Friday, January 8, 2010


What a workout I had last night. I trained my girls...only had 4 due to cancellations but it was nice to have a small class for a change.

We did a upper body circuit with bursts of cardio after each rotation.

I had 4 stations set up, doing 1 min on each:

- bicep curls
- shoulder presses
- weighted punches
- overhead arm extensions

Then once we had all done one full rotation we did 1st, a lap of the oval, 2nd burpees, 3rd roo jumps then last rotation was high knees.

That took our time to about 25 mins then we did walking lunges with weights and upright rows, another lap and then we did 20 mins of boxing with ab work and then stretched up.

I made them (and me :)) work really hard last night as we didn't have a session on Tuesday. I know a couple of them are going to be sore tonight/tomorrow but they love it!!!!

Besides that workout last night all I have done is 2 50 min walks. Not really enough at all but I just didn't have the energy to get up this morning. I will make sure I fit in cardio tomorrow and a bike ride on Sunday.

I think my lack of energy had something to do with having to come back to work and getting back into a routine of getting up early and having no naps during the day LOL

Have a great weekend
Happy Training

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