Monday, February 9, 2009

The weekend

I am feeling really great today. Well rested after a relaxing weekend. Friday night was quite low key. I went to the gym and did Shoulders and Bis, and then on the tready for some HIIT. I felt awesome when I got home and did a bit of housework (boring I know but I still had energy to burn which was surprising).

Saturday I woke and was supposed to go for a bike ride but decided that I needed to do all my housework and washing as I was away the weekend before. I was in one of those cleaning moods when you just want to clean out everything. I did my closet, the kitchen, my study and my bathroom. I think I worked for 5 or so hours non-stop. Then went to my parents place to see all the family. My brother was back in town for his birthday. It was so good to see him and my little nephew. What a little cutie. He is 14 months old and just adorable. I have attached a pic below.

Sunday was quite relaxed too. I didn't end up training my back and went for a walk with hubby. I have been really tired lately and have to go and get some iron tablets today as my blood tests showed that I am quite low.

Hopped on the scales this morning and I have lost 2 kilos for the week. It is mainly water weight due to me having to eat a fair amount of wheat/carbs for the tests I was having done. I am feeling heaps better after eating normally again. I really think my body is thanking me. It is also noticeable. A lady at worked asked if I had lost weight which is always nice to hear!


Today will just be 90 minutes of cardio. 60 min walk AM and 30 min run PM.

Tomorrow HIIT AM on tready and PM Back/tri/abs.


I am 14 weeks out and chowing down some chicken breast and pineapple as I post this! I am very excited about training with my new trainer and seeing how different my physique will come in this time around.

First posing class will be on Saturday 21 February and I can't wait. I have still been practising at home in front of the mirror and can notice how different my body looks compared to last September. Even though I have a fair bit of "fluff" at the moment, you can still see the muscle definition underneath screaming to be seen :)


  1. OOOH! look what i found! Its great! I will follow! I shall read and check out your comp prepp!

  2. :) Yes i can relate to the O2 thing LOL Its a bit to much... This form is great, easier to manage and easier for friends and family to follow! I love it!
    Im good, building building LOL trying to keep in range to build muscle but not to much fat (hehe) Awesome having added some muscle! great work! 14 weeks to go! not envious ;) you'll do great!