Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday woo hoo

Well, we just got a bombshell dropped at pay reviews this financial year because of the GFC. Damn it. Makes we want to start a family sooner so i can get out of this place. Soooooooo over it :)

Anywho, week has been great, training and diet pretty darn good if I must say so.


Wednesday - cardio AM walk, PM hamstrings and 70mins on bike
Thursday - cardio AM run, PM boxing and sprints
Friday - nothing ehm, slept through my alarm, whoops. PM Walk 60min

Saturday morning will be shoulders/bis and x-trainer
Sunday morning I am training a couple of girls and will join in as much as I can.


Diet has been good. Loved my high carb day this week. For some reason I really needed it and yesterday was great cause I didn't seem as hungry after the carb up. A little hungry at the moment but that's cause I am overdue for my next meal. I am a little behind time today as I slept in!!!!!

I haven't had any cravings lately but today I really feel like a blueberry muffin. I will have to see if that craving continues and I can have it for my cheat tomorrow. I already have a small piece of fudge for tomorrow night. Hubby bought some when we were away last weekend and I have had to hide it so I can have it tomorrow night. Yummo, can't wait.

This weekend

Not too much on this weekend which is just the way I want it. As we were away last weekend I want to catch up on washing and housework as we have people over on Saturday night.

Sunday, as I mentioned above, I will be training my sister and her friend. I really hope they are keen to put in some effort and not give up after 20 mins. I try to push my sister but I think cause it is me she seems to give excuses and just walk off which makes it hard for me to make sure she gets a great workouk if you know what I mean. She did complain that last time she felt like she was going to throw up and then that was it. Fingers crossed she (and her friend) will push hard!!!!!


  1. Bluberry muffins - for the base, check my blogg and then you can taste as you wish. Really easy and very low in both calories and high in protein :)
    GFC is that Great F***ing Crisis??? lol

  2. Thanks babe, I do have your recipe in my diary so I will bake them so I can eat more hahahahahahhahahahahah