Friday, April 17, 2009

It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been taking a break from my usual routine the past week and feel the better for it. I did no weights the past week and only light cardio (walking) on a few days. I have been extremely tired in the mornings and found it hard a couple of mornings to get up to head to the gym. The mornings I did get to the gym I was shattered by 10.30am!!! I have also been a bit faint when doing my cardio. Last week I did a boxing class…I really struggled through the class and then when I got back to the office I collapsed and blacked out. This never happens to me.

I have been much better the past couple of days. I am taking my vitamins and listening to my body and hoping that all will be better soon. I think sometimes we need to take a breather. Its not just good for me but it has been great for hubby as I have been at home a bit more and we have been taking the dog for walks together of an evening.

We are still working on where we plan to travel around Europe. We originally doing a bus tour but have realised that it will be more cost effective and less time to either fly or train to the countries we want to see. So the places on our list so far are London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Venice, Switzerland and Munich. Can’t wait. Although I would like more time to save some money :)

This weekend will be fairly quiet. Tonight will be a DVD and tomorrow night we have people over for dinner. Sunday more relaxing yeah!!!



  1. :) Hehe just got my answer! Awesome!!!!! you will have a great time!

  2. hey mands,
    post more often!!
    miss you! xx