Monday, August 3, 2009

Only 7.5 more days of work and I can hardly believe it.

I am very happy this morning (rare occasion on Monday morning). I had a fantastic weekend. Catching up with great friends, great workouts, great clean diet, no drinking etc.

Saturday I did a spin class, harder than the one I did on Tuesday but i was happy with that, then I did a hamstring workout after. Deadlifts, 45degree press, lying leg curl. Was feeling it on Sunday when I trained the girls.

We had great weather on Sunday. I had my monthly coffee catch-up with friends then we trained. The girls had a surprise for me....they all pitched in and bought me some new boxing gloves, focus mits a plates weight set and a new fit ball. I was super excited and so greatful. It was a thank you for them for the training they have been getting over the past couple of months. It brought tears to me eyes after reading the thank you card I received from them all. I have really helped them in their journeys to feeling better and looking great, this job is so rewarding I can't wait until I do it everyday of my life for more people.

So after all the loving we got to work. I had a circuit class organised alsi with hill runs, laps around the oval and walking lunges with 5kg weights above their heads. Man were they sweating and muscles burning (actually I was too LOL). It was fantastic. We then finished with a bit of yoga and then stretching.

I then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon until hubby came home. Ahhhh nice and relaxed for the weekend ahead.

Did I mention I only have 7.5 more days left of work!!!!!

Woo hoooo

Happy Training xxx

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