Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Our class last night was awesome. I did shoulders and bi's beforehand as we got there super early to make sure we could get a bike. Unfortunately the girls did not join me as there were too many boys in the weights room. I have yet to convince them that doing weights will not make you “massive” like the boys!

I absolutely loved the class. I haven’t done one in a few months and forgot how much I like them. My heart was pumping crazily the whole time and I was sweating like a pig (thank god the lights were off LOL). Unfortunately my girls did not have the same enthusiasm or energy. One of my friends didn’t make it through the second song without having to stop! I kept encouraging her to keep at it. I grabbed her hand half way through the class to feel my pulse and she just mouthed to me OMG!!!! After the class I told her that is what hers should feel like after we finish the “sprint” parts. I think she just needs to build up the muscle in her legs so she can keep going the whole time.

So, there is another one Friday morning which I am going to go to. Hopefully I will have the same amount of energy that early in the morning….might have to have a couple of Hydroxycut to get me going:0

Mands xxxx

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