Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its the weekend...and what to do??

It has been a great week, lots of great workouts and fantastic weather.

I visited some friends, did a bit of shopping and before I knew it, it was Friday!!

As of next weekend I am back to training my girls. They have really missed me the last couple of months (awwww) and are very excited for next weekend.

Now that I am bottle feeding Tyler at night I am able to store milk for when I have time away from him. He still feeds every 2-3 hours sometimes it stretches to 4 hours so i am looking forward to the day when his feeds are longer.


Monday - spin class (excellent)
Tuesday - walk 60 mins
Wednesday - shoulders/bis
Thursday - walk 60mins
Friday - walk/run 60 mins
Saturday - hamstrings, glutes, abs
Sunday - will be a walk (fingers crossed the weather is fine).


I have decided to carb cycle. When i was training for my competition I carb cycled and found it great for burning more calories.

I have 3 low days (70carbs), one high day (300) then 3 moderate days (150).

My weight is still the same as it was last week....fingers crossed it goes down after this week.

A good thing is my measurements for stomach, hips and thighs are down about 2cm yay!!

Happy Training

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