Saturday, March 26, 2011

My place is booked and next week I will be meeting my idol MONICA BRANT!!!!!!!

I am so glad that hubby agreed that I could go. I damaged the car a month ago which is going to cost us $350 to fix, I am also not going back to my PA job and we have to pay back the maternity money ($12,000) and we also have LOTS of bills due in the next month.

I think he realises what a big thing it is for me and over the years he has been on boys week long holiday about 4 or 5 times and I have only been away with my girlfriends for a weekend once. We all have families now and just find it too hard.

I just wish I was in tip top shape before going along with all these buff fitness gurus  We get to have a photo shoot on the last day which would have been great if I was comp ready as I could really use those photos for promo work....oh well!!!

What an exciting time ahead. I feel a little bad but I am almost looking forward to the FEM camp more than bali in a few days lol

So, needless to say the diet and training has been 110% ON ON ON!!!

I went for a big walk/run with Tyler last week and found a big lake with lots of benches and sit up planks. So I did a big run, steps ups, lunges, situps etc then on the way back I noticed a set of stairs down to a gazebo JACKPOT! Around our house there are no hills, no stairs etc just boring flat land so I was very excited with this discovery. Tyler thought it was hilarious watching me sprint up the flight of stairs over and over again.

So last week I did that workout twice and I will do it another 3 times before I head to Bali and then do some hiking in Bali :)


Monday – walk, legs
Tuesday – walk morning, Bootcamp
Wednesday – run, stairs
Thursday – chest/bi
Friday – run, stairs
Saturday – off (house cleaning)
Sunday – bootcamp – run/stairs

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