Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My lord am I hungry today. I have only two meals left for the day, chicken and vegies and then egg whites (and I am hungry, AGAIN!!!). I can’t believe it but I am thankful that I can have egg whites tonight after dinner. At least it is a good sign that my metabolism is burning, burning, burning. Bring on high carb day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work is bleh again, so bored. I think my boss will be in tomorrow arvo for an hour or so and then he wont be in until Monday!!!!!!

My hubby is off to the post office to pick up my protein powder. They tried delivering it yesterday but as I wasn’t home they have taken it back to my local PO! A bit of a pain with working full time and not being able to get there. Thank god my hubby is so great and left work early to pick it up.

Monday – 60 min walk am, 50 min walk at lunch;
Tuesday – 40 min run am (including hill interval sprints)
Back/abs at lunch-
* seated row;
* lat pull-down - wide;
* lat pull-down – close;
* straight arm pull-down – close;
* rear flye;
* db rows;
60 min walk pm after dinner.

Tomorrow will be cardio am, either walking or machine (x-trainer, bike), lunch - boxing class.



  1. Keep at it girl, not long to go!!!

  2. Keep it up Miss Mands! You are awesome! :)