Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have had a really good week this week. The weather hasn’t been too crazy and the diet and training is going strong.

The girls trained really hard on Sunday. I was very impressed and happy! We did some plyometrics, boxing and lots of ab work.

First I had them do a couple of warm up laps. Then they lined up and put a ball in between their legs at the knees and jumped with two feet to the skipping ropes (I think it took them about 15 jumps) then they did 30 skips and ran back to the start and repeated that 5 times. I think this week since I will have about 6 girls that I will put them in teams and also add some push-ups into the mix.

So this week they will do:

- 10 roo jumps
- 20 skips
- 10 push-ups
- kick ball back to next person

They then took turns boxing with me whilst the other was doing ab work. In between sets I had them doing burpees and push-ups. They did sit-ups with medicine ball, passing to each other.

They were pretty tired and sore by the end of it but they were really happy with what they achieved and are very excited about this Sunday!

They are all losing weight too and I love seeing the changes in them…makes me feel proud to be helping them achieve their goals :)


I have had a sore back for the last couple of days…stupid boxes at work :( So last night I didn’t do any cardio just did some floor work….back exercises with ab work. Feels heaps better today. I have been failing to do them over the last couple of months and I am now paying for it! When my back is good I just forget about them until it starts hurting again….silly me.

Diet has been fantabulous. I have made some chicken soup in my slow cooker and it is oh so tasty. Perfect for this stormy weather. My salads just weren’t doing it for me anymore. Hubby has been cooking dinner heaps too and I am very impressed with what he has been making. Last night he made us a very yummy stirfry…I wished he had made more so I had leftovers for lunch today LOL

I hoped on the scales and am down another kg this morning, woo hoo! Only 4 more to go and I will be happy. I need room to move for my trip. The count down is on…only 5 weeks to go (or 35 days, oh lord).

I am hoping to do my tax this weekend so I can have that money before we fly out. This trip is the most expensive I think we will ever do and I need every penny!

I promise to blog more….then they won’t be like a short story each time LOL

Happy Training

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