Friday, March 6, 2009

Well, it’s the end of the week, and what a weeks its been!!!!!!

Busy again and I have been fighting off a cold for the past couple of days, which has unfortunately effected my training. Hubby has been sick since Monday and I have steered clear of him as much as possible. I took some Echinacea tablets as soon as I felt a little off and I have managed to stay cold free, yay!

I haven’t done anything overly exciting this week. Pretty much just working and training. I trained my friend again on Wednesday. We did a boxing cardio workout (I was so sore from boxing at the gym on Tuesday). She is getting so much fitter and really motivated which is great for me….makes my life easier. She has been going for a run in between visiting me which is good…not much extra cardio but at least she is doing something.

I bought myself new pink (LOL) boxing gloves as my old ones were splitting and I hate using the ones at the gym. No support and oh so sweaty and stinky inside :(

This weekend we are out for dinner tonight with hubby’s family for a cousins birthday. I am glad they have picked a decent place so I will be able to get a grilled fish and salad. Tomorrow morning I am playing tennis with a friend then heading to the gym for a shoulder workout and then yucky food shopping. I am in desperate need of getting some broccoli and egg whites! Saturday night out to a friends house for a bbq and a couple of drinks, night off yay! Sunday just gym and not much else planned and hopefully it will stay that way. I have some magazine reading to catch up on.


Food has been ok. I have not had much of an appetite this week due to fighting the dreaded cold. My high carb day was torture….I really was struggling to eat all the meals. I missed the last meal as I fell asleep on the couch purely exhausted.

Today I am feeling my hunger come back and I am grateful for that. I have won!!!!!!!!!


As I said above, training has not been great. I did a boxing class on Tuesday, did cardio on Wednesday which was just a walk at lunch and then training with my friend after work, Thursday 60min walk in the morning and then a 25 min run at lunch, this morning was walk and then after work I will go for a run before I have to head out for dinner. So mainly SS cardio this week and not a lot of it.

I will definitely be making up for it over the weekend now I have my energy back.

I will also post some progress pics that I took the other week.

Happy Training xxx

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