Friday, March 4, 2011

March already, wholly moley :)

I have been very busy (as usual lol) with work and everyday life running around with a 10 month old. He is crawling and into EVERYTHING!! But I love it, he is so proud of himself getting around now and she just follows me all day, and burn off all his energy. He is already pulling himself up on things all day and just loves to stand, who knows how long it will be before he walks...I am quite sure it will be before his first birthday.

So training has been sporadic in the last week but thankfully because of my good diet I have still lost weight. With working two days a week and then the other 3 mornings I have Tyler's swimming, mothers group etc I have found it hard to get to the gym so have had to do home workouts and just running. I am going to miss mothers group next week and book him in at the creche otherwise I am just not getting done what I need and want to. I did a great shoulder workout on Monday and felt sore for a couple of days. Swimming with Tyler on Tuesday morning was a bit painful, lifting and carrying an 11kg baby for 40 mins lol

I have just received an email that Monica Brant is coming to Perth. She has always been to Melbourne, Sydney etc but never Perth. Neither has Jen Hendershott's Phat Camp. I am always emailing them to ask if they can move it to Perth one year and thankfully it has happened. I am glad Monica is as I was quite surprised with the cost. It is $730 and I am quite sure when I looked into doing Jen's Phat Camp it was $450 or there abouts. So I am glad one of them is coming as I wouldn't have been able to afford the camp plus flighs and accommodation!!!!! The camp is early April just a few days after I get back from Bali so it is going to be a very exciting couple of months :)


Monday - shoulders, bis
Tuesday - walking/bootcamp
Wednesday - day off
Thursday - legs/abs
Friday - run
Saturday - walk
Sunday - bootcamp

Happy training

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  1. Awesome news mands! Very expensive though. How many days is it?