout. Some soft sand walking/running some swimming etc. Man my calves hurt yesterday. Still a little tender today :)

Thank god today is almost over, work has been torture!!!!!!!!

Hopefully my protein powder has arrived.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday woop woop parrrty

Feeling so great this morning, mainly cause I only have 4 hours of work and then I am off down south for the weekend with some friends.

I got all my clothes and food prepared last night so I am all ready to go when I get home. I really hope my protein powder I ordered arrives today cause I only have enough for this arvo and them I am out  I don’t usually let it get this low….time just got away from me.


Training is going great, great, great.

Wednesday – chest/tri/abs

• push-ups;
• presses;
• flyes
• incline presses;
• rope extension;
• rope push-down;
• dips
• bicyles;
• crunches with 10kg plate

AM Cardio – walk 60 mins PM cardio – run 25 mins

Thursday – cardio day

AM sprint session

• run 800m
• rolling 50m x 3
• sprint 50m x 9
• run 400m
• walking lunges x 100
• run 400m
• walk 5 min home

walk 45 mins

Friday – cardio

AM Run 45 mins


Boxing cardio 50 mins


I had an endoscopy (camera down the throat) to check out my small intestine and stomach as I have had problems with certain foods. I had blood tests done years ago and was told that I was wheat intolerant. I have been avoided as much wheat as possible but noticed over the past 4 months that other foods had been setting me off.

The gastrosocpy came back clear although they took a biopsy from my stomach as my stomach was severly damaged. I have been told I have chronic gastristis and it has been developing over a few years and is quite serious. I have been put on medication for 6 to 12 months and will have to go back to hospital in 6 months to see how my stomach has repaired. Fingers crossed I don’t have to be on the meds for too long. My hubby and I were wanting to be pregnant by the end of the year/beginning of next year so I am worried about being on the medication. I have an appointment with my doc in two months to see how I am going and I will ask about falling pregnant.

The good thing is that I am not wheat/gluten intolerant and the foods that upset my stomach previously should be ok to eat within 2 months of being on the medication!

I did a carp deplete this week for 4 days. Very happy to see that I was actually holding quite a bit of water weight and went down to 61.3kgs and felt quite tight which was what I was hoping for. Back to my normal carb cycling now. On a medium day today and already ready for my second meal….hungry, hungry, hungry 

Have a great weekend xxxx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motivational pics - Monica Brant

video update

My first video blog, sorry about the quality. I promise next one will be better.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Well, it’s the end of the week, and what a weeks its been!!!!!!

Busy again and I have been fighting off a cold for the past couple of days, which has unfortunately effected my training. Hubby has been sick since Monday and I have steered clear of him as much as possible. I took some Echinacea tablets as soon as I felt a little off and I have managed to stay cold free, yay!

I haven’t done anything overly exciting this week. Pretty much just working and training. I trained my friend again on Wednesday. We did a boxing cardio workout (I was so sore from boxing at the gym on Tuesday). She is getting so much fitter and really motivated which is great for me….makes my life easier. She has been going for a run in between visiting me which is good…not much extra cardio but at least she is doing something.

I bought myself new pink (LOL) boxing gloves as my old ones were splitting and I hate using the ones at the gym. No support and oh so sweaty and stinky inside :(

This weekend we are out for dinner tonight with hubby’s family for a cousins birthday. I am glad they have picked a decent place so I will be able to get a grilled fish and salad. Tomorrow morning I am playing tennis with a friend then heading to the gym for a shoulder workout and then yucky food shopping. I am in desperate need of getting some broccoli and egg whites! Saturday night out to a friends house for a bbq and a couple of drinks, night off yay! Sunday just gym and not much else planned and hopefully it will stay that way. I have some magazine reading to catch up on.


Food has been ok. I have not had much of an appetite this week due to fighting the dreaded cold. My high carb day was torture….I really was struggling to eat all the meals. I missed the last meal as I fell asleep on the couch purely exhausted.

