Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend was great. Nice and relaxing. The weather on Saturday was pretty bad but Sunday was nice and clear.

I was very annoyed on Sunday morning that my friend "forgot" about our booked training session. She had booked to come over around 10am….when she didn’t turn up at 10.15 I called her. I find it very rude!!! I got a bit peeved at her as she keeps making these weekend sessions because she cancels the session during the week but the weekends just never eventuate. She is not committed enough. So I spoke to her and told her that I am not going to book in any more weekend sessions. These sessions are for her benefit not mine. I do a workout each day regardless of whether I train her, so I get annoyed being stuffed around!!! If she was paying me I’m sure she would make sure she showed up.

So....now that my rant is over I can get down to business LOL

As you saw from my post last night, aunt flow arrived. I have never been happy to receive my “ladies”. Now I know that everything is working okay and hopefully I will be regular enough to learn my cycle!


Training has been really energetic. I have been really happy with how I am going and my motivation is where it should be :)

Sunday – plyo/abs
Monday – run
Tuesday – AM, walk and PM, cardio and legs
Wednesday – PM, boxing or shoulders/bis
Thursday – run
Friday - ???

My diet has been good. I am aiming to lose 5kgs (10lbs) by the beginning of August. Very doable. I want to be prepared to put on a couple of kilos when I am travelling overseas as I know we will be eating out a lot (and drinking, Munich here we come!!!) and I may not be able to always find chicken and salad!!! I also think we will be doing a lot of walking so I don’t have to worry about cardio but my weights sessions will be hard hit I think. I am going to take my resistance band and also try and find a gym at various other places when I can. It will be great to see what other gyms are like.

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