Saturday, April 16, 2011

So much for updating my blog on Sunday lol

I was so exhausted after a full-on weekend that Sunday night all I wanted to do was have a quick play with my little man, get him to bed and spend a little time with my hubby :) Before I knew it, it was the end of the week!

Meeting Monica and all the other girls was fantastic, I had such an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Monica is such an amazing person, so beautiful inside and out. AND she looks fantastic all the time.

The workouts were awesome, she showed us some new moves to shake things up a little. She also bought along some of her versa grips. These are AMAZING for weight training. I will be ordering some in the next month. They are fantastic if you have weak wrists and help you lift heavier. They are easier to put on and look much better than your typical weight gloves.

It was great to do some posing too as it has been a long time for me, BUT....I did considerably well. There were a few girls who had just competed, some that were going to compete in May and some that are seasoned competitors and I was pretty happy with my posing ability compared to them. One thing I didnt like was after all the weight I have lost (and yes there is still a bit to go) I was actually one of the biggest girls there :( I tried to make sure everyone knew I had a baby which was why I was not as fit as I usually am, sad I know.

Each break we had the organises had protein shakes and bars ready for us and OMG Proto whey is the best shake I have ever tried in my life. I tried double choc, vanilla, stawberry and cafe mocha and they are ALL great. I bought a tub of it and then ended up getting a bag of goodies at the supplement talk the next day so I have plenty to keep me going the next couple of months. The bars are called Power crunch and taste just like a chocolate wafer biscuit. I am keeping them at home for when I need a choc fix. They are about 200 cals for the full bar.

The photoshoot on the Sunday was good fun. I got some really nice shots and all the girls looked amazing (with no photoshop either lol).

I knew I said this was a once in a lifetime opportunity but if she ever comes back to Perth I will have to go again, it was one of the best weekends in my life and I met some really great woman who I will be friends with for a long time through the sport :)

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Happy Training xxxx

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