Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy to have hubby home...

My hubby has been away for the week and I missed him terribly. He went over to the Australian Masters to caddy for his friend who is a pro golfer. He said he had a great time but of course missed us terribly.

I kept myself busy all week, with gyming, cleaning and catching up with was just the nights after I put Tyler to bed that were lonely. I really don't know how other couples manage when one partner works away. Its nice every now and again for a few days to a week but if I had a partner that worked 3 or 4 weeks away at a time..............

I have been LOVE LOVE LOVING the gym the past couple of weeks. It feels so fantastic to be lifting heavy again and having a whole hour and a half to myself :) Tyler is at such a good age where he will go to anyone and doesn't miss me which makes life easier.


Mon - 2 hour walk
Tue - shoulders/bis/abs
Wed - 6 hours of cleaning and washing
Thur - off
Friday - chest/tri
Saturday - 1 hour walk and legs
Sunday - off


Still much the same as I have been doing the past few months.

Weight is down 2kg and I do measurements in 2 weeks!

Happy training

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