Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It has been a while since my last post – sorry. Work has been manic and I have not had internet at home for two weeks :(

My weekend was quite uneventul but restful. Friday night I went to a football game, our team lost :( Saturday I went and watched hubby play football (he lost) but I got to see some friends I hadnt seen in a bit and also my goddaughter. That night we went out with my sister and her hubby for a movie and drinks after. We saw Wolverine…Hugh is HOT HOT HOT!!! His whole physique was to die for…I think hubby was a bit jealous of my drooling LOL

Sunday I did the usual cleaning, washing, ironing etc and then cooked hubby a great meal. There is this local fruit and veg place which also has a butcher with the freshest ingredients. I go every Sunday arvo and do a bit of shopping rather than the big supermarkets.

Hubby has been busy at work too and our dinner meals during the week have been really bland as we both just didn’t have the time nor the energy to make something interesting and yummy. One night I couldn’t even be bothered eating I was so tired, so hubby had bakes beans on toast and I had a tin of tuna!


Training has been great. Although I missed a couple of weights sessions this week as I didn’t make it to the gym. Which means mainly cardio all week with some plyo work and abs. Tomorrow will be my first weights session for the week, whoops!!! I have been a naughty girl and will be more diligent from here on in!


Thursday last week - run, sprints, walking lunges
Friday - walk
Saturday - run and plyo
Sunday off – house cleaning
Monday – off
Tuesday – run
Wednesday – run, sprints, walking lunges
Thursday – shoulders/bis

I haven’t really been following a diet the past week and a bit and I have really enjoyed it. Still eating clean (besides my visit to the famous Belgium chocolate shop yesterday with a friend for her birthday), I just sort of eat when I am hungry. Mainly yummy chickpea salads each day which consist of rocket/spinach leaves, chickpeas, capsicum, avacado, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and a bit of dill and pepper. Very tasty. Also every second morning I have been having a carrot, celery, apple and ginger juice. I haven’t made juices in ages and got it out on the weekend and made one, I forgot how much I enjoyed them.

Happy training xxxx

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