Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great workout

Woo hoo, what a great workout. I had a good nights rest and had heaps of energy for my high intensity work out.

I started with a 5 min warm up on the treadmill then jogged for 20 mins flat at 9.5km then upped the ramp to 5% incline for 5 minutes then upped it again to 8% incline for another 5 minutes. Walked for 4 minutes on 10% incline then did 1 min sprints on 8% incline for the next 8 minutes then cooled down.

Cardio tonight and some stretching....still trying to master these side splits.

Eating has been great although I did indulge last night and had a piece of rocky road. I really enjoyed it :) I made it for a morning tea we had this morning to raise funds for the Victorian Bushfire victims. I am proud to say that I steered clear of everything. It always amazes me the excuses that people can give. Some people had their plates piled high with cake, biscuits, fried foods and they were all saying something similar “You have to its for a good cause”!! Then they complain that they need to lose weight and ask me how I manage to stay slim!!!!

Come eat some of my chicken breast and broccoli instead, that ought to do it hahahhaha

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  1. Haven't you heard people say that Girl Scout cookies have no calories because they are for a "good cause?" PULEEZ!!! The things people say and do to NOT eat clean.

    Thanks for the reminder to stick to the plan!! :)