Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday - woo hoo!!!

This week (although has been a better one than in the past) has felt extra long for some reason. Work has been busy, not stupidly busy but busy enough.

I am looking forward to having a relaxing weekend, especially Sunday when the temp is supposed to hit 42 degrees, yukkko!!!

My partner and I went out last night with some friends who are over from Adelaide, had a really nice dinner and talked into the night. Ended up getting kicked out of the pub just after 12. Very unlike me to last that long and not to be tired at all. Slept like a baby though and came into work late :)


Monday - walk with walking lunges
Tuesday - 30min cross trainer, shoulders, 15 min bike
- light training with my girls, cardio and lower body plyos
Wednesday - walk
Thursday and Friday off, had a sore back (sciatica) after my walk on Wednesday so have been taking it easy the past couple of days.
Saturday - will go for a walk
Sunday - morning swim


I have been doing fantastically the past few weeks. The second trimester really is the most enjoyable. I finally have the "glow" people keep talking about and I am loving the feeling of the baby kicking around. I truly believe I have a little footballer or martial arts expert in there lol

Happy training

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