Thursday, April 7, 2011


She is in Australia and I am meeting her tomorrow!

I just arrived back from Bali at 2am this morning, had a few hours nap, picked up my son from my parents place and have been non-stop all day putting things away and doing endless clothes washing, bleh!

I made sure the house was nice and clean and all washing done before we left last week so I didn't have too much to do when we got home.

The camp starts tomorrow morning at 9am and then wont finish until Sunday arvo sometime. We get the full schedule tomorrow when we attend the registration. I am just glad that they are running it at my old gym which is only 15 minutes away and will be against all the crazy traffic :)

I am super excited to meet Monica and all the other fitness ethusiasts. My camera is charged, my food is prepared and ready to go :)

Although I do wish I had another day to get my body back to normal and get another workout in before I start the camp. I got bali belly on the second last night and it has only settled this afternoon. It was so bad I didnt eat dinner on the plane and skipped brekky and had some toast for lunch and steak and salad for dinner. Its not nice at all but I did come home 1.2kg lighter lol.

I was very good on holiday and ate really well and didnt drink toooooo much :) I made sure I drank vodka and water or lemonade and avoided as many cocktails as I could. Its so hard when they are so cheap and most places have 2 for 1 offers!!!!!!!

I bought a nice and bright Lorna Jane crop top and flash dance pants and also some new Levi jeans and a white top and wicked wedge Airwalk runner looking shoes (these are hard to describe so I will post a photo) for the photo shoot on the last day.

I wasn't able to book myself in for a spray tan so I am having to do it myself, boo! It will still look good but not as dark and perfect coverage as a spray.

Well, that's all for me. I want to make sure I have everything sorted for tomorrow so I am not in a rush getting my little man ready to go to grandads and myself off to a fantastic start to my weekend.

I will update on Sunday night :)

Happy training

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