Saturday, March 19, 2011

Progress pics

I am feeling uneasy about posting these. I know I have come a long way but I am not happy with what I see. But at least once I post these, it will push me harder and then I will be happier to show you the next update pics :)

I have also included my last comp photos xx they are.

Happy Training xx


  1. Wow, you've made heaps of progress! Good job. Not long now before you'll be wearing a blinged out bikini!

  2. Holy Shit girl!! Well done!! How long has this progress taken?
    You look amazing!! Good on you, very inspiring, what a HUGE difference!!

  3. PS. Did you cut your hair??

  4. Thanks girls, still a way to go but i am on track for October! Slow weight loss and adding size and defining arms :)

    Yes I did cut my hair, its not as short as it looks in the photos. Had it shaped around face, side fringe and thinned out at back with an inch cut off.

  5. i spy.... ABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSSS! you're progress is awesome girl!!! way to bring it!