Today I am feeling my hunger come back and I am grateful for that. I have won!!!!!!!!!


As I said above, training has not been great. I did a boxing class on Tuesday, did cardio on Wednesday which was just a walk at lunch and then training with my friend after work, Thursday 60min walk in the morning and then a 25 min run at lunch, this morning was walk and then after work I will go for a run before I have to head out for dinner. So mainly SS cardio this week and not a lot of it.

I will definitely be making up for it over the weekend now I have my energy back.

I will also post some progress pics that I took the other week.

Happy Training xxx

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love long weekends

What a great weekend I had. Very productive. I managed to clean the house inside and out. And when I say clean...I mean CLEAN. Oven, microwave, fridge, washing machine and dryer, windows, tracks, bbq, table and chairs etc. Nothing was left untouched LOL!!!

We have a big 50kg Rottweiler and he loves to lean on our cream walls so we have had a black smear about knee high which has been building up over the past few months along most of our walls so...I was on my hands and knees washing and washing and washing.

It took me 5 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday to do it all and man it feels (and looks) fantastic. I think hubby thought I was mental or on some sort of drug.

So Monday I was quite content having my parents and nan over for afternoon tea and then lying on the couch reading a book until all the good shows started on TV.

So no working out as such on the weekend, although all the house I put in working on the house was a very good workout in itself. My heart was pumping quite a bit as I was cleaning the windows and scrubbing.


Diet has been great. My cheat on Saturday consisted of two pieces of pizza and 3 glasses of champas. I was at a friends house and she doesn't cook. She has the best life....doesn't cook or clean as hubby is a little anal and prefers to do it all himself. If only......................


Training today has been a 60min walk in the morning and I did a boxing class at my work gym at lunch. i haven't done the class since before Christmas and forgot how much I love it and what a great workout it is. I felt a bit sick after I got back so I know I pushed myself quite hard. I have definitely improved my strength...my poor girlfriend was struggling towards the end holding up the mits for me. The trainer took me for the last couple of rounds and was very impressed, yay for me :)

other stuff

Tomorrow will be a run in the morning and then weights, back/tri. Then that night I will be training a girlfriend. I have drawn up a boxing/cardio workout and thankfully she is excited about it.

I also had an email from a girlfriend in Melbourne asking me to help her with diet and training for a competition she wants to do in October. Heaps and heaps of time for her and she is very excited about having a plan and focusing on building a bit of muscle and then the dieting down.

I really will have to start charging for all this work I am doing, but as I am not qualified I dont feel I can. I really want to be qualified by the end of the year.....too much to do :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am so much better now that I have caught up on sleep and this week isn’t as hectic as the last :)

We have had some changes at work and within a couple of months my workload is going to pick up and I will probably be run off my feet most of the days. I suppose it will be good in a way as I will be getting extra cardio in LOL

I am very happy that this weekend is a long weekend. My husband and I haven’t planned too much as I wanted to keep it quiet and relaxed. In saying that we already have bookings for Friday and Saturday night and I also need to fit my parents and some other friends on the Sunday or Monday!!!!!


Diet has been 100% clean. I asked my trainer on Tuesday night if I could possibly lower some of the grams of chicken/potato etc as I was really struggling to get all the food in. He gladly complied and reduced my protein and some of the carbs from each meal. On my high day he really wants me to get in the 7 meals but I have been struggling. Yesterday was a high day but unfortunately I didn’t get in the last meal of egg whites…..I ended up falling asleep on the couch cuddling hubby, whoops! I am hungry today which is great....that is a given after a high carb day though. My little stomach gets used to all that food.

I will be starting estrogen blockers in two weeks. I used them last year (different brand) but I really am not too sure how they effected me, but have been told they will be of benefit last year was the first time I had ever really dieted down to such a low body fat percentage so I am not really too sure what helped me reach my goals.


This week, so far, has mainly consisted of cardio.

