Friday, February 20, 2009

I can’t believe how busy I have been and how quick this week has gone. I have only had one night at home this week and my poor doggy has not been happy :(

Although I have been extremely busy, I have been great, workouts really energetic and diet has been 100% clean.


Monday- AM, 60 mins of walking, PM skipping 25 mins; Wednesday – AM 25 min walk, 20mins sprints; Friday – 50 mins cross-trainer and abs

Tuesday I did shoulders and bis. The same as last weeks shoulder/bis workout although I did add a cable lateral raise.

Thursday I trained my girlfriend and I joined in. She has not trained in about 3 months and has asked me to help her get fit and build a bit of muscle.

I decided to do a full-body workout:

· 2 x 30m jog;
· push-ups;
· squats;
· shoulder presses with resistance band;
· walking lunges;
· 4 x 30m jogs.

I had hoped to include, burpees, bicep curls, tri dips and some ab work but after the second set of runs she was feeling sick. I tried to push her but I thought it best to leave it for now, it was only our first session. I am meeting up with her again tomorrow morning to do some more cardio and the exercises that we missed from yesterday’s session.

Doing something like that makes you realise how fit you are when you train someone who hasn’t had a good workout in about 6 months!!!!!!!


I am going to be so busy this weekend. I am out tonight at a friends for a Tupperware cocktail party. Tomorrow, training my girlfriend again, then getting waxed, then seeing my parents, then coming home doing a bit of cleaning then getting ready to head out to dinner for another girlfriends birthday. Sunday I am training in the morning than a bit more cleaning and then getting ready for a wedding. Why or why do people have a wedding on a Sunday when it is NOT a long weekend??????????????

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