Friday, May 22, 2009

Its finally the end of the week and what a crappy day it is here in the usually sunny state of WA!

We have had pretty bad storms the past couple of days. Hubby and I didn't get much sleep last night with the 150km strong winds and pelting rain. The dogs weren't very happy with the thunder and lightening either.

When my alarm went off for the gym at 5.20am I was in two minds about going but decided I would be better for it. I drove the 15 minutes to the gym and on approaching i noticed the street block (and a few surrounding blocks) was blacked out! Damn it. I then drove to a rec centre nearby wanting to get a workout in since it was 6am and I was ready to go. But no, they had a black out too. I couldn’t believe it. So back home it was to do some skipping, squats, lunges and crunches etc. I really wanted to get a good cardio session in but sometimes you can't help it.


Thursday (yesterday) was supposed to be shoulders and bis but for some reason I really wanted to do my back and tris yesterday so that’s what I did. It was a great session too….I felt very strong and now feel very sore LOL

- one arm rows
- seated row
- pull ups
- pull down
- tri exten superset with dips
- rope pushdown

I have got my gym stuff at work today so I am hoping to get in a cardio session at lunch. Fingers crossed I can get a machine as I know the place will be packed due to the weather otherwise I will do shoulder/bis if the weights area is more free.

Saturday I will be going for a swim with my girlfriend. I haven’t been swimming in ages and have never been the strongest swimmer so it will be interesting.

Sunday I am training a girlfriend and I really really hope that 1. she doesn’t cancel like she is known to and 2. the weather is great. I am really loving the sprint sessions and long sets of walking lunges (she hates me for them).


Over the past week or so I have been eating clean and training each day which has made me think…….I haven't felt this good in a few weeks and now I know why. I have come to the realisation that in order for me to feel human and be the best that I can….I need to work out and fuel my body properly. When I don’t get a workout in I can feel more lethargic and can get quite irritable and short with people. I suppose I have been training for so long that I am like a junkie in the sense that if I don’t get my fix, I don’t feel my usual high each day.

I really don’t know why I sometimes go along these roller coaster rides every now and again. Thinking that if I relax with my diet and training I can still be my usual self and the weight will stay off and all will be rosie! No way, not for me! I need that release of energy each day, I need those endorphins running, I need to feel strong and healthy and that’s why I dedicate myself to my fitness lifestyle.

I want to give a big shout out to Kim who is competing in the NPC Jr. USA Figure Comp this weekend and any other competitors ready to hit the stage. I wish you all the best :)

Happy Training xxx

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