Thursday, August 26, 2010

cms keep going down...........

My hard work is really starting to show, finally!!! I hate it when results are slow.

I have been switching things up a bit and doing more weights than cardio last week. I added two circuits instead of a walk, I am also back doing sprints yay!

Unfortunately one thing I have noticed in the past two weeks is my milk supply is not as it once was. I thought by slowly upping my cardio and weights but still eating enough calories I would be ok....not so :( I am having to top up Tyler with formula bottles twice a day as my milk just isn't enough for him. I guess I am one of the unlucky few!

Anywho, I was probably going to stop breastfeeding him by Christmas time so I will keep feeding him as much as I can until then and slowly wean him off.

We had my grandad's funeral yesterday, it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think that since he was in hospital for so long beforehand we had a chance to get all the crying out then. We have a lovely day with the family saying our goodbyes.


Monday - walk 60 mins
Tuesday - cardio circuit, shoulders/bis/tris/abs/chest
Wednesday - off
Thursday - walk 45 mins, quads/glutes/hamstrings/chest/sprints
Friday - walk 60min
Saturday - off
Sunday - stretching


Diet has still been the same, I had a cheat meal this week as we went out to chinese with the family. I have had no sugar in 1.5 weeks and doing well. I don't crave it anymore.

I have to keep my eyes on the prize....I want my pre-pregnancy body back so bad. End date for my body transformation comp is 22 October so i still have 8 weeks to go!!1

Did measurements this morning and I have lost another cm off my abs and waist, legs are the same.

I have the City to Surf 12km run this weekend and I am excited, hopefully I can run most of it!!!!

Happy Training

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