Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love long weekends

What a great weekend I had. Very productive. I managed to clean the house inside and out. And when I say clean...I mean CLEAN. Oven, microwave, fridge, washing machine and dryer, windows, tracks, bbq, table and chairs etc. Nothing was left untouched LOL!!!

We have a big 50kg Rottweiler and he loves to lean on our cream walls so we have had a black smear about knee high which has been building up over the past few months along most of our walls so...I was on my hands and knees washing and washing and washing.

It took me 5 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday to do it all and man it feels (and looks) fantastic. I think hubby thought I was mental or on some sort of drug.

So Monday I was quite content having my parents and nan over for afternoon tea and then lying on the couch reading a book until all the good shows started on TV.

So no working out as such on the weekend, although all the house I put in working on the house was a very good workout in itself. My heart was pumping quite a bit as I was cleaning the windows and scrubbing.


Diet has been great. My cheat on Saturday consisted of two pieces of pizza and 3 glasses of champas. I was at a friends house and she doesn't cook. She has the best life....doesn't cook or clean as hubby is a little anal and prefers to do it all himself. If only......................


Training today has been a 60min walk in the morning and I did a boxing class at my work gym at lunch. i haven't done the class since before Christmas and forgot how much I love it and what a great workout it is. I felt a bit sick after I got back so I know I pushed myself quite hard. I have definitely improved my strength...my poor girlfriend was struggling towards the end holding up the mits for me. The trainer took me for the last couple of rounds and was very impressed, yay for me :)

other stuff

Tomorrow will be a run in the morning and then weights, back/tri. Then that night I will be training a girlfriend. I have drawn up a boxing/cardio workout and thankfully she is excited about it.

I also had an email from a girlfriend in Melbourne asking me to help her with diet and training for a competition she wants to do in October. Heaps and heaps of time for her and she is very excited about having a plan and focusing on building a bit of muscle and then the dieting down.

I really will have to start charging for all this work I am doing, but as I am not qualified I dont feel I can. I really want to be qualified by the end of the year.....too much to do :)

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