Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At last I have time to breathe and catch up. My boss is in court and I won't see him until this afternoon. This is what it will be like all week and I love it.

ANNNNNDDDDD……………only 17 days till my holiday, woo hoo!

Training and diet has been good. On the weekend was Saturday morning run and then running around doing housework before we had to go to the footy. Had people over for dinner and had my cheat meal. I cooked a raspberry tart and my oh my it was delicious. Everyone said it was a winner….I was a bit nervous as it was my first time making it. I also indulged in a bottle of champagne LOL

Sunday I had my training session with the girls. Had a wee bit of a headache but nothing a couple of panadol can’t fix. I think they were hoping that I had drunk more and wouldn’t make them work as hard. They were definitely wrong. We had a long and hard session (1hr 10mins). I did short spurts of cardio and then upper body weights. These girls are new to weights and get bored easily. So I thought since all of them want to lose a bit of weight as well as “tone up” I would do cardio then 1 set of upper body weights and repeat. There was lots of bright red faces LOL I was actually pretty tired after the session too.

Last night I went for a run after work. Only managed 25 mins….I had the worst shin splints. It is so dark when I get home that I don’t like to run in the park as there is no lighting so I run around the streets on the path. Not as nice but definitely safer. I also did some yoga and stretching after.

Tonight I am supposed to be training people but we have changed it to Thursday so tonight I am heading to the gym for a spin class. I haven’t done one in about 6 months so it will be interesting. I am estimating that I wont be able to walk properly until Friday hahahahhah

Mands xxxx

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