Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Friday

What a morning. It is "Secretary's Day" today and I have been spoilt rotten: bottle of champas, MOR soap box and a mug filled with Lindt choccies (been sharing them around so i dont eat them all).

I got up and went for a run and it felt absolutely glorious. The weather is getting so much cooler in the morning but I dont mind layering.

My workout with my friend on Wednesday night was not that great. She had low energy due to her monthlys and she ended up wanting to go home after our 20 min run. I managed to encourage her to do some lunges, push-ups and dips and then we headed home. In total it was about 35 minutes. Not too bad but I really wanted to push her and just wasn't given the chance. We are meeting up again tomorrow morning (so she says) for another workout and I told her to make sure she has a good nights rest and maybe a coffee in the morning so she has plenty of energy.


Diet has been good the past couple of days. Low fat and carbs. I have been cycling carbs, low/low/med/high. This has been great for me. I find that my body works so much better and I feel so much better on med to low carbs. I do tend to feel bloated and hold a lot of water with carbs.

Training yesterday was a run and then ab work I also walked at lunch. The weather is so great over here at the moment.

Training tomorrow will be as i said above, with my girlfriend Bec. If she doesn't end up coming I will head to the gym for shoulders/bis and cardio. If she does come I will do shoulders/bis on Sunday and cardio.


Tonight we are having drinks at work for "Office Professionals Day". I will only have a couple and then head home. I have not drunk since last weekend and wasn't intending on drinking tonight but the lawyers I work for want to go out for a drink to celebrate.

Tomorrow I will be cleaning the house (boring) and also doing our cars so they are nice and clean for when hubby comes home. I think he arrives around midday which will be great. I really have missed him and can't to get a nice big kiss and cuddle (amongst other things LOL).

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
Mands xx

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