Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am so much better now that I have caught up on sleep and this week isn’t as hectic as the last :)

We have had some changes at work and within a couple of months my workload is going to pick up and I will probably be run off my feet most of the days. I suppose it will be good in a way as I will be getting extra cardio in LOL

I am very happy that this weekend is a long weekend. My husband and I haven’t planned too much as I wanted to keep it quiet and relaxed. In saying that we already have bookings for Friday and Saturday night and I also need to fit my parents and some other friends on the Sunday or Monday!!!!!


Diet has been 100% clean. I asked my trainer on Tuesday night if I could possibly lower some of the grams of chicken/potato etc as I was really struggling to get all the food in. He gladly complied and reduced my protein and some of the carbs from each meal. On my high day he really wants me to get in the 7 meals but I have been struggling. Yesterday was a high day but unfortunately I didn’t get in the last meal of egg whites…..I ended up falling asleep on the couch cuddling hubby, whoops! I am hungry today which is great....that is a given after a high carb day though. My little stomach gets used to all that food.

I will be starting estrogen blockers in two weeks. I used them last year (different brand) but I really am not too sure how they effected me, but have been told they will be of benefit last year was the first time I had ever really dieted down to such a low body fat percentage so I am not really too sure what helped me reach my goals.


This week, so far, has mainly consisted of cardio.

Monday – rest day (I was so exhausted after my big weekend)
Tuesday – AM cardio run, PM cardio skipping
Wednesday – AM cardio run/abs
Thursday – AM walk/ PM full-body workout and cardio
Friday – AM cardio; PM walk
Saturday – AM shoulder/bi, cardio, PM walk
Sunday – AM cardio, PM cardio


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