Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow this week has gone fast...

Again, another VERY busy week. I had an accounting course for two days and they were very full days and for someone who has no accounting background it was quite hard to get my head around at first. I still have another day next week but I have actually been enjoying it.

It has been really really nice actually using my brain instead of thinking about feeds, sleep times and dirty nappies lol and having adult time without babies has been very different but nice!

So unfortunately there was no "gym" as such but I did a hard boxing class on Monday nights. MY GOD!!! 45 minutes of intense boxings and cardio with some weights. Bootcamp on Tuesday, walking Wednesday, Thursday and having an off day today.

Sunday I will have bootcamp again so we will be doing a circut weights class and the girls cant wait. I have very full classes now and the girls are bringing along more friends each week. I may have to see about starting up another night and getting someone to look after the little one for a couple of hours.

I am still down another kg this week which is nice even though I havent been at the gym as such and not eating my usual as I hve not been very organised. I have done a big shop today and will make sure all my meals are sorted this weekend so I will not run into any problems during the week.

I have a big weekend this weekend with hens nights and baby showers. I have allocated Saturday night as my "cheat meal" so I can have a couple of drinks and not worry to much. So long as I do my cardio workout in the morning and LOTS of dancing that night I will work off all the calories lol

So just a short update this week and not too in depth with the diet and workouts!!!!

Happy Training

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