Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Since my last post not too much has been happening. I am glad to have my man back….I know it was only a week but it felt like forever!!!!!!!

I feel like I am back to my normal self now. I have been a bit off for over a month now….most probably to do with the medication I am on for my stomach problems but I have more energy and am a lot happier. My enthusiasm for my workouts and clean eating is back to normal and I love it.

The weekend consisted of visiting my mum who is not well at the moment, watching football on Saturday (yay we won another game hahahha) waiting for hubby to come home and then fun in the bedroom when hubby did finally arrive at 3pm that afternoon.

Saturday night was uneventful as hubby was going out to a bucks night (grrr). Sunday was a cardio workout – a run and plyo work and then relaxing. Came down with a really bad headache around 4ish and it just wouldn’t go. Ended up napping about 5 and then having dinner about 7 and then back to bed about 8.30. It was so painful :(

Yesterday I did cardio again. Just a 60 min walk. My puppy was not happy with me. We usually only do about 45mins at a fast pace and we was absolutely knackered. Every time I stopped and made him sit to cross the road, he didn’t want to get up again. He just looked at me with those puppy eyes :)

This morning I did 20 mins on the cross trainer and then shoulders and bis. Felt really great to do this workout as it has been over a week since I have worked them. I have been laying off weights for about two weeks to give my body a break. I doubt I would have had the energy or the strength to do the workout justice!

- db shoulder presses
- lateral raises
- front raises
- machine shoulder press
- ez bar bi curl
- concentration curl
- cable curl
- abs - superset of reverse crunch (lowering legs to floor) and planks

Tomorrow I will do chest/tris in the morning and then cardio at night. My friend is coming over for a cardio session - if she decides to come….she has been really slack and tends to cancel quite often. I am trying hard to keep her motivated. She is getting better but still doesn’t have that motivation she needs and wants. All in good time hey!

I am off to have my second meal for the day – tuna yummo – I am bloody hungry :)

Happy training xxx

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