Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Monday !!!!

Actually I haven’t been so happy today. Struggled to get out of bed this morning and have been hating everything today. Very irritable due to lack of sleep (and my mummy isn’t well at the moment).

It was non-stop all weekend but thankfully it was filled with lots of lovely fun times with some of my favourite people. Two of my friends got engaged, woot woot more weddings yay yay yay!

Here is a pic of my girlfriend who just got engaged and me on Saturday night.

My goddaughter turned 5 and I went and celebrated with her and the family on Saturday. Saturday night was my friends 30th/engagement surprise. It was such a lovely night.

Here she is with the present we bought her.

Sunday trained my girls. Had 5 this weekend and they did really well. No-one felt sick and there was lots of fun and lots of sweat LOL

Then I had a baby shower. One of my good friends is due in about 5 weeks. She looks so gorgeous and is so deliriously happy about becoming a mummy it is so cute.

Then from the baby shower I met hubby at another friends place for a BBQ and catch-up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I have to say seeing them was great but what they fed us was not so great. We arrived around 3pm and I thought the crackers, cheese and dip I bought was just to nibble on before DINNER. I was wrong….that was part of our dinner. I realise with 4 kids that my friend can’t exactly put on a 3 course extravaganza but a salad and chicken would have done nicely and is not too hard or expensive (I was more than happy to bring along stuff to help out…I usually bring along a salad to have with our BBQ meats but was told just to bring the nibbles).

So…this is what we ate:

• sausage rolls
• party pies
• bought mini quiches
• cheese, dip and crackers (which I bought along);
• hot sausage cut up and put on the BBQ;
• lollies/chocolate.

NO GREENS AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I was not able to eat anything else besides these foods. I didn’t want to make them feel bad but I tried not to eat too much of it. Just enough that my stomach wasn’t grumbling because I was starving. I felt so sick all last night and feeling a bit crappy this morning. I actually felt like making myself sick last night my stomach was so upset. I still have problems with my stomach and wheat products are the worse. I don’t eat foods like that much anymore and when I do…I pay for it and its not pleasant.

So needless to say today I have been eating as clean as I can and eating lots of green tea to try and flush it all out. Hopefully tomorrow my belly will be better.

Workouts this week

Tonight – walk and stretching
tomorrow – cardio am / boxing pm
Wednesday – weights: back/bis
Thursday – run
Friday – walk
Saturday – weights: chest/tris
Sunday - plyos

Happy Training xxx

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