Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday (I think hahaha)

My weekend was great. Friday night was quite uneventful, I was stuffed from my day of painting. Hubby went to footy training and I stayed home and watched some TV. I love having the TV all to myself.

Saturday morning I was up early to do the usual cleaning, washing and preparing dinner for that night. We had two couples over and I wanted it to be perfect (as always). For entre I decided on seared scallops on a bed of rocket, roasted tomatoes and prosciutto with a cannellini bean puree. It was the best!!! Everyone was very impressed and polished off their plates. Then the main was baked dhufish with potatoes and green beans. Very simple but so tasty.

Everyone left around midnight which was great as I was starting to get really tired. I managed to clean up the kitchen and put out the rubbish etc so I could start again early the next morning as I had my family coming over for a lunch for Mothers Day. We had a very easy BBQ as the weather was really nice outside. Happy Mothers Day to all the mums :)

Training and diet

Friday we had a volunteer day for work at an Outcare disability place. We were given the job of painting all of the units. So we were crazily painting from 11am to about 5pm (breaking for lunch). I was so exhausted by the end of the day that Friday night I couldn’t even be bothered cooking dinner. My arms and back were sore from boxing during the week so painting for hours was probably not the best thing to do hahhaha. God knows how many calories I burnt but man it was a great workout.

Saturday I didn’t do much as I was frantically cleaning the house for our visitors.

Sunday after everyone left our place I took my dog for a run. The poor thing was knackered and I was dragging him for the last 15 minutes. I then went out the back and did some plyo work.

I have been using the “card” method whereby I pick 4 or 5 plyo exercises and then pull out 3 cards from the deck. K, Q, J and Aces are worth 10 and of course all the other cards are face value. So you add the 3 cards up and that is the amount of reps you do for that exercise. It is really good cause it makes you mix it up. Although I was not ecstatic when on my last set of jump lunges I had to do 30!!!!! I was beat but felt so good after. I finished off with two supersets of walking lunges and pushups then did abs. My legs are a bit sore today :)

Here are some pics from the weekend :0

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