Monday, January 4, 2010

How time flies


What a crazy couple of months it has been. Work is just manic and I can't wait to finish up in 3 months (sounds strange). Not that I will be doing anything less stressful with looking after a new bub but at least I will be in the comfort of my own home :)

I haven't been able to get on the net at home due to my laptop having a virus. I am hoping to get it back in a week or so. Usually it wouldnt be a problem and I can use the net at work but with having time off over christmas I have been doing what I can on my phone. Not so easy with the little screen and keypad :)

I am now 20 weeks pregnant (half way, woo hoo) and things are going great. I am over my extreme tiredness and training is going well. I walk 4 times a week and train my girlfriends 2 times and we do weights mixed with plyo work and I love it. Some moves are proving more difficult as times goes on...i.e burpees. No wander people with bellies HATE them. I feel like I keep kneeing the baby in the head so have stopped them now.

I have put on 7kgs so far (most of which was in the first tri - i think due to lack of energy and increased metabolism, crazy I know). My doc says i am fine and I will aim to only put on 6 or 7kg for the rest of the pregnancy then I will be in the average range of weight gain. I am not really used to putting on and watching my clothes get tighter and tighter and know there is nothing I can do about it. But I am getting better at "accepting" my changing body and knowing that I am giving my baby the best I can.

BUT in saying all that, I can't wait to get back into kickass training. My strength is incredibly weaker since I have been pregnant and I can't lift anywhere near as much as I used to and have to keep it low until the babies birth in case of injury. I have been saving all my fitness mags for when the baby is born so I have some great motivation to excite me.

The time is going quickly though and bubs will be here before I know it! Can't wait. Such an exciting time.

Here are some up to date pics of our little one.


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  1. thats awesome mands,
    glad you can keep up your training and still be a fit, hot mummy!!
    Im so happy for you!
    Keep your journal updated please, i like following.
    Take care sweetie xx