Saturday, March 26, 2011

My place is booked and next week I will be meeting my idol MONICA BRANT!!!!!!!

I am so glad that hubby agreed that I could go. I damaged the car a month ago which is going to cost us $350 to fix, I am also not going back to my PA job and we have to pay back the maternity money ($12,000) and we also have LOTS of bills due in the next month.

I think he realises what a big thing it is for me and over the years he has been on boys week long holiday about 4 or 5 times and I have only been away with my girlfriends for a weekend once. We all have families now and just find it too hard.

I just wish I was in tip top shape before going along with all these buff fitness gurus  We get to have a photo shoot on the last day which would have been great if I was comp ready as I could really use those photos for promo work....oh well!!!

What an exciting time ahead. I feel a little bad but I am almost looking forward to the FEM camp more than bali in a few days lol

So, needless to say the diet and training has been 110% ON ON ON!!!

I went for a big walk/run with Tyler last week and found a big lake with lots of benches and sit up planks. So I did a big run, steps ups, lunges, situps etc then on the way back I noticed a set of stairs down to a gazebo JACKPOT! Around our house there are no hills, no stairs etc just boring flat land so I was very excited with this discovery. Tyler thought it was hilarious watching me sprint up the flight of stairs over and over again.

So last week I did that workout twice and I will do it another 3 times before I head to Bali and then do some hiking in Bali :)


Monday – walk, legs
Tuesday – walk morning, Bootcamp
Wednesday – run, stairs
Thursday – chest/bi
Friday – run, stairs
Saturday – off (house cleaning)
Sunday – bootcamp – run/stairs

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Progress pics

I am feeling uneasy about posting these. I know I have come a long way but I am not happy with what I see. But at least once I post these, it will push me harder and then I will be happier to show you the next update pics :)

I have also included my last comp photos xx they are.

Happy Training xx

Friday, March 18, 2011

Listening to my body.........

Slowing down, resting.......sometimes it is very hard to do but it is something we need to do. It has only happened once or twice before where I have been running on caffeine and not much sleep and my body just says “no more”. My body starts to feel like I am getting the flu and that my body is just so sore and heavy that all I want to do is lie down and sleep.

This has been me this week. As you can tell from my last posts I was so excited to get my D-Fine 8 in the post and was having 1 a day to give me a little boost as my workouts were suffering because I was a little tired.

By the 4th day of trying it, it didn’t seem to be working. So I had another drink and then coffee etc but couldn’t believe that I was still feeling so exhausted. Then by Sunday afternoon my body had had enough and I couldn’t move. Hubby told me I have been doing too much and that I needed to rest. He went out for the night and I ended up going to bed at 7pm as soon as I put Tyler down.

I woke around 6am and STILL felt tired. I napped for the next 2 days every time Tyler did and I can finally say that only yesterday did I feel normal again. It took 3 days of sleeping and NOT working out to give my body a break and I feel like myself again. During this time I also did not have any caffeine at all. Surprisingly I did not feel the side effects (most probably because I was sleeping so much lol).
So I am glad to be back on board and will do some cardio tomorrow and then weight train on Sunday.

Diet has still been good and hopping on the scales this morning I was unfortunately still the same hopefully by the weekend I will be down at least 1kg!!!

I thought it was time for some photos. I have not taken any since the first ones I took straight after having Tyler. I knew there would be a huge difference and I was not wrong. It was actually hard to look at my first photos again, the photos do not lie!!! I have never been that big (or anywhere near that big). Next time I am pregnant these photos will go up on my wall.

I still have a LONG way to go but I am getting there.

I will load my progress photos tomorrow so stay tuned.

Happy Training xx

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am in love...............

D-Fine8 is my new best friend lol

I am glad I have waited until now to use it. I was starting to get really tired and finding it hard to keep up with my training, working and with the little one so it has come as a nice little helper :)

I went to order it through the ASN website ($99.95) which is where I get a lot of my supplements from but ended up doing a google search and someone was selling them on Ebay! They come from America but even with postage it was still $30 cheaper. AND they say you can request a flavour (which I did), if you dont they send you the standard Fruit punch flavour. I asked for Green apple, got fruit punch, wrote an email to complain and they are now sending me out the green apple for $40 ($30 cheaper again yay). So I got 2 for the price of 1, gotta love it!!!!

So if anyone is looking for some google Ebay, the lady selling them is "Lamuscle", she sends them straight away and besides this mix up with mine has all good reviews on Ebay.

I have been frustrated the past couple of weeks as it has been hard to book bubs in at the creche at the gym. All the mums are now back in the gym as kids are back in school and all the spots are being booked up for a week at a time, NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!! So last week I got up at 5.30am and headed to the gym and was home before bubs woke up - something I used to do every morning but since having bub have not had to do an early morning session. I really could not have done it without my new friend lol

Ok, so that's enough about D-fine8!!


Monday - chest/biceps - 50 push-ups, bench chest press, incline chest press, pec fly, hammer curls, seated curls, cable curls
Tuesday - cardio, boxing bootcamp
Wednesday - cardio
Thursday - hams/tri - lunges, jump squats, stiff legged deads, machine curl, standing ham kickback
Friday - cardio
Saturday - light cardio (kind of off day)
Sunday - bootcamp

Diet has been not 100% this week AGAIN!! I had 2 days of having a couple of treats and some wine. Not good but sometimes this happens when I am not watching when my lady friend is coming. Should have known why the sugar demon was calling my name lol

In saying that the scales still went down 1.1kg this week :) And I did my measurements this month and have lost 0.5 inches off boobs :( arms, hips and thighs.

I am still 4.2kg away from pre preggo weight and WILL be there by the end of the month before we head off to Bali!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

March already, wholly moley :)

I have been very busy (as usual lol) with work and everyday life running around with a 10 month old. He is crawling and into EVERYTHING!! But I love it, he is so proud of himself getting around now and she just follows me all day, and burn off all his energy. He is already pulling himself up on things all day and just loves to stand, who knows how long it will be before he walks...I am quite sure it will be before his first birthday.

So training has been sporadic in the last week but thankfully because of my good diet I have still lost weight. With working two days a week and then the other 3 mornings I have Tyler's swimming, mothers group etc I have found it hard to get to the gym so have had to do home workouts and just running. I am going to miss mothers group next week and book him in at the creche otherwise I am just not getting done what I need and want to. I did a great shoulder workout on Monday and felt sore for a couple of days. Swimming with Tyler on Tuesday morning was a bit painful, lifting and carrying an 11kg baby for 40 mins lol

I have just received an email that Monica Brant is coming to Perth. She has always been to Melbourne, Sydney etc but never Perth. Neither has Jen Hendershott's Phat Camp. I am always emailing them to ask if they can move it to Perth one year and thankfully it has happened. I am glad Monica is as I was quite surprised with the cost. It is $730 and I am quite sure when I looked into doing Jen's Phat Camp it was $450 or there abouts. So I am glad one of them is coming as I wouldn't have been able to afford the camp plus flighs and accommodation!!!!! The camp is early April just a few days after I get back from Bali so it is going to be a very exciting couple of months :)


Monday - shoulders, bis
Tuesday - walking/bootcamp
Wednesday - day off
Thursday - legs/abs
Friday - run
Saturday - walk
Sunday - bootcamp

Happy training