Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

I love and hate this time of year....I love the time off with family and friends but I hate that it revolves around chocolate! I have never been a very big choc eater but I also dont have the best willpower when it is around me 24/7!!!!

Every year I ask that no-one buy me chocolate except my mummy :) Every year since I was very little mum has always bought us kids a Red Tulip bunny and I can't have an easter without it. I try and make it last a couple of weeks by getting hubby to hide it somewhere lol

Its hard to believe it is already the end of April, in 2 weeks my little man will be 1!!! We sent out invites last week for his party and I will have to start getting my butt into gear and organise all the bits and pieces. We are having a picnic in the park which I thought was going to be a good idea but now I am thinking it will be more work and organisation, boo!

I think it might be bad weather though so we will have to have it at our house if that is the case which could be a blessing in disguise. The only problem is that our house is not very big and with the amount of people invited it will be quite squishy.

I am glad that I now have some quiet time coming up, we have been so busy the past couple of months. I need to concentrate on my little mans party and then I start organising my sister in laws baby shower at the end of May.

Training has been good and diet ok. The past couple of days we were down south with some friends with the boys on their fishing trip. So I spent a lot of time 4WD on the beach and just had to take tuna, protein shakes and bars with me as anything else was just too hard.

I also got in some beach workouts which KILLED my calves. It is great to be at the beautiful beach and enjoy the nice weather. We couldn't swim but at least it wasn't raining or too hot with the little one.

I am looking forward to seeing my girls at bootcamp on Tuesday, it has been a couple of weeks since we have trained together and they will be in for a shock!!!! No doubt a few of them have not been training at all and eating badly.

On that note, I am about to head out for a run :)

Happy Training xx

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