Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its been another crazy week. I haven’t been able to do anything personal at work for the past couple of weeks until today. We have a trial starting on Monday and it has been crazily busy preparing for that. Most of the prep is done now we just have a few minor things to get out of the way and then once they are in Court I wont be so busy, yay!

I can’t wait to have email at home again, such a pain that we have to wait until we get back from our trip! Not long now either..I think we are down to 3 weeks exactly. Jeez the time is flying by. We have all accommodation booked for each country we are visiting and a couple of sightseeing things booked. I can’t wait to spend a few days in Paris…I have just been reading a book about the beautiful city and the great cuisine and champagne!!!

Workouts have been on, since it’s a week since my last post I wont put them all in as it will be waaaayyy too much info. But 4 mornings during the week has been cardio, with one morning weights. On the weekends I have been heading to the gym on a Saturday to do a hard cardio class and abs then cleaning my house. On Sunday I do my cardio and weights workout with the girls. I have been doing more of a full-body routine the past couple of weeks and really liking this for a change. It has been good to do this twice a week to make sure I am getting everything in. I don’t have too much time in the mornings to do both weights and cardio so have been sticking to the cardio mainly. Unfortunately I have noticed my strength isn’t the same as it used to be.

My weight loss efforts have not been as great as I had hoped. I did have a plan to lose 4 – 5 before I left. I have only managed 3kgs. Since I have been busy I haven’t been getting all my meals in…there just isn’t time and I know I should make time but with my boss barking orders at me every 10 minutes even a short break to the loo has been difficult!!! I really feel like my metabolism has slowed somewhat…hopefully I can get it back to where it was before I leave.

Not much else to report, I will hopefully be able to post again soon.


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