Friday, January 29, 2010

This week has been a CRAZY week. So busy and not that much energy. I suppose you have those weeks every now and again.

Unfortunatley my workouts suffered due to my late nights and early mornings. I tried to get to the gym during my lunch break but I was just that busy that I didn't have many lunch breaks this week. I told myself that all my running around was enough as I was pretty exhausted at the end of each day.

So this week, all I got in was 2, 45min walks which included 100 walking lunges.

Today i am feeling pretty great and hoping it lasts so that tonight (I have the house to myself yay) I am wanting to do some upper body weights and lower body work then finish with a bit of yoga as I really need to stretch out as I haven't done a good stretch in weeks! Naughty!!!

This weekend is another busy weekend, tonight NOTHING yay, tomorrow usual cleaning/washing/shopping etc then tomorrow night we are going out to dinner then Sunday we are heading to the cricket. Thank god it is not going to be too hot. I should be able to handle 32 degrees, not like the aweful 37 it is today.

Baby is going well, moving around so much and I can see my belly morph into weird shapes when it is turning. Very amazing but a bit annoying at 3 in the morning when you change positions and it starts kicking you and you dont know whether to move because you are squashing it or it is just woken up and doing its exercises :)

Only 114 days to go and can't believe it. I am taking my 24 week photos on the weekend and can post them next week. I am now entering my 6 month of pregnancy, very exciting.

Happy training xx

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