Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday :)

I had a really nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday night was uneventful, as I was looking after my friends kids as she was unable to find a babysitter after their nanny cancelled on them! Got home just after midnight and slept really badly which was a pain. Kept tossing and turning all night and was hot then cold…..

Saturday morning I was feeling crappy after the late night and not much sleep so just did went for a walk in the morning to try and wake myself up. Got stuck into the housework and washing whilst hubby was out watching his brother play in the cricket grand final. Took another walk in the PM before my sister and her hubby were due to arrive for the night. They were coming over for quiet drinks and a dvd. The movie we picked was pretty bad and we talked through most of it.

Sunday I got up and went for a run before all the girls arrived for our group training session. I had the best run….35 mins and it was a really strong run right to the end. The girls arrived a short time after and we headed to the park. One of them had pulled out so it was only the 4 of us. I organised a circuit style workout with 5 stations, running, boxing, resistance band, abs and squats/lunges. I have no idea how many times they got around but we were working out for 45 mins and the girls were puffing and sweaty, it was great :) My eldest sister was one of the girls and she hasn’t worked out in over a year. She just joined a gym last week and is really getting into it which I love. She is so unfit though and was still sore from her pump class on the Thursday.

I don’t know if I have written this before but my other sister who is younger is a fair bit overweight. She is always asking me to help her with diet and I was training her for a while but she is very hard to keep motivated and if she doesn’t see results in a week or two she gives up. I have given her so much information and tried to keep her on plan but it can be hard. FINALLY I think she has got it. One of her friends husbands is a trainer and he has been getting her motivated to do more exercise and really pushing her. I think it was exactly what she needed. I think because it was me training her she took the easy road all the time and thought that what I was telling her was just my opinion. If she started feeling a little sick she would give up and there was nothing I could do to get her to keep going. To have someone else (unrelated) telling her the same things, she is getting it, yay!

At our training session yesterday I noticed such a change in her. She pushed through right to the end….she was even encouraging my older sister to do more.

Then my little sis and I went to visit my mum and dad and we all went down to the beach for a walk, the weather was awesome and it was good to be exercising whilst catching up.

I did do some posing yesterday afternoon. I did also video it but I couldn’t yesterday work out why when I loaded the video I could hear it but couldn’t see it. I brought it to work today to have another fiddle and I need to download something from the net to update it. I will have to do that when I get home as work will not allow me, bummer!!!


So as above….

Saturday – walk AM and walk PM
Sunday – Run AM, training session, beach walk PM.
Monday – nothing as yet as I had to be at work for 7.30am, just not enough time. Going for a walk at lunch and then a run tonight after work. Chest/tri workout if I have time


Diet on Friday night wasn’t the best. I had my chicken salad and then had some chocolate and a glass of wine that night. My cheat is on a Saturday so I was a bit annoyed with myself that I couldn’t wait. So Saturday night I really didn’t have a massive pig out. We had a BBQ so I had a lamb chop with salad and potato and then we had some Toblerone mousse which I had made. it was so yummy but I only ate about a third of it. So very sickly. I also ate about a handful of thai chilli and kaffir lime cashew nuts which are my all time favourite.


You’re gonna laugh at this but last night hubby made a great comment about my ass. He rarely makes comments like that or if he does comment its just an overall “you look beautiful today” kind of comment. So I was really chuffed last night when he said he could really notice a difference….it is much more firm and round yay!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how much a little comment can make such a difference :)

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  1. hey mands, glad your sis is finally getting it!!
    I love it too when hubby makes a comment like that. Man don't the weekends go too quickly! Have a great week sweetie xx