Monday – rest day (I was so exhausted after my big weekend)
Tuesday – AM cardio run, PM cardio skipping
Wednesday – AM cardio run/abs
Thursday – AM walk/ PM full-body workout and cardio
Friday – AM cardio; PM walk
Saturday – AM shoulder/bi, cardio, PM walk
Sunday – AM cardio, PM cardio


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Busy busy weekend. I am still tired today!!!

I have been so tired that yesterday I didn’t do any cardio at all and this morning I still couldn’t wake up early enough to do anything. I was quite disappointed in myself that I was too exhausted to exercise yesterday and also didn’t get all my meals in and I had a couple of cheats. I know it is because I need more sleep!

I pretty much flaked last night as soon as I got home. I had a couple of mouths full of yoghurt and just watched TV. I soooooooooo couldn’t be bothered eating or even cooking dinner for hubby and just wanted to go to bed. I managed to get into bed around 9.30 which is quite good but still tired this morning. I really hope by tomorrow morning I will be good again.

I have to go out tonight for dinner with the in-laws for their wedding anniversary and not very happy that it is at a Chinese restaurant! They always seem to pick places where it is really hard to order something clean! (last week was Mexican!!!) So there will be no chicken breast or fish on the menu and I will have to eat something before I go and just nibble and push food around my plate.

I am supposed to go out tomorrow night too but have cancelled (I have to train someone Thursday night and we are going out Friday night). I can’t have another week like last week. I need to spend some time at home and get to the gym to make up for last week.

I am hoping it is just tiredness as I have been pretty down the past couple of days. Even more so after not doing anything yesterday and not eating on plan!!!!

Anyways, today is a new day and I have to pick myself up out of this poo mood and get on with it.

I am going to work through lunch today so I can leave early and get a workout in before I have to go out tonight. I need to see my trainer too and get a new diet drawn up. I think I will be eating the same things just changing the grams of food.

12 weeks out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I can’t believe how busy I have been and how quick this week has gone. I have only had one night at home this week and my poor doggy has not been happy :(

Although I have been extremely busy, I have been great, workouts really energetic and diet has been 100% clean.


Monday- AM, 60 mins of walking, PM skipping 25 mins; Wednesday – AM 25 min walk, 20mins sprints; Friday – 50 mins cross-trainer and abs

Tuesday I did shoulders and bis. The same as last weeks shoulder/bis workout although I did add a cable lateral raise.

Thursday I trained my girlfriend and I joined in. She has not trained in about 3 months and has asked me to help her get fit and build a bit of muscle.

I decided to do a full-body workout:

· 2 x 30m jog;
· push-ups;
· squats;
· shoulder presses with resistance band;
· walking lunges;
· 4 x 30m jogs.

I had hoped to include, burpees, bicep curls, tri dips and some ab work but after the second set of runs she was feeling sick. I tried to push her but I thought it best to leave it for now, it was only our first session. I am meeting up with her again tomorrow morning to do some more cardio and the exercises that we missed from yesterday’s session.

Doing something like that makes you realise how fit you are when you train someone who hasn’t had a good workout in about 6 months!!!!!!!


I am going to be so busy this weekend. I am out tonight at a friends for a Tupperware cocktail party. Tomorrow, training my girlfriend again, then getting waxed, then seeing my parents, then coming home doing a bit of cleaning then getting ready to head out to dinner for another girlfriends birthday. Sunday I am training in the morning than a bit more cleaning and then getting ready for a wedding. Why or why do people have a wedding on a Sunday when it is NOT a long weekend??????????????

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ahhh my legs and butt.....

yowza, am i hurting today :) I did a massive leg and glute workout yesterday and I am seriously feeling it. Took the doggy for a walk in the morning then hit the gym.

I did a 10 minute warm up, then went straight into it:

squats, no weight, 25kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg
step-ups superset with plie squats 20kg all sets
deads 25kg, 25kg, 25kg
seat curl 20kg, 25kg, 25kg
45 leg press 40kg, 60kg, 70kg, 60kg
seated calf 45kg, 45kg, 45kg

Finished with a 30min walk and then some stretching.

This morning I slept in and man it was so nice. I got up aroun 9 and then went out for a walk. It was already hot by 9.30. We are only heading for a 30 degree day but the humidity is high, I think around 90%.

I had my planned cheat meal last night which consisted of steak, salad and some wedges with a glass of red wine, than for dessert i had bubblegum icecream, yummo!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Its Friday yay!!!!

I don’t think I have ever been happier to see the end of a week (well, I probably have LOL). I got a wisdom tooth out on Wed arvo, 2 fillings and its that TOM L There is an upside to my week, its pay day today – I hate monthly pay and it has been an expensive month! But, like I said, its Friday, woo hoo. Thank god for weekends J

Training & Diet

Wednesday morning I did a run and incorporated some sprinting. I couldn’t do anything that night or the next morning because of having my teeth done. So Thursday night was my next workout and I hit the gym for my back/tri workout. It took me a while to get into it. I didn’t have too much energy but after about 15 minutes it was fine and feeling the burn and pushed myself even harder.

seated row 35kg, 35kg, 40kg, 40kg
lat pull-down 35kg, 35kg, 40kg, 40kg
standing straight arm pull down 35kg, 35kg, 30kg, 30kg
seated upper row 25kg, 25kg, 30kg
assist. pull ups 15, 8, 5

rope tri pushdowns 25kg, 30kg, 30kg
- superset with
dips 30, 28, 25

overhead rope ext 25kg, 30kg, 32.5kg
machine tricep pushdown 40kg, 45kg, 45kg

Did 20mins skipping after dinner.

Diet has been 95% clean. I did have some yoghurt (not too bad) and a mini twirl chocolate yesterday (bad). I really should have saved myself for my planned cheat on Saturday but with it being that TOM I really wanted it quite badly!!!! I managed to stay away from a yummy morning tea with the works!!! High 5 for me hahahhha

I might have another wee bit of chocolate on Saturday and a glass of wine with dinner as part of my 2 hour cheat. I also love that my current diet includes pineapple and kiwi fruit everyday. With my previous trainer I was only allowed 1 apple in the mornings after a workout but then that stopped by the time I was 10 weeks out from my comp. I also wasn’t allowed any cheats which did my head in after a while.

The weekend

I am out for dinner and bowling tonight with my hubby’s work. God knows what I am going to be able to order. I don’t really like the place they have booked and might find it hard to get something healthy so I will probably eat before I go.

Saturday I will be heading to the gym in the morning for a leg workout and cardio then not too sure what I am doing after that. Kind of hoping that hubby will surprise me with something for Valentines but I really don’t think he will as we don’t tend to celebrate it. Sunday will be a bike ride with my girlfriend in the morning and then another one in the arvo.

I bought some new bathers so I will take some progress pics this weekend.

Happy trainingxxxx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great workout

Woo hoo, what a great workout. I had a good nights rest and had heaps of energy for my high intensity work out.

I started with a 5 min warm up on the treadmill then jogged for 20 mins flat at 9.5km then upped the ramp to 5% incline for 5 minutes then upped it again to 8% incline for another 5 minutes. Walked for 4 minutes on 10% incline then did 1 min sprints on 8% incline for the next 8 minutes then cooled down.

Cardio tonight and some stretching....still trying to master these side splits.

Eating has been great although I did indulge last night and had a piece of rocky road. I really enjoyed it :) I made it for a morning tea we had this morning to raise funds for the Victorian Bushfire victims. I am proud to say that I steered clear of everything. It always amazes me the excuses that people can give. Some people had their plates piled high with cake, biscuits, fried foods and they were all saying something similar “You have to its for a good cause”!! Then they complain that they need to lose weight and ask me how I manage to stay slim!!!!

Come eat some of my chicken breast and broccoli instead, that ought to do it hahahhaha