Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I feel very naughty not to have kept my blog updated. Sorry :) Time just got away from me and a friend has reminded me to update it more regularly!!!
The past couple of months have flown by, we have been very busy. Tyler keeps me busy enough, he is at the age where he is needing more stimulation. Luckily he loves the pram and going to the shops lol

We went to the Gold coast a couple of weeks ago and had a fantastic time. My husband had a work conference so we had a couple of nights of work events. We had a really fun Arabian themed cocktail party. I visited one of the tarot readers they had there and was told that I will be pregnant again in 6 months WTF!!! I said no way she had to be wrong as my little one is only 4 months old…..she told me to be very careful if I didn’t want another one just yet as I am very fertile, yay for me lol So hubby and I now sleep in separate beds, hahahahha na just joking.

We had a ball too which was great fun, lots of dancing and ummm I did the splits on the dance floor. I know I know what was I thinking. At the end of the night we were all doing the drunk dancing circle where one person goes into the middle and does their thing. One guy did the caterpillar another did some push-ups (I could have easily beaten him) so I decided that going in and doing the splits with a bit of arm shaking on the floor was a good idea. Luckily I got the applause and did not pull a hammy :)

We stayed at Jupiters which was a really lovely hotel. They had the best gym I have ever been too at a hotel. It resembled a smallish gym back home. They even had a full time personal trainer on hand and fitness classes!!! Didn’t do a class but did a couple of days of weights, no need for cardio as we did heaps of walking around sightseeing during the day.

We have been back 2 weeks now and back to reality, having to cook and clean again, boo!!!
Anywho, it is good being home and getting back into a routine and being able to prepare my own meals, instead of looking at a menu and thinking what the hell am I going to order!

I am training clients again. We are doing a boot camp at the moment and they are loving it. This Sunday I have 8 or 9 coming so it will be a decent size class. I have ordered some more kick bags and boxing focus mitts to accommodate the growing numbers.


Last week
Monday - 50 min walk
Tuesday - shoulders/bis/tris abs supersets with lower body exercises to keep heart rate up
Wednesday - bike ride 45 mins (was not a good day to go, so bloody windy)
Thursday - 50 min walk
Friday - glutes/hams/chest
Saturday - off
Sunday - boot camp: sprints, boxing, push-ups, step-ups, split lunges
This week
Monday - yoga
Tuesday - 50min walk
Wednesday - chest/tris abs
Thursday - 30min run
Friday - shoulders/bis abs
Saturday - 50min walk
Sunday - boot camp: sprints, boxing, push-ups, step-ups, split lunges

I have been following my carb cycle: Monday, Thursday Sunday calories are 970 carbs 59g, Tuesday and Friday, calories 1286 carbs 79, Wednesday and Saturday calories 1681 carbs 137.